Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Photography Classes for March

Did Santa bring you a great new camera, but you just don’t know how to use it? Are you simply a beginner that would like to take the leap to the next level or an experienced pro in need of a fresh perspective or boosting your business? Whether you are the photography lover just starting out on your journey, a mom or dad that wants the ‘oooohhhh’ and ‘awwwww’ shots to fill the scrap booking spaces or the experienced veteran looking for a refresher, this is the class for you. · PHOTO 101 {with a twist} - This class is a COVER EVERYTHING class for photographers who would eventually like to shoot professionally, or have the ability to. We will cover basic to advanced levels in shutter, aperture, white balance, zoom vs. fixed lens techniques, posing, how to capture a candid, portrait vs. wedding techniques, back lighting, work flow, editing, and marketing your business. This class will have 4 sessions, one being a Q and A photography shoot with 2 Professional Photographers. This is a great refresher course for the experienced, as well as, a great starting point for the novice photographer. We will cover everything under the photography umbrella. Come learn how to really control your camera to get the shots that you want.

· PHOTO MAMA - This is a basic photography class for photographers wanting to get out of the “sissy settings” (aka automatic). This class will cover techniques for the every day photographer who would like to improve his/her art. In this class we will cover the 'what to do when'. We will learn aperture settings, shutter settings and manual. How to use each setting and when to use it. This class will cover ISO, basic enhancement editing, RAW vs. JPEG, white balance, Exposure Locking, Flash techniques, PC/MAC organization of PHOTO files, and creating studio style pictures in your own home. Although the class is coined 'PHOTO MAMA' it is the best overall class for the everyday photographer who wants to enhance his/her shots. This class will have 4 sessions, with Q and A, and hands on practice during each session. If you simply don’t want to go Pro, but want to capture your kids doing what they do best, this class is for you!


Tonja Merryweather of Twisted Label Photography

Erin Summerill of Erin Summerill Photography

What do I need?
The basic requirement is a camera that has the capacity to set aperture and shutter speed manually. However, if you have a digital SLR that would rock! Bring a notepad and pen, and come prepared with questions you want to have answered.

Where and When can I jump on board?
Classes will be held in North Orem, UT, with the exception of the bonus shooting workshop.
· PHOTO 101 The first session starts March 11th at 6:00pm. The March Session has 3 classes (Mar. 11, Mar. 18, Mar. 25) and a bonus shooting workshop (Mar. 21 at 9:30am). The shooting workshop will be held at an on-site location and will be announced during the class.
· PHOTO MAMA The first session starts March 11th at 7:30pm. The March Session has 3 classes (Mar. 11, Mar. 18, Mar. 25) and a bonus shooting workshop (Mar. 21 at 11:30am). The shooting workshop will be held at an on-site location and will be announced during the class.

What is the cost?
Tuition for PHOTO 101, or PHOTO MAMA is $95. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at the time you sign up for the class to retain your seat. The remainder of the amount is due one week before class begins. In order to give you a more in-depth experience we have decided to keep the class size to 15 seats. Only 15 students may register for each class, so sign up today.

Where do I SIGN UP? Email erinsummerill(at) to reserve your place


Just SO said...

I wish I had a camera to learn on. *sigh*

Brooke said...

I am sooooo jealous! I want to take both classes and I am STUCK 1000 miles away!!! Shane promised me a great camera if I took a photo class.....grrrr.

sanaejames photography said...

That's so great that you'll be teaching a class! Awesome Erin!

Bobbi said...

Any chance you might someday offer your courses online? If you ever do, then sign me up!!! I've looked for some kind of photography course around here and there is NOTHING!!!

Jenny said...

What a great idea!!! I want to do this. I'll have to see what day you are teaching after I finish posting my comments. I have a Digital Rebel and I'm embarrassed to say, all I know how to do with it is point and shoot and turn the automatic focus off and on. When I turn it off my pictures are always blurry. Great idea Erin! I would love to learn from you because when I try to read the manual, my eyes glaze over and I fall asleep. I think you could help me be a pro. Hey thanks so much for dancing it up last night at my class. You and that cute girl in black in front of you really set the tone for the night. It was a party! I love seeing people just let loose and feel the music. You seriously rock. I hope you come again and bring your fan club with you. ;) Love you!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

I should take a class cause I suck. My pictures are too light because of the flash or too dark because there is no flash. I dont know anything else.

oh wait..... I can zoom in and out!

renae said...

count me in for photomama! i'm so excited!

Kristin said...

Someday I will do this. But now I work at night, plus I'm dirt poor! What a great idea though. I love it.

Kristin said...

What a great idea. If David is ever through with school so we have money, I will be the first one to sign up. This has been a goal of mine for awhile.

big8smiley said...

I think it's great that you are doing this class! How do you find time for it all? I hope it goes well! :) I'd consider taking the class if I even knew what you were talking about with all the camera jargon. I'm happy enough to snap a few photos here and there and post them to my blog. GOOD LUCK!

Unknown said...

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