Sunday, February 01, 2009

hmmmm...IT'S KILLING ME!

Has anyone ever told you anything and then asked you not to tell anyone? A secret so great that you feel you might burst from the intensity/overwhelming wierd greatness of it? AAAGHHHH!

I am going to burst.
But I promise I won't tell until the time is right...
To the person who entrusted me with this secret, will the telling time be anytime soon?

tap, tap, tap, tap TAPPING (cant sit still...need to tell)

Ok, logging off now before I break my word.


Bobbi said...

Erin, you're rude. Don't you know that the only thing worse than telling someone's secret that they've promised you not to tell is telling people that you HAVE a secret and then not telling? Seriously, shame on you! You should know better.

Leslie said...

I have a secret, too I'm dying to tell! If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine!

Nikki said...

You can tell now. hahahaha

gurrbonzo said...

Is your secret the thing that Nikki said that I can't figure out if is a joke or not???

i'm erin. said...

Yes Gurbonnzo, you are right!

Unknown said...

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