Friday, February 27, 2009

What are my kids learning at school?

Today Henry was noticably early for school, so to burn time I had him practice writing and drawing. Once I got him going on an activity, I left to get the two youngest ready for the day. When I returned it was nearly time for Henry and George to leave for school.

As Henry pulled his coat on, I happened to look at the paper he was working on. Next to a cute picture of a dinosaur/half man I read:

I see lundin
I see Frantz
I see

Normally when I decipher his writing and I can figure out what he's written, but this time I was baffled.

"Henry," I called, "what does this say?"
He rolled his eyes at me (of course I should have been able to read it).
In his so totally annoyed voice he said, "It says I see London, I see France, I see..."
Of course this is where I stopped him.

It's always nice to see the great things my boys are learning!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hurry and sign up. I have 4 spots left for the Photo 101 class at 7:30 pm!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fieldtrip to Xango

Can you believe that someone...or a few someones built an entire company off of a fist size fruit and a funky cool bottle? ...No, I'm not talking Noni, (OK, I give, it's been done before, but still pretty cool huh?!?)
The boys and I took a trip over to the Xango Headquarters in Lehi, UT today. No, don't worry, we didn't stop at a random business and request to be let in. Mark, my hardworking happy hubby, so happens to work there.

1. First I was drawn to the Xango flag, only second in greatness to our national American waving beauty. 2. Then upon entering the building, I couldn't help but notice all the Xango Art Arrangements, and when I say art arrangements I mean Xango spot-lighted in a floating wall of total coolness...not to be misconstrued with over the top, look at me, and remember who you work for type of display...(you get the point)3. Of, course we were there to eat lunch with my hard workin' hot hubby. As seen below with three of his four seedlings. 4. And then I had quite a bit more fun taking pictures of all the Xango art. These pretty sparkly shiny glassy balls are supposed to be an artistic interpretation of Xango drops....hmmmm, yah ok, whatever...still, pretty cool, and very enticing to look at.

I loved them so much I shot a few pictures. 5. I couldn't help but love the casual, but retro/futuristic cafe style sitting area...really, I just wanted to ask, do people really sit here, and when? If so, your custodians are super awesome because they were spotless. (I'm a cleaner by heart, so I had to give props to how pristine they were)
6. And then, our last stop on the tour, Mark's fun loving super cute co-worker! Isn't he charming? P.S. When you read this Dustin, please don't be too mad...I couldn't resist posting this shot!!!

And that concludes our trip to Xango. If you would like me to share an exciting business opportunity to you and a few of your closest friends, and teach you how you can turn hundreds into thousands each month, don't wait to call! (ok, that was totally a joke...)


In a 1 hour period, how many HIGH FIVES from another given person is too many? (verification: This is the same person of which you are vaguely familiar)


If you feel you have exceeded the High Five limit, how do you politely withdraw?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brittany and Stephen

Brittany, I can't believe how you've grown up! You and Stephen are such an awesome couple and I had so much fun shooting you. You are so beautiful and will make such a beautiful bride. Congratulations on the engagement...luv, erin

Monday, February 23, 2009

THE GREAT SLIM DOWN: in the trenches

What week are we on? Can you believe we started this the beginning of January? If you are anything like me and my attention deficit ways, then I am sure you have had your ups and downs.
For some, this is the easiest time to stay on track...they've already fought past the first few weeks of committing to a making lifestyle changes, and now they are on a roll.

Or, you could be the other end of he stick where every day seems to steam roll you before you are even past this whole healthy lifestyle change a little too daunting?

FEAR NOT! I like to remind myself that each day is a new day...and when that doesn't work, I try other things to pick up my mood.

1. Go on a walk - the best thing to fight the winter blues is to get out side and get moving...even if the sky is cloudy and gray. Just the crisp air and the rush of endorphins can help you get on track.

2. Eat a grapefruit - why? well besides the fact that they taste great...they are packed with fiber. There is nothing like getting the whole 'system' moving to make you feel a little better.

3. Call your buddy - I have a certain buddy that I like to call for motivation when I'm lacking it. Sometimes she is doing just as bad and we commiserate together...and sometimes she has the awesomest pep talk. But, either way, it's always just what I need.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What do you do to get past a lull? A Plateau? A Down Day...week...month?

