Monday, December 28, 2009

Why 31 is better than 16: Embarrassing Moment # 31

The year HOT BOY (he shall remain nameless in case he reads this blog and then I'm utterly embarassed all over again) was on the basketball team, I thanked God that I was a cheerleader.  Yum, I could watch him play all day long.  That was also the year that I got the card of freedom called a driver's license.  

What I quickly found out is Hot Boy + Driver's License did not mix. 

Robyn, my friend from the cheer squad offered to help me learn to drive The Blue Rocket.  This car was my parent's gift to us Calabio girls.  Really, I think they purchased such a hideous vehicle to keep the boys away.  Boy, did that work well for them. 

Robyn and I cruised around in The Blue Rocket in the church parking lot until I decided I was ready to test my stick driving skills on the main roads.  We started off to a smooth start.  I geared down when I needed and shifted when I sped up.  I was a natural. 

Well, of course, that lasted all of thirty seconds.  We pulled up to one of the only intersections in Pleasant Grove and stopped at the red light.  It was then that Robyn pointed at a car as it stopped on the left of the intersection. 
Oh. My. Word.  HOT BOY was sitting in his car looking at us.  At me!  (Squeal). 
The light turned green.  And my mind went blank.  I couldn't remember what to do first.  After pushing in the clutch and then releasing the gas too fast, the car lurched forward into the middle of the intersection.  In horror I sat dumbfounded.  Robyn was yelling directions too fast and my mind and hands and feet fumbled to follow, but I was a nit-wit wreck.  Embarrassed beyond belief, I wanted to die right then and there. 
So, without giving much thought to my action, I decided the best thing to do would be to hide.  In a split second, I launched myself over the front seat and into the back seat where I crouched down and hid.  (Yes, the car was still sitting in the middle of the intersection.)

After a slur of swear words, Robyn jumped into the front seat and drove me away from that scarring scene.  (Thanks again for saving my butt Robyn) 

Need I say more when I tell you HOT BOY never asked me out. 

So, now as I lament on turning 31 (ugh, middle age) I also would much rather be 31 and not 16, love struck and stuck in the middle of an intersection.

Shoes, Books, Old People

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and beautiful and filled with moments of joy.  I thought I'd share our Christmas at a Glance. 

1.  This year, the boys woke up at 3:37am filled with the excitement that Santa came.  You ever say things you don't think out too well when your exhausted, like, "He's going come take everything back if you don't get back in bed!"  Well, I did.  From 3:37 am to 6:35 am they flitted in and out of my room asking if it was time yet.  Finally I gave in, got up, whipped out the camera and took this picture on Christmas morning.

2.  Shoes speak to me.  They call me, willing me towards their display to touch them, love them, and slip them on my feet.  So
my jaw dropped to the floor when Mark suprised me with these wonders.  Not only did that man buy me a super cute pair of shoes, but he proved himself to be brilliant by buying them in black and brown.  I can't wait to wear them this year to the writing class.

3.  If I couldn't have shoes in my life, I'd be seriously SAD.  But, the only thing that could pull me from that depression would be BOOKS!  I love a good much so, I'm often late to my aerobics class because I'm chatting with the ladies in the daycare about the hottest book out there.  Sigh.  Mark, the boys, and my Mom went through my 100 books to read list on Good Reads, and picked out these page turners. 

4.  I have two friends who just jumped up the friend ladder to SABFF (super-amazing-best-friends-forever) because DANG, look at what they gave me.  Could you find anything more beautiful, more mouth watering, more seductive, than these beauties?  Since I got them, I haven't taken them off...well today I showered, but that doesn't count. 

5.  And last, Santa brought the 'kids' a Wii.  Can you see who liked it the most? 

What did you get for Christmas?  What did you like the most? 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sad to Admit it.

Last night, as I scrambled to finish gifts and treats for friends and family, I realized that I hadn't yet printed a picture to put in the nice frame I purchased for Mark's dad.  The computer was already on, so it was a snap to pull up bridge and scan the thousands and THOUSANDS of pictures I took over this last year. 

