Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Last Day of the Feast. Sarah b.

Sarah and I met at a writing conference years ago. She is an exceptional writer and so very danged determined that it makes me want to punch her in the face. (In a loving way.) See, Miss Sarah can bust out a book in less than a month's time. She's a lean mean writing machine. And so, I have a love hate relationship with her which is comprised mostly of hate that is fueled from pure, seething jealousy. 

Wow, that makes me sound like a crazy pants, huh? 

Craziness aside, Sarah is a dang good writer. She is repped by Josh Adams of Adams Literary who I've heard is a friggin' super-tastic agent. 
You can check her blog out HERE.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Feast of Posting . . . Jessie. And Me.

And here I've done it again. I didn't post yesterday just to throw things up a bit in the blogging world. You just never know what's going to happen. I like to keep it alive here people. So I figured why not a little more name dropping, eh?

Have you met Jessie Humphries? Because I have. Jessie Humphries is my friend, a BFF for life. She's repped by the amazing Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency and one day Jessie's book will rock your world.
Did you catch that name drop? Jessie. Jessie. Jessie.
If you haven't met her yet, check her out at her BLOG-O-RAMA. (To avoid confusion, that is not the name of her blog, but my own clever way of using the word "blog" in the effort to avoid online monotony. On a side note, it would make a great blog title. Right? Just saying.)

Since Jessie seems to be the only person I will give my camera to and say, "hey, take a pic of me. I am so vain and I can't have too many pictures of myself."

And since she is all too willing to oblige, here you go. This is me. I am a writer. Repped by no one. Though one day that will change and my agent will be the greatest agent in the literary world. And together we shall conquer the Earth! Muah ha ha. (Evil laugh.)

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Feast of Posting . . . Peggy.

My friend Peggy is beautiful. 
Nuff said. 

And she writes like a boss.