Friday, January 30, 2009

U G L Y: you aint got no alibi...

Let me preface myself by saying that I in no way consider Jessica Simpson to be Fat, Ugly, or even merely unattractive...quite the contrary; however, could you design an uglier, more unflattering, muffin-top accentuating pair of Jeans. These jeans are an outright disgrace to jeans the world over. Perhaps it is pictures like these that keep Saudi Arabian women clad head to toe in mute covered garb...for the mere idea that if there was a woman's movement it would only lead to the confines of these BUTT UGLY JEANS! Need I say more? Come on, Jessica. What is with the double Peg Bundy Belt, Mile high crotch and rejected barbie shoes? I looked the other way when the skinny leg jean returned, but high waist I will not tolerate. Take it back I demand...take the offensive lady pouch pants back.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Yay or Nay on the High Waisters? If Yay, where in the world would you where them?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


In no means am I an expert quilter, but I do enjoy the look and