Friday, February 20, 2009


I just broke rule #1 in harvesting a great friendship with another couple:


Really, I hate to admit it, and hopefully I've never done this with anyone else...if I have, please please forgive and note that it was probably a temporary slide into daily insanity...anyhow, I did it, I am ashamed to admit it, but I did it.

Excuse #1: George and Henry are wild and crazy - reword - My boys are packed with constant positively charged energy. Just finishing off a day of endless writing and editing lectures, the last thing I could sit through was energetic (crazed) play and laughter (running, tormenting, and screaming).

Excuse #2: Ruby was Miss Puke America - reword - poor sweet ruby had an upset tummy and a slight fever. From the minute we arrived at the awesome home of the Slater's, Ruby spewed cottage cheese chunks everywhere...(to the Slater' sorry about that).

Excuse #3: Teddy is a TERROR! - reword - Tenacious Teddy enjoyed a playful evening of taunting their youngest daughter and drenching their floor with root beer.

Excuse #4: REALLY? Do I need another excuse by this point?

Sidenote: If you are the awesome Slater's, please please please forgive us (me) and invite us again, because your pizza rocked my world...If you are other prospective friends, I promise to leave the fun lovin' kids at home if you invite me over!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today I am going to a writing conference with my dear friend Peggy, who inadvertently or advertently used my maiden name in her upcoming great novel, hmmm....not sure if I should use her name too (insert evil laugh). I am so excited to go to this writing conference because since I was young, I have always prespired, no I mean, aspired, to write a Young Adult Novel.

I hope today that I will learn much more helpful tips to further the book that I am currently working on....please please please make it more than just a giant load of crap where all the characters have to die in the end because I can't think of anything better.

oh, and Dear Diary, for your eyes only, the theme of my outfit today is 'brown' nosing...I have the cutest brown top on, matched by brown shoes and a darling brown head band.


luv, erin

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's GROSSER than GROSS?

Do you remember playing "What's Grosser than Gross" when you were in grade school? No? Well, here's your chance today.

ME: What's Grosser Than Gross?

You: um...I don't know, what?

ME: Coming home and finding two giant piles of Dog Diarrhea on your carpet.

You: ewwwww

ME: What's Grosser than That?

You: um...I don't know.

ME: Dry heaving while cleaning up the two giant piles of Dog Diarrhea, only to kneel (and when I say 'kneel' I really mean fall over into because you are dry heaving so much) a huge, gallon size puddle of DOG PEE!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Try not to think too much less of me when you watch this You Tube Clip. Mark's boss sent it to him at work...hmm...I wondering what he's trying to say about our kids.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Love Love

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I am convinced that Poor St. Valentine actually concocted this day of love because he was having a hard time fighting the winter blues, feeling down in the dumps, and not very lovey dovey at all. So what better way to feel great, than SHARE THE LOVE!
We (Mark and I) spent our Valentine's Sharing the Love with:
-My Mom, and My Boys. We headed over to BYU and took my mom out to lunch. She was a pretty cheap date, only ordering $2 worth of tacos from Taco Bell. In fact, I ended up with the better end of the date when she bought me two new books: Deeper and The Hunger Games
While we were at BYU, we had a Love Date with our boys. We took them bowling! I personally hate bowling...I have no talant for it what so ever! But, the boys loved it. Henry sure has my flare when it comes to bowling...

George is a little more methodical about the ball placement.
Mark cheered from the sidelines with my little Valentine Ruby
And then at the end of the evening, when we returned home from our day of Love, I found the most delectable treats on my doorstep:
And, if you know me, you know that I can't be stopped when it comes to digging into great treats...SO, Mark, my happy hubby, was so over-joyed when he found a special treat addressed specifically to him.
Happy V-Day, luv, erin

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A little Twilight TWIST for Valentines

I saw this on my totally awesome friend from Hawaii, Doretha's, Blog...IT IS TOO FUNNY!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Reviews

Here I am again, going nuts because I am way to busy, but really, never to busy to read a GREAT book. The other night I read till 2:30am, (and paid for it the next day when I felt like an alcoholic with a killer hang over)

Book 1: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - This book is for EVERYBODY...well except for the younger kids. This Sci-Fi suspense YA novel will have you on the edge of your seat. Once I dove in I literally couldn't put it down, and I finished it that night. Such an easy read, but so clever. 5 out of 5

