Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fieldtrip to Xango

Can you believe that someone...or a few someones built an entire company off of a fist size fruit and a funky cool bottle? ...No, I'm not talking Noni, (OK, I give, it's been done before, but still pretty cool huh?!?)
The boys and I took a trip over to the Xango Headquarters in Lehi, UT today. No, don't worry, we didn't stop at a random business and request to be let in. Mark, my hardworking happy hubby, so happens to work there.

1. First I was drawn to the Xango flag, only second in greatness to our national American waving beauty. 2. Then upon entering the building, I couldn't help but notice all the Xango Art Arrangements, and when I say art arrangements I mean Xango spot-lighted in a floating wall of total coolness...not to be misconstrued with over the top, look at me, and remember who you work for type of display...(you get the point)3. Of, course we were there to eat lunch with my hard workin' hot hubby. As seen below with three of his four seedlings. 4. And then I had quite a bit more fun taking pictures of all the Xango art. These pretty sparkly shiny glassy balls are supposed to be an artistic interpretation of Xango drops....hmmmm, yah ok, whatever...still, pretty cool, and very enticing to look at.

I loved them so much I shot a few pictures. 5. I couldn't help but love the casual, but retro/futuristic cafe style sitting area...really, I just wanted to ask, do people really sit here, and when? If so, your custodians are super awesome because they were spotless. (I'm a cleaner by heart, so I had to give props to how pristine they were)
6. And then, our last stop on the tour, Mark's fun loving super cute co-worker! Isn't he charming? P.S. When you read this Dustin, please don't be too mad...I couldn't resist posting this shot!!!

And that concludes our trip to Xango. If you would like me to share an exciting business opportunity to you and a few of your closest friends, and teach you how you can turn hundreds into thousands each month, don't wait to call! (ok, that was totally a joke...)


Kristina P. said...

I don't understand what this place does, who buys it, and how they make money!

Weight Family said...

Love the business opportunity plug! That totally rocks!

tammy said...

Wow! Who knew there were so many beautiful things to take pictures of at Xango!! I loved the cool wall and the blown glass! Oh, and of course your attractive family!

Nikki said...

I am most impressed by the tables and chairs. Spotless!!

Kristine said...

You make me want to go work there!

Just SO said...

That looks like a very cool place to work. I wonder where they found the retro tables and chairs? Those are awesome.

Nick and Emily said...

that's seriously CLEAN! I'm kinda jelous of all the cool xango you got to see. ;)

Mariko said...

Wait a sec. What is he doing there?
And yes, what is xango?
Oh, and have you seen this?
The high fives must get grander before they can be finished.

Unknown said...

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