Friday, February 20, 2009


I just broke rule #1 in harvesting a great friendship with another couple:


Really, I hate to admit it, and hopefully I've never done this with anyone else...if I have, please please forgive and note that it was probably a temporary slide into daily insanity...anyhow, I did it, I am ashamed to admit it, but I did it.

Excuse #1: George and Henry are wild and crazy - reword - My boys are packed with constant positively charged energy. Just finishing off a day of endless writing and editing lectures, the last thing I could sit through was energetic (crazed) play and laughter (running, tormenting, and screaming).

Excuse #2: Ruby was Miss Puke America - reword - poor sweet ruby had an upset tummy and a slight fever. From the minute we arrived at the awesome home of the Slater's, Ruby spewed cottage cheese chunks everywhere...(to the Slater' sorry about that).

Excuse #3: Teddy is a TERROR! - reword - Tenacious Teddy enjoyed a playful evening of taunting their youngest daughter and drenching their floor with root beer.

Excuse #4: REALLY? Do I need another excuse by this point?

Sidenote: If you are the awesome Slater's, please please please forgive us (me) and invite us again, because your pizza rocked my world...If you are other prospective friends, I promise to leave the fun lovin' kids at home if you invite me over!


Kristina P. said...

I'm sure your friends totally understand. Or they hate you. Either way, I'm sure it's fine.

i'm erin. said...

Kristina P! You are too funny, but also very right...hmmm, and I love how late you are up blogging on a friday night.

Just SO said...

Sounds like fun was had by all!

the fowlers said...

Luckily your family is cute - I don't think anyone could stay mad at you for long.

I'm going to stalk you right back.
Reading Utah blogs give me a little taste of home. :)

Ipo said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel like I have to be a recluse until my kids get a little older, or move out all together.

But I'm sure your friends are understanding...unlike some of mine who don't invite us over anymore...oh well...

Carterista said...

It's time to invite them to your house. Sometimes it help to see where it all starts.

A. said...

So will we see you in a couple weeks? If so, I REALLY need to plan ahead if this is what we're in for. :P

Seriously though... I feel like most my visits with people go this way. lol

Kahilau said...

Have we ever had you over for dinner? Oh, wait, now that would be disastrous and you would end up leaving early again, not because your kids are crazy but because MINE ARE! Anyone with kids understands what happened! It is a great story though.

big8smiley said...

LOL, I have to tell you, I was SO MAD after that night. I just stormed around from room to room and snapped at everyone. We even pulled out a scrumptious homemade cheesecake after you left and had our own little indulgence!

big8smiley said...

OK, so that last comment was a joke (in case you couldn't tell)! Did you happen to see my facebook comment? I wrote that you ate and ran! LOL Yes, your boys were crazy, but the benefit is that you and Mark are aware of your kids and willing to take responsibility for them. The thing I hate is when parents don't acknowledge that their kids are wild and crazy and just let them run around breaking everything. THAT drives me crazy. I thought it was a fun night and we understand that it probably wasn't so fun for you. Sorry! I hope next time is better for you. So, when is the next get-together?

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