Book 2: Sabriel by Garth Nix - To be honest I felt the novel was heavy in description...almost too heavy. It took me a good 100 pages to finally commit, but once I did the novel picked up pace and action. I ended up really sinking into the characters and enjoying this Fantasy YA. Great read if you love Fantasy...if you are not a Fantasy fan yet, then hold off, read something tamer and then jump in. 4 out of 5

Book 3: The Dark Hills Divide - Easy fun read for Middle Grade. I enjoyed this quick adventure fantasy. It is a light fantasy perfect for your younger teenagers...but not a boring read for adults too. 4 out 5

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embarassing Life Moment: #3248

Disclaimer: If you have any ounce of belief left in my parenting skills, or trust that I have any sense of social etiquette, skip this one.

We head to the library last night to help George with his official book report and oral presentation...I, personally am jumping at the bit to go, a trip to the library is almost as good as the free Candy you pick up everytime you walk into a Sees...We, meaning Mark toting the baby carrier and holding little Teddy's hand, find a comfy nook in the corner of the library to set up our Summerill base camp. The two older boys quickly run off and find books that interest them (ahhhh, sure does make me proud to have raised a couple book lovers).I quickly become entranced by the rows of books and spend my time combining my two current obsessions: Books and Photography. Just as I'm snapping the picture below, I hear Teddy cry out. The sound is distinct, and I immediately know he needs to go to the bathroom. His potty training has been going so well, I dressed him in big boy undies, so I know he only has moments to make it to the potty. I roll to my back, and my eyes meet Mark's. I plead with him to take him, and Mark, the great helpful hubby that he is, scoops up Teddy and rushes to the bathroom.
He's gone for quite some time and I am starting to worry. When, I hear the distinct thudding of Teddy running in my direction and his library piercing calls, "Mom, mooooooooom."
I leap up, and start shushing him before I can even see him.
And that's when this cute half-naked toddler rounds the corner and steals my heart. He stinks to high heaven because he didn't make it to the toilet...and frankly wipes sometimes are not the best with accidents. Even though half the patrons of the library are shooting me death glares for their disturbed silence, I'm laughing and trying to get Teddy to pose for the camera.
Mark on the other hand is less than amused that I didn't pack the diaper bag with a change of clothes, and a mere pull-up. I'm sure 10 minutes later when I round up the older boys, the patrons of the PG library are relieved to see me, my screaming baby, my 1/2 naked butt reaking toddler, and imposing camera leave.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fashion Tips by Ruby

Tip 1: Be Bold
When your fellow co-workers ask, "How are you today?" Your outfit will do the talking for you, "GRRRRRReat!"
Nothing lures in those around you like the bold statement of a striking Leopard print thigh high dress and Baby Ugg boots to match. Remember fellow bloggers, its a jungle out dress for success. (Are you digging on all my puns yet?)

Tip 2: Pretend like whoever is talking to you is the FUNNIEST PERSON ALIVE.
Ruby has this down tight, and I'll tell you, I'm putty in this little vixen's hand. She really knows how to keep your attention and make you feel warm and fuzzy.
Since it's the season of LOVE, go ahead and take a tip from Ruby. Dress like a wild and crazy Cat, and laugh like you've got nothing to loose.

Tips of the day are randomly brought to you by Ruby and her great gifted wardrobe. For future tips on how to make your life more coordinated and successful, check back often. (hahahahaha...ok, really I'm having way too much fun today.)

Monday, February 09, 2009


Did anyone out there happen to catch last week's episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER? To sum it up, Joelle, (who in real life is probably a very nice woman) spent the entire week moseying around the gym, and making excuses about her obvious decrease in workouts. She ended the week with a 0 pound weight loss, and was then kicked off the ranch with her not-so-best friend.

I sat on my couch, eating popcorn, and booing Joelle for her lack of ownership in the 0 pound weight loss fiasco. Come on Joelle? Are you really that surprised you didn't lose anything? You practically couldn't get of your rear the entire week.

EPIPHANY: And then it hit me...uh, what exactly had I been doing all week? My kids were sick, I was about to get sick any day so of course I couldn't work out. And tomorrow, when I go to weigh in at my friendly WW meeting, I'm probably going to be the spittin' image of Joelle living in her alternate reality bubble...UGH!

WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING? (right now, is when we all sit back and realize making excuses never helps us get anywhere...then some of you click off my blog because your happy excuse making...and the rest read on, maybe a little hopeful) Today is the day to take some ownership.

Mark's always hating on me because I love to say, "You either do it or you don't...there is no TRY." So, to be blunt, I didn't do it last week. I dropped the ball on my own GREAT SLIM DOWN. But, no worries, I'm no depressed blob of sucked out motivation...NO WAY, today I'm owning up to my slack off week and I'm getting right back on it.

REALITY CHECK: OWN IT! Own up to the success you've had or the failure...then move on, and DO better.

Fit tip of the week: For an at home kick butt workout, you could do this
Or for a little bit of money, buy P90X.

P90X is the best at home workout you can buy. Because there are quite a few different 1 hour - 90 minute workouts that come in the package, you almost never hit boredom. Also, the workouts are pretty intense, so you can knock down the intensity level to something you can manage, and as you increase strength, you'll have something to work to.

Get on it, work it out at home and OWN IT! (This blog is in no way affiliated with p90x...I'm just an X junkie)

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What have you been up to? Are you doing it or not? ohhh, and by the way, I loved all the tips people gave last week. Post a physical activity tip this week to help me beat the winter blahs.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Picture(s) of the Day: Ladd and Janessa

I shot these two babies over the last couple weeks and they were so cute! I love Ladd's rolls and Janessa's infectious smile. Thanks for the great shots...luv erin

Friday, February 06, 2009

What I would do if...

Questions emailed to me over the last week:

1. What would you do if you were having triplets?
DIE, then cry cry cry...

2. If you are stuck at home and can't make it to the gym, what do you do?
hmmmm...since I was stuck at home all week (my 2 older boys were puke factories), on Monday and Wednesday night I worked out in the evening at the gym after Mark, my hardworking hubby, got home from work.
On the other days I did ABSOLUTELY nothing...I certianly didn't follow my on advice that I posted a year ago in this post. Normally when stuck at home, I do try to shake my tail feather just a bit to burn a few calories, but this week I was a total DEBBIE DOWNER...(and really? is that clip fo' real?).

3. What Multivitamin do you suggest?
If you can gag one down, always finish out your prenatal prescription. When that is done with, I go for the Women's One a Day Multi-Vitamin that is sold at Costco. I have found it to be a well balanced Vitamin, containing all the essential minerals and vitamins a woman's body needs. (hmmm...does this sound eerily like a product promotion?)

4. Are your photography classes for real?
No, it's just a great big joke to round up all potential photographers, lure them into a room, and laugh heartily at their out of focus, cut off heads and feet, horrid pictures.

5. Are you jealous your sister is having triplets?
NO WAY...maybe a little at the fact that she can pretty much eat whatever she wants for the next 5 months. (Tip to women having triplets: Take vanilla bean ice cream, crush oreos into it, add a handful of broken kit kats, fresh raspberries, and then top it with caramel.)

6. Do you take METH?
Does that really mean am I on a strong anti-depressant and thyroid medication? FO' SURE!

If you have a question you would like to have answered, email me or post it and I will do my best.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Photography Classes for March

Did Santa bring you a great new camera, but you just don’t know how to use it? Are you simply a beginner that would like to take the leap to the next level or an experienced pro in need of a fresh perspective or boosting your business? Whether you are the photography lover just starting out on your journey, a mom or dad that wants the ‘oooohhhh’ and ‘awwwww’ shots to fill the scrap booking spaces or the experienced veteran looking for a refresher, this is the class for you. · PHOTO 101 {with a twist} - This class is a COVER EVERYTHING class for photographers who would eventually like to shoot professionally, or have the ability to. We will cover basic to advanced levels in shutter, aperture, white balance, zoom vs. fixed lens techniques, posing, how to capture a candid, portrait vs. wedding techniques, back lighting, work flow, editing, and marketing your business. This class will have 4 sessions, one being a Q and A photography shoot with 2 Professional Photographers. This is a great refresher course for the experienced, as well as, a great starting point for the novice photographer. We will cover everything under the photography umbrella. Come learn how to really control your camera to get the shots that you want.

