Friday, September 30, 2005

My School

When my parents were out here in Hawaii, they stopped by the high school that I teach at and took a picture of my school. I enjoy teaching here in Hawaii, but I miss air conditioning and roach-free, gecko-free and bug poop free class rooms. Here I am in the front of my classroom. Because the windows are closed, the temperature is probably close to upper 80s.


I, Erin, go yardsaling almost every Saturday. With the Halloween holiday coming up soon, I have been looking for Halloween Costumes. I was excited when I found two Disney costumes from Monster's Inc. Unfortunately, Henry's costume is a Boo's outfit in the movie...she is a girl. But doesn't he look so cute?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sand Babies

Here is Henry enjoying the sand and the surf. Henry still does not enjoy the water like his brother George, but he loves playing in the sand.

Mark Riding the Waves

Here is Mark getting into the waves. He has found a new hobby.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lessons from Uncle Kamaka

While enjoying dad's birthday party at Pounders, the boys had a lesson in boogie boarding from Cousin (uncle) Kamaka.

Playing at Pounder's Beach

Here we are enjoying the day at Pounders Beach. My dad is out visiting this week so we were able to celebrate his 56th birthday. For his birthday we had two celebrations. We had a bbq at pounders and we were able to go boogie boarding. Then today (Sunday) we had a nice family dinner. Boogie boarding was a blast. Kamaka (my cousin) showed Henry and George the ways of boogie boarding.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Heading to UTAH

We recently found airline tickets on ATA for a good price. We will be coming to Utah on a few days before Christmas and we will be leaving a few days after new years. We are excited to see our family and our friends back home. Please call, we would love to get together with you when we are out there. Mark and I still have our same cell-phone numbers. Can't wait to see you!!!
I would like to dedicate this Blog to my dad Sterling, who has made it possible for our family to travel from the Las Vegas Airport to P.G.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hello Pleasant Grove Wives Club

Here I sit on a Saturday Night,
the weather is hot and my clothes are tight.
But not because I am gaining weight,
but because it's Hawaii and I'm not on a date...
no, I am sitting in my house with my cousin Aley
He is married and his baby is Audrey.
Although I don't have friends here in Hawaii,
I am not lonely because I have my family.

I realize that I miss my friends
that live in Utah and don't wear depends.
Because they are heart
hahaha and they never F@#T!!!

Now I am laughing a lot harder,
because my friend is Cecilia Carter
and her name rhymes with farter,
but she prefers Cecilia the Darter (away from danger)

Then I miss my dear sweet Ella
Who's husband is a 1/2 naked fella.
Tammy's a married to a Merryweather
who should be named fairy Heather (he is a little girlie)

I'm sure Christine is sitting there,
with her sister peggy who has a lot of hair.
They eat a lot of fish and sometimes scrap
They put the PG wives club on the Map!!!

Hey you guys, I miss you a lot!

Love Erin