Monday, August 29, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Please forgive the fuzzy pictures. I was holding the camera at a wierd angle so I could get as much as the room as possible, but it did make it a little bit blurry. Here are a few pictures of our apartment. Pictured on top is a view of our bedroom as you walk through the door. And pictured below is a picture of our main living room area as you come up the stairs. Please remember that our home is your home and we would like any visitors!!!

Sunday BBQ

Here we are at Jackie and Chris Kontoes' house. They are friends of my sister Rachel and Jason. They are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon BBQ at their home. George and Henry enjoyed meeting other kids their age and playing on their toys. We were able to meet a few new people. Because Laie is a college town, there are a lot of new people moving in all the time. We are trying hard to make friends and meet new people.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poliahu's Party

My cousin, Anela Auna Wells, lives at Turtle Bay. Her daughter, Poliahu turned one this past week and we were able to go to a pool party at their town home. George was really excited to go to the pool party because that ment no PORTUGUESE Manowar to sting his little body. The party lasted through the afternoon. We swam and ate. It was a great time to get together with family that we haven't seen in a while because we were living in Utah. You can see me pictured with Anela (middle) and she is holding poliahu, and Sarah Auna (Aley's wife) and she is holding her baby Audrey.

Recycling for money

There is a recycling center in Kahuku that gives you 5 cents for every bottle and can. We have made it our family practice to stop at the trash can as we are leaving the beach to search for bottles and cans. We have been able to earn between 10 and 25 dollars a week. Pictured here are George and Henry excited to go to the recycle center.
Every time we go to the center, George and Henry are given part of that money to save and do with what they please...kind of. The recycling has been great except for george yelling everytime we are in public, "Look mom, there's a can."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


On Monday, our family went to the little beach down the hill from where we live. The clouds drifted away and the sun shined down on our little cove. Unfortunately, that peace was dashed away with the torrid screams from my 4 year old son. He had just entered the water when his body went rigid and he began screaching at the top of his lungs. Panicked, Mark and I quickly wisked him out of the water to find the remnants of a Chinese Manowar clinging to his upper right arm. The long tail of the Manowar had wrapped itself around his arm. We cleaned him off and considered peeing on him, but opted for other over-the-counter medicinal measures. He is doing fine now but we wanted to show the picture of his arm. You can see where the tail of the manowar stung his arm.

A manowar is a relative of the Jelly Fish. It resembles a piece of grape bubblegum that has been blown into a bubble and has a long thread thin tail of the same color. Mostly manowar float harmlessly near the shore of the ocean, but if you come in contact with them, it can feel like *%#@!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Remember Smokey? She was a beauty. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Summerill Surf

Mark and I have finally finished un-packing our bags and we are now living the Laie laid back life style (the true L&L). We live up on the Laie point and enjoy a beautiful view of Temple Beach. I recently found a small beach access to Pounders Beach. I decided Pounders Beach is my favorite; there are hardly any tourists and the beach has a beautiful view of the Ko'olau Mountians. (I will post pictures of this pretty soon)

I have been hired by Kuhuku High School to teach 10th grade advanced English and one senior English class. The school year starts on August 25th, but teachers have to report back on August 18th. I visited my classroom the other day and was amazed to find a room with locks on every openable compartment. Suprisingly there was a lack of novels, textbooks and school supplies. The room has no air conditioning and no fans. When I opened the door I felt like I was walking into the Gold's gym sauna. I am sure the kids will get a great kick out of my "sweat pits" this year (I have an extreme sweat disorder).
Along with finding a job at Kahuku High School, I also was hired by Brigham Young University-Hawaii to teach aerobics. I will be on the Fall Schedule teaching boot camp, body pump, step and interval classes.

Mark did not recieve the job that he interviewed for, but interestingly enough his path has definately been guided. Mark, not having found a job, picked up some part-time work for a Sister in our ward. She had heard that he had just remodeled a home and she was interested in doing the same. For the last few weeks, Mark has been doing odds and ends for her. Mark has a plan for another job prospect, but we will inform you of this in the near future.

George and Henry are adapting to island life. George has become fearless in the water. I have to watch him when we are at the beach because he will venture out into the water. But Henry, he is another story. Henry does not like the water at all. So while we are at the beach, Henry will sit in the sand and make castles and George will splash in the waves.

The pictures we included are of our family on temple beach. The first pictures are of us in the morning right after we arrived on the island. The second set of pictures are of us this past week while we were visiting the Bennetts.

First Hawaiian Early Morning Beach Walk

We woke up our first morning and walked out on the Laie beach. Henry enjoyed running in the sand and finding crabs.

George and Henry enjoyed visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. They are pictured here fishing near the Tahitian village. George was they only one to catch a fish. George's fish was about 5 inches long. He was shocked to find that the tugging end of his line beheld a "fishy." This picture shows Henry, George and their cousin Ikaika fishing into the Polynesian Cultural Center manmade river.

Here we are enjoying the Laie beach. These pictures were taken near my sister's house

Our Little Local Boys