· PHOTO MAMA - This is a basic photography class for photographers wanting to get out of the “sissy settings” (aka automatic). This class will cover techniques for the every day photographer who would like to improve his/her art. In this class we will cover the 'what to do when'. We will learn aperture settings, shutter settings and manual. How to use each setting and when to use it. This class will cover ISO, basic enhancement editing, RAW vs. JPEG, white balance, Exposure Locking, Flash techniques, PC/MAC organization of PHOTO files, and creating studio style pictures in your own home. Although the class is coined 'PHOTO MAMA' it is the best overall class for the everyday photographer who wants to enhance his/her shots. This class will have 4 sessions, with Q and A, and hands on practice during each session. If you simply don’t want to go Pro, but want to capture your kids doing what they do best, this class is for you!


Tonja Merryweather of Twisted Label Photography

Erin Summerill of Erin Summerill Photography

What do I need?
The basic requirement is a camera that has the capacity to set aperture and shutter speed manually. However, if you have a digital SLR that would rock! Bring a notepad and pen, and come prepared with questions you want to have answered.

Where and When can I jump on board?
Classes will be held in North Orem, UT, with the exception of the bonus shooting workshop.
· PHOTO 101 The first session starts March 11th at 6:00pm. The March Session has 3 classes (Mar. 11, Mar. 18, Mar. 25) and a bonus shooting workshop (Mar. 21 at 9:30am). The shooting workshop will be held at an on-site location and will be announced during the class.
· PHOTO MAMA The first session starts March 11th at 7:30pm. The March Session has 3 classes (Mar. 11, Mar. 18, Mar. 25) and a bonus shooting workshop (Mar. 21 at 11:30am). The shooting workshop will be held at an on-site location and will be announced during the class.

What is the cost?
Tuition for PHOTO 101, or PHOTO MAMA is $95. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at the time you sign up for the class to retain your seat. The remainder of the amount is due one week before class begins. In order to give you a more in-depth experience we have decided to keep the class size to 15 seats. Only 15 students may register for each class, so sign up today.

Where do I SIGN UP? Email erinsummerill(at) to reserve your place

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday's Fit Tip Mania: Recipes

I opened the fridge today and my eyes glazed over as I scanned the left over contents from our baby blessing lunchon - all items that are not 'health' conscience. What to do? I opened cupboards and looked in drawers for something to snack on and felt the pressure of all those little goodies stacked away calling out my name. "Youhoo! Erin, come EAT me...I taste sooooooooo good!" Agghhhhh you fiendish, health destroying, savory, scrumptious snacks. Leave me alone...which of course I couldn't leave them alone. (hmmm...thought to myself, Am I really the one handing out fit tips?) Today's fit tip is for you.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Got any healthy snack ideas or recipes...Please PLEASE PLEASE share.

need your help. Luv, erin

Sunday, February 01, 2009



My 18months older than me, sister from North Dakota, who already has 4 children under the age of 7 just found out she is having triplets. HOLY STINKIN' COW! Right?!? I know. I was flabbergasted to say the least. What an exciting, scary, surreal, horrifying, joyous, anxiety-causing, beautiful BLESSING...yes, I say blessing.

A year ago, when we were down in the dumps (Mark was completely out of work and we were living on the good heart of Uncle Mastercard), I found out I was expecting a baby and felt DEVASTATED. I couldn't believe my misfortune. Mark, jobless and medical insurance-less, felt the burden of bringing another sweet spirit into this world. Our stress level rose 10 notches and the tension between us mounted. It was during that time that many friends and family members reached out to us, often leaving us bags of groceries or envelopes of money to help us through an extremely difficult time....(ok, sorry for the total sob story). Anyhow, what I thought was a terrible trial was actually the BEST BLESSING IN THE WORLD. I cant imagine living without my sweet Ruby (see here for a shameless plug on my Darling Baby Girl).

So, even though my sister has 4 wonderfully wild kids under the age of 7 and she will soon have 7 under the age of 7...WHAT A BLESSING!!!
(photo is taken by Carrie excellent baby photographer)

hmmmm...IT'S KILLING ME!

Has anyone ever told you anything and then asked you not to tell anyone? A secret so great that you feel you might burst from the intensity/overwhelming wierd greatness of it? AAAGHHHH!

I am going to burst.
But I promise I won't tell until the time is right...
To the person who entrusted me with this secret, will the telling time be anytime soon?

tap, tap, tap, tap TAPPING (cant sit still...need to tell)

Ok, logging off now before I break my word.