Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embarassing Life Moment: #3248

Disclaimer: If you have any ounce of belief left in my parenting skills, or trust that I have any sense of social etiquette, skip this one.

We head to the library last night to help George with his official book report and oral presentation...I, personally am jumping at the bit to go, a trip to the library is almost as good as the free Candy you pick up everytime you walk into a Sees...We, meaning Mark toting the baby carrier and holding little Teddy's hand, find a comfy nook in the corner of the library to set up our Summerill base camp. The two older boys quickly run off and find books that interest them (ahhhh, sure does make me proud to have raised a couple book lovers).I quickly become entranced by the rows of books and spend my time combining my two current obsessions: Books and Photography. Just as I'm snapping the picture below, I hear Teddy cry out. The sound is distinct, and I immediately know he needs to go to the bathroom. His potty training has been going so well, I dressed him in big boy undies, so I know he only has moments to make it to the potty. I roll to my back, and my eyes meet Mark's. I plead with him to take him, and Mark, the great helpful hubby that he is, scoops up Teddy and rushes to the bathroom.
He's gone for quite some time and I am starting to worry. When, I hear the distinct thudding of Teddy running in my direction and his library piercing calls, "Mom, mooooooooom."
I leap up, and start shushing him before I can even see him.
And that's when this cute half-naked toddler rounds the corner and steals my heart. He stinks to high heaven because he didn't make it to the toilet...and frankly wipes sometimes are not the best with accidents. Even though half the patrons of the library are shooting me death glares for their disturbed silence, I'm laughing and trying to get Teddy to pose for the camera.
Mark on the other hand is less than amused that I didn't pack the diaper bag with a change of clothes, and a mere pull-up. I'm sure 10 minutes later when I round up the older boys, the patrons of the PG library are relieved to see me, my screaming baby, my 1/2 naked butt reaking toddler, and imposing camera leave.


Kristina P. said...

I love that little bum picture!

Weight Family said...

I love the chubby legs and am super jealous your potty training is going well... maybe I need "how to potty train a boy" lessons. I can't do it.

Just SO said...

I love it! And at least if people were giving you the stink eye you could walk past them on your way out with a serious stink bum!

Did you find some good books?

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

LOVE IT! Don't worry I'm sure that will be me here soon as we're just starting the potty training stage, ugh.

Fullmer Family said...

So cute!! I love little chubby legs - I could just eat them up!! :) said...

Ah the joys of least you can laugh about it now!

Nikki said...

Argh. Sounds like my life. Today I had Bun in pull-ups because we were running errands and had dental appointments. I wasn't sure also if he had diarrhea. I was so pleased with him for using the big toilet at Target. But moments later when he disappeared in the playplace at the mall, I just knew he was squatting in a corner somewhere. Sure enough I found him. He was having so much fun playing he didn't want to stop and tell me. I was frustrated to say the least. I do NOT want five kids in diapers at the same time! I tried not to show him my disappointment. I tried to handle it very matter-of-factly. But he was really upset that we had to leave. I had the diaper bag in the van after all.

You're lucky the training is going so well with Teddy. I'm hoping to get Hammie trained too before the triplets are born. I'll pay you BIG TIME if you want to come to California and train them after the move. hehehe

Maman Pélissié said...

Laughing so hard over here! You crack me up!

Haley Hale said...

I love it! And I love the pictures of the books-I never would have thought of that.

Nick and Emily said...

you always have the best stories and the best attitude for life. all those glarer's should be more like you and able to laugh at life.

big8smiley said...

LOL! That rocks! I swear I've been in that exact situation before and it is NOT COOL. I just love to hear that I'm not the only one!

Unknown said...

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