Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Does anyone look at the last blog and think ONE OF THESE IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS? hahahaha...I love my little haole Henry!

A serious of Unfortunate Events!

When my mom came to Hawaii, she brought with her the pictures that we took at Christmas time at Target. Because the pictures didn't come back in time for us to pick them up before we left Utah, my mom picked them up for us and waited to bring them until she came.

I was so excited to get the pictures. We only get around to taking a family picture or even boy's pictures at Christmas time. Unfortunately this year a great tradegy happened. The other day I was cleaning my home and I placed the packet of all the pictures on the table. Later that day when I had returned from grocery shopping, I noticed one of my cans I bought was not sealed correctly and most likely the soup in the can had gone bad, so I placed the can in a bag and placed the bag on the table.

The next morning, after one of the largest rainstorms Hawaii has seen in almost 10 years, I noticed that there was a small amount of condensation in the home. Everything felt damp. When I was cleaning off the table I noticed a puddle coming from the bag with the rotten can. I guess the pressure in the air and the extreme moisture in the air made the can bust open and the soup contents leak out and find my precious Christmas pictures and destroy EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! I am devestated and not quite sure what to do. I think I will try to call Target today to see if I can get reprints, but other than that, this one single scan of the picture is all we scanned before the fatal accident. So here is your copy of our family picture for 2005.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mom Is here!!!

Since the end of February my mom has been staying with us to help watch the boys while I work during the day. I have to say, I have enjoyed spending time talking, touring the island and beating her at almost every scrabble game we have played in the last month. We have spent most of our time on the air force bases because it has rained almost every day since she came. Hopefully next week the rain will clear and we can go to the beach. She returns to Utah next week and when she gets there she will be able to spend time with my sisters who will all be visiting Utah. I am sad that I wont be able to go, but it has been fun while she is here.

Friday, March 03, 2006

LOST in Hawaii

Mark works downtown on Merchant street...that is in the heart of the business district of Honolulu. The other day he took the long drive to work and was surprised when he had a difficult time getting to his office building. Right in front of where he works, a camera crew was set up to film an upcoming scene of the tv show LOST. Now watch the upcoming episodes really carefully and you will see a small haole man jumping up and down in the back of the character's flashback bank scene...hahaha just kidding, but Mark took a few pictures of the people taking camera shots.

long time no talk eh....

Hey, I just wanted to write and let everyone know that we are still here and alive in Hawaii. Eventhough the entire side of the island has been flooded, we are still alive and well. We weren't able to do much because the rain was pouring down like sheets of water. At BYU-H the field was so deep of water that it was waist deep in some areas. A few locals pulled out a kayak and used that as transportation. In many areas along this side of the island, the constant rains made the ground too soft. As the flood water ran out to the ocean, it took down a few homes and caused a few small landslides.

Luckily, my mom is visiting for the month of March, and we spent yesterday cleaning out my sister's store and playing need to ask who won...but just to rub it was me, by a "landslide"!!!

George and Henry are now staying at home everyday with my mom and she is teaching them school lessons in numbers, letters and keeping their room neat and tidy.

Mark has been busier than ever as he works all day long and then attends U of H in the evening. We almost never see him, but I know he is there because there is a dish in the sink in the morning, and the lunch food I packed the night before is gone.

That is pretty much the excitement we are having here. Talk to you later!