Monday, February 09, 2009


Did anyone out there happen to catch last week's episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER? To sum it up, Joelle, (who in real life is probably a very nice woman) spent the entire week moseying around the gym, and making excuses about her obvious decrease in workouts. She ended the week with a 0 pound weight loss, and was then kicked off the ranch with her not-so-best friend.

I sat on my couch, eating popcorn, and booing Joelle for her lack of ownership in the 0 pound weight loss fiasco. Come on Joelle? Are you really that surprised you didn't lose anything? You practically couldn't get of your rear the entire week.

EPIPHANY: And then it hit me...uh, what exactly had I been doing all week? My kids were sick, I was about to get sick any day so of course I couldn't work out. And tomorrow, when I go to weigh in at my friendly WW meeting, I'm probably going to be the spittin' image of Joelle living in her alternate reality bubble...UGH!

WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING? (right now, is when we all sit back and realize making excuses never helps us get anywhere...then some of you click off my blog because your happy excuse making...and the rest read on, maybe a little hopeful) Today is the day to take some ownership.

Mark's always hating on me because I love to say, "You either do it or you don't...there is no TRY." So, to be blunt, I didn't do it last week. I dropped the ball on my own GREAT SLIM DOWN. But, no worries, I'm no depressed blob of sucked out motivation...NO WAY, today I'm owning up to my slack off week and I'm getting right back on it.

REALITY CHECK: OWN IT! Own up to the success you've had or the failure...then move on, and DO better.

Fit tip of the week: For an at home kick butt workout, you could do this
Or for a little bit of money, buy P90X.

P90X is the best at home workout you can buy. Because there are quite a few different 1 hour - 90 minute workouts that come in the package, you almost never hit boredom. Also, the workouts are pretty intense, so you can knock down the intensity level to something you can manage, and as you increase strength, you'll have something to work to.

Get on it, work it out at home and OWN IT! (This blog is in no way affiliated with p90x...I'm just an X junkie)

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What have you been up to? Are you doing it or not? ohhh, and by the way, I loved all the tips people gave last week. Post a physical activity tip this week to help me beat the winter blahs.


Kristina P. said...

I have been having a hard time getting motivated with my elliptical, but I've been doing it and it does make me feel better!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I've also had a hard time getting motivated lately but I was able to get 3 workout's in last week. I'm finding it's easier if I alternate using my eliptical & doing an aerobic workout every other day - I'm really enjoying my Turbo Jam & WiiFit workouts on my aerobic days! It feels SO good to be able to workout again - between having a baby and breaking my arm 6 wks later it was hard to get started again but now that I'm trying o get a plan together it feels SO good. I have more energy during the day though I think I'm more exhausted at night (though I certainly am sleeping better now).

I am a mother! said...

Hey Erin! I'm doing pretty good on the exercise. It's such a habit now that I almost CAN'T not do it. I must admit that sometimes my housework does suffer and sometimes dinner is less than gourmet and sometimes the kids are crawling all around me on the floor (sometimes screaming) I just have to stick it pretty dang high on the priorities list or it just doesn't happen.

I am getting CheLEAN Extreme for V-day. It looks a little p90xish but with my favorite trainer (Chelene Johnson who does Turbo Jam)! I'm excited to try it.

Have a great day today Erin! When you choose the action you choose the consequence so you are TOTALLY going to get where you want to be. (BTW you have ALWAYS looked great to me!)

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm gonna go "press play" right now.

Weight Family said...

So, I suck at this, I do okay at eating good (okay... not good). But my problem (hopefully not my excuse) is no one will stick with me as a gym partner and I HATE going alone. I hate doing anything alone. The easiest time for me to go is 6:00 am, but must be way to early for others cause I have had 3 gym partners in the past year and they all give up on me! Know anyone looking for a partner?

Nikki said...

Put your only cordless phone in your house by the computer. Then when it rings, because it will when people hear your wild news, you have to run down the stairs, over the pile of children and books, and reach across the computer for it. If you're in such "delicate condition" you may find yourself trying to catch your breath before answering the phone calmly saying, "Yes it's true. No, we didn't use fertility drugs." Then when the phone call is done, you run back up the stairs to find out why the two middle children are being sooo quiet. Check! Workout done for the day. hahaha

JoMamma said...

I'm no one to be giving advice, but I am one to talk about falling off the wagon. I've decide to not be too hard on myself when I have a bad day, week, or month (darn holidays). I can't dwell on it because if I do that’s when I run to chocolate for comfort. I just have to take it one day at a time and try to do my best now.

Hey Mrs Weight I'm at the rec center Mon, Wed, & Fri @ 6am. You can meet me there :) Oh and Erin is there several times a week also :)

i'm erin. said...

OH Kira, if I could wake up earlier than 7:30 am, I would totally come with you. I am the worst at early morning...If I feel inspired, I'll send you a message and we can partner.

Ipo said...

I don't have a problem working's the EATING that gets me EVERY time.

Unknown said...

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