Sunday, June 04, 2006

Memorial Day at Castles Beach

For Memorial Day, our family spent the day at Castles Beach Park. Castles is only a few minutes from where we live; it has a smooth sandy shore and small waves. We spent the day boogie boarding, bbq-ing, playing in the sand and Surfing. Mark helped the boys catch a few waves on the boogie board, and by the end of the day George was taking the boogie board out on his own. Henry caught a few waves, but spent most of the day making sand balls with Klailea Bennet (Rachel's daughter) in the sand.
I am about 5 months pregnant, so I figured I have about one month more of time that I can still take out the surf board, so I went surfing. I stayed out for an hour or so but my balance isn't so good so I kept falling off. I finally convinced Mark to take out my board and he paddled around for a little, but the waves died off.
We came home exhausted, a little burnt, and ready for a cool shower. We love living in Hawaii!!!