Picture after picture passed before my eyes. 

NO, I realized with horror. 

In the entire year of 2009 my family has only taken one picture of  us all together.  That's right folks.  Just one.  Awesome, I know. 

The ironic thing is, there is an amazing photographer that I did trade work for who is waiting to take our picture. But, sadly I still have not made time.  Gulp.

So, I printed that dang picture, where the boys have their eyes closed, I look like a Plyg wife and Mark a surfer bum and I placed it in the fine Kohl's frame.  After wrapping it up, I delivered it with pride, knowing full well that next year there WILL be more than one picture to choose from.   

Merry Christmas, luv erin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gift

Hey guys, I just thought I'd give a shout out to the photogs in your life.  I have a few gift certificates left for the photography classes my partner and I teach.  If you're interested, send me an email or call me.  My contact info is to the side.  And there is a link to the Photography Classes blog if you want to check that out.  

Merry Christmas, luv Erin

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ask the Audience: Games?

Hey all, so for the last eight or so years, my hubby and I have been lovers of the game:  SETTLERS OF CATAN.  I have recently decided to expand our gaming horizons...and no by gaming I don't mean we dress up in dungeons and dragons costums and...(you get the point).

Anyway, my question is, what games do you love?  And why? 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brag and Blech

Listen to me Brag

1.  Last week Friday I hung out with my total BFFs in the writing world.  These three ladies, Lisa Mangum, Becca Wilhite and Ally Condie were signing their PUBLISHED books at Deseret Book in Orem, UT.  I ran into my friend Jaime at the store who was already talking with my new BFF authors.  Believe me, they were totally not freaked out by my massive camera and super hugginess.  Look how not nervous they look in the picture beside me! 

2.  Mark finished his Hawaii know, the project he played around with while I had to slave away in Hawaii and take care of my four kids.  Here's the final picture.  I must say, I'll have to give him more vacations like that.  Mark you're the man. 

And why I gagged a little today.  BLECH.

3.  Today I caught my sweet, beautiful Ruby eating dog food.  TWICE. 

Have a great Christmas week, luv, erin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Turkey Hat

Ever been to Leavenworth, Washington? 

It's a small tourist trap town, about two hours east of Seattle.  Besides it's charming european architecture and breathtaking scenic views, the town is filled with tourist shops galore!  If there's something you want to find, guaranteed, it's there.  In fact, Mark was overjoyed when he found a tiny Australian Outback shop where he could purchase his beloved Tim Tams...(so yummy, if you ever get a chance to try one....ah, chocolatey goodness.)

DAng, now what was I saying? 

Oh yeah, so there, in the lovely town of Leavenworth is the craziest hat shop I've ever been to.  I don't think I've ever been to a shop that had so many hats.  There were hats for every holiday and occasion.  From food to animals, we found stuffed creations built to fit any size of head.  (And that's a pretty lofty goal considering the head sizes in my family...holy canoli do we got big heads.) 

When I first laid eyes on THE TURKEY HAT, I knew it was a must have.  I promptly purchased it and gave it to my Dad as a birthday gift many years ago.  Since that time, it has made it's yearly debut at the family Thanksgiving party.  And, keeping true to form . . . with out further ado . . . here are the beloved turkey hat pictures. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yet another way in which Walmart controls the world . . .

In the late hours of the evening, Mark drove to Walmart to purchase a Wii.  (Something we have been trying to purchase since Walmart started their weeklong sale--buy a Wii for $200 and recieve a $50 gift certificate). 

With cash in hand, Mark walked to the electronics department and inquired about the Wii consoles.  Of course it was no big surprise that there were none there--as was the same with all the other Walmarts in Utah County. 

Mark then asked if they would check the loading area for any Wii packages that may not have been unloaded. 

Of course it was no big surprise when the Walmart worker 'said' there were none in the back.  After the Walmart worker explained there would be no more to come in before the sale was over, he so politely said,
"I purchased a Wii.  It's new in the box.  I could sell it to you for $175."

Hmmm, I think that means, "Hey sucker, there are Wiis in the back, but I want to make $25 dollars off of you, so you have to buy it from me once I buy it from the store and get my $50 cash card."

And what did we do?

Of course we DID NOT buy it. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yo Check it'

Even as I write this, I know I should be busy doing other things...but alas, I'm drawn to the computer like my dog is to other dogs' rear ends.  I have to keep sniffing around to see what's there.  (OK, fine, that was totally crass, but you get my point.)  Anyway, here are a few of my favorite sites to sniff around at...ha ha snort.

1.  Sophistimom - This site is so witty and fresh about it all.  I love her motto: well read, well fed, well bred.

2.  Jessica Claire - Awhile back I was all giddy-excited over my new shoot sac.  Well, this is the gal who thought it up, designed it and made it.  Besides being a savvy business woman, she's one heck of a photographer.  Sigh.  I love her stuff.

3.  Ally Condie - This little lady (say that like John Wayne) is quite the little lady...for real.  She's like a mini or something.  But whats so cool about her is she writes books.  If you haven't heard of her, go read Freshman for President.  And then when you love it, go to Deseret Book tomorrow night in Orem and have her sign it. 

4.  Just So - Shanna, the author of this thought inspiring blog is one of my favorite people in the neighborhood.  I can't get by her without laughing that I consider purchasing depends for our next meeting. 

Go check them out!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Just One Wish

Here's an awesome video that the super cool author, Janette Rallison, made! Notice the sweet pictures...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm not Crazy...maybe obsessed...

First off, if you think I've fallen off the face of the planet that is not totally incorrect.  (ha ha snort...I'm laughing at my own Fantasy joke)  Besides the blast I've been having taking pictures and hanging out with totally wacky cool families, I've devoted the rest of my time to writing.  I just finished my second novel this year and now I'm in the editing process.  Do I think this will go anywhere?  Well, I'd be dumb to devote a year of my time to working on something that I thought had no future.  But in all honesty, I'll just be happy to have a finished product that I'm pleased with.  If an agent or editor likes it, than that's icing on the cake.  (Alright, that's more than that...that would be AMAZING.)  But on the off chance no one likes it, I won't be too broken hearted. 

I just thought I'd put that out there to the bloggy world.  I'm sorry I've been such a dead beat and I promise to share more poop stories soon...when the editing is complete. 

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shannyn and her Awesome Family : Utah Family Photography

Want to meet the coolest family ever?  I shot Shannyn and Matt last year and fell in love with her family.  They are so funky and cool and laid back and I LOVE THEM.  (Yes, I'm totally aware that was a run on sentence...that should tell you how freaking cool they are.)  Thanks awesome family of Shannyn for letting me shoot you in the butt freezing cold.  I had a blast! 

luv erin

Friday, December 04, 2009

Denver : Utah Family Photography

I love the Robinsons!  Really, what would I do without Wendy.  She is my full time sub at the Rec Center whenever I'm too lazy to get off my butt and go teach.  I was so happy when she asked me to take pictures of her daughter Denver.  Like her mom, she is simply beautiful. 

LUv, erin

Ellington Family : Utah Family Photography

Hi Ellingtons!  Thanks for putting up with me.  You were great and I was a nut.  I think your shots are beautiful and I had such a fun time with your family.  I'm so glad you all were ok with getting close and chummy and trying all my wierd poses. 

LUv, erin

The Sedgwick Family : Utah Family Photography

So, I met the Sedgwicks through Brianna, through Michael...through the awesome Fieldings (I've found that a lot of good things that happen to me are originated from the home away from home).  Anyway, I shot this family a couple weeks ago and the were so great. 

Now it's no exaggeration when I say the shoot was a total crap shoot.  Seriously.  Everywhere you walked there was dog doo.  It was so gross.  So even though they look utterly comfortable, they are probably straddling a pile of yuck.  I have to admit though, it made for a great time.  We had a blast.
Dear Sedgwicks, I hope you that the special thing in your life goes through (that was code in case you didn't want me to blurt it across the internet.) 

Love, erin

RED!!! LOve IT!

HOly Canoli, can you say RED?  I love this little doll.