Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love My Boys

Boys you are so different from each other. I find myself half crazed one moment and laughing the next by your daily antics. I realized the other day as I browsed back over my picture files, that in the last 6 months I have missed a lot of photo opportunities. I hope I can catch you being you a little bit longer before you keep up that 'growing up' thing. You boys bring me so much joy...and craziness...but mostly joy...well sometimes it doesn't feel like it...but still I love you so much! Here is to you!

Here are a few of my favorite Summerill boys' one liners, that I doubt I will ever forget:


Me: George, go get your homework done.
George: Damn it! I can't find my pencil.
Me: (shocked) What did you say?
George: I said, "Damn it! I cant find my pencil.

(After this short interlude, I cautioned George about naughty words and not copying what the other kids at school say. At this time, George was only 5!)
(Over a nice healthy chicken and broccoli dinner, Henry was only 3 at the time)
Henry: Mom, Broccoli gives you stinky Farts.
Me: How do you know that?
Henry: I know cause Kiss (his version of saying 'Chris') told me.
Me: hmmm...are you sure?
Henry: Kiss is always white (he was saying 'right')
Me: Yes Chris sure is white (hahahaha...laughing inside. Chris and Jackie were Henry and George's daycare/preschool teachers. They taught the coolest and most random tidbits of healthy knowledge to my boys. They were great...and by the way, even to this day, Henry remembers that Kiss 'Chris' taught him about broccoli!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Have you had a Yard Sale lately?

I have often heard others refer to yard sales as being a waste of time or too much work for not enough money...I am here to prove that idea wrong.

For the last (ok, I am really not going to count); but for as long as I can remember, I have had summer yard sales to earn money for the latest and greatest item I wanted. Since I am soon to be having a baby girl, and that is something totally new and foriegn to me, I have decided to purge my home of anything and everything that I don't use or don't need and sell it. Then I will use the proceeds to buy things that I do need, like baby girl clothing.

So, what does it take to have a fantastic, money making yard sale...and lets face it, the MONEY is the most important part. From years of testing this process, I have deemed 3 necessities for having a great yardsale: Advertisement, Allurement and All-around Order.

1. Advertisement: If you are having a yard sale and you want people to come, you need to advertise at least a day ahead. Avid yardsalers check their local listings the night before or scope out the town the eve of the sale. If you want to be the hot pick on their list, you need to have your signs posted, your craigslist advertisement up and your newspaper add ready by at least the morning BEFORE your yardsale.

2. Allurement: What are you selling? Let's face it, as an avid yardsaler myself, I don't want to come to your sale and buy used underwear, a broken bra and a chipped coffee mug; hence, THROW THE CRAP OUT! Yard sales should be for items that you, yourself, would buy at a yardsale. 'Gently Used' should be your motto. If it is stained, torn or broken, it shouldn't be the front item at your sale.
In addition to nice 'gently used' items, you should include large ticket items in your sale such as furniture. Many newly married couples are too poor to hit the local furniture store and therefore are a prime target at yardsales. If you have furniture that just clutters your home, put it out towards the front of your sale to pull in the possible drive by shopper.

3. All-around Order: Nobody wants to dig though boxes of junk...yes, perhaps your boxes are filled with nice 'gently used' items, but to me or any other yardsaler, we are going to think JUNK. If you have tables, great, if not borrow them. Items are more likely to be bought if they are neatly displayed, with a noticeable price, on a table. Make sure your prices are faced towards the buyer and your items are displayed in categories. Put all your baby clothing nicely folded on one table, and your husbands electronics on another. Order at a yardsale can be just as appealing as shopping at the Mall!

Follow these three tips for success and you will find yourself in the MONEY!

OH, and by the way...if you are in the neighborhood, I am having a great yard sale tomorrow! And yes, I have sacrificed many of my pairs of 'gently used' shoes for the cause of my baby girl...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For River...and the sweet Allen Family

Earlier this summer I took a trip to California and spent some time with my wonderful cousins, The Allens. I took these shots during a family picnic and am so touched by the love of this family. Recently Amy, the beautiful mother in these photos, lost her dear new born baby boy, River. I pray that their family will find peace, and perhaps some joy in these Erin


I'll tell you's ME ME ME ME ME! Yes, that may come across as a little immature, but believe it or not, I do not often win contests. Despite my vehement protests, I have yet to have one of my stunning children when the yearly baby contest; and every race I have ever entered, I am lucky to come in the last third. This past weekend I entered a quilt in the local quilt show. To my surprise, I won the first place ribbon. Of course, I couldn't have done this without the help of two wonderful friends: Ella Lung and Tammy Merryweather. These two friends helped me out when I was feeling down about Mark's job unrest. When I had only finished piecing the top, Ella stepped in and machine quilted a beautiful summer cherry pattern, and Tammy hand stitched the binding on. These two sweet, totally awesome friends deserve a 1st place ribbon too!

Awesome Brown Family!

Thanks Brown family for the fun evening! This family was so happy and great to work with. I loved your close family shot!

Sweet Sisson Wedding

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ace and Lacy

I shot this couple last week! I found the old gas pump up the road from where I lived...I couldn't resist them hanging out around it! What do you think?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet River

My wonderful cousin, Amy, recently gave birth to a baby boy...her first boy. Sadly there were many birth complications and he is struggling right now. If you have faith at all, I ask you to pray for Amy and her sweet new addition. If you would like to find out more about Amy and River, follow this LINK. Thanks, Luv Erin.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yet another way in which I have offended another...

Tuesday was a busy day for me. I knew it would be busy and prepared ahead by writing out a to-do list for each hour of the day. Tuesday I woke up, ready and prepared to take on the day. After showering, dressing and waking the boys, I fed them, loaded them into the van and dropped them off (only 5 minutes late) at a friend's home to be watched while I ran along to a meeting at the local community center.
I sensed that the meeting was not going to end on time, I nervously shifted side to side as I decided when would be the best time to interrupt the meeting so I could leave. My time to leave quickly came and went and yet I still sat there. I was frozen in my seat, because I had not sensed a nice lull in conversation where I could politely exit. At that point, seeing my kids were late and I was off the schedule, I abruptly stood, mumbled something about my boys having a class at the library and I skidded out of there. I rushed to pick up the boys, literally threw them into the van, and continued on my way to the library (where the boys were only 8 minutes late for their class).
I maneuvered the van right up to the steps of the library just as the faint waftings of fresh (or not so fresh) toddler bum breezed to my attention. Crap I muttered to myself, and in a quick minute decision decided I would have to drop the boys off because I had left the diaper bag at home.
Henry and George jumped out of the van and ran to the library door just under 10 feet away. Tried as they could, the door would not budge. Blast! I thought as I too jumped out of the van, making sure to leave the door open so Teddy (my stink butt toddler) would see where I was, and I ran up to the doors. I yanked the doors open for the boys and in the fastest language speed known to moms, I issued directions to the boys and pointed for their viewing convenience (the whole time, keeping an eye on my corroding kid in the van). They nodded and I turned to return to the car.
"SHAME ON YOU MOM," taunted my ears and disturbed my busied silence. I glanced to see a much older woman staring deathly in my direction. She continued, "Leaving your child in the car. Not a good decision. Shame on you."
I was stunned...and even more so as my eyes traveled from her face to her hand, which was close to her face. Within milliseconds I realized that she had dialed the police and she was beginning to describe my car!
At first I stood stunned just 2 feet from my van. I looked to Teddy, who sat pleasantly in his aroma, and then I looked back to the old woman. The old woman, stopped her conversation on the phone to chastise me again, "Not Good Mom!"
That was it, I broke...well, really I just became infuriated with this old crotchety woman, and as loud as I could, I yelled at her as I jumped into my van,
"Old Lady, you can SCREW IT!"
I put the van in gear and took off, an unfit mother and my disgustingly stinky child. If I had a lighter with me, I can't say that I wouldn't have been tempted to rip the diaper off my child, light it and toss it at the feet of the old meddler. Luckily for her, I don't carry one on me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here is what is up!!!

I have just spent the night updating my blog for nearly the last month. Below you will find my favorite picks from some of the shoots that I did this month...please comment with what you like, or don't like.
Then if you are interested in my baby update, please see below or click here to go directly to that post.

Have a Great Father's Day!

Reed and Leilani

Here is the Logan shoot from a few weeks back. I am throwing all my shoots from the last few weeks at you...Can you tell that this groom as great hottie sisters?

The Van Leeuen

Finally, I have had the chance to post this family's pictures! I love this gal! I met her at a photog class and she is the best to bounce ideas off of. I loved shooting her family and talking pictures. Viv, you are the best!

Michael and Brianna

I love HAZE!!! Sun haze can be so romantic for pictures. This first picture is my favorite for the set. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

The Infamous Frost 'Manti' (crazy photographer) wedding

Here are a few of my favorites from the Frost wedding. Despite the crazy photographer, these shots turned out well enough. What do you think?

Summer Cake

I shot these last Sunday at my dear friend's Sunday lunch (see post below for further 'hairier' details). Now that we are taking a siesta from our fitness challenge, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Run 'Forest' Run!

I innocently sat at a dear friend's home last Sunday afternoon eating a delicious spread of summer treats, when out of nowhere this large man approached. And of course I could not help but capture the woodsy quality of his imposing nose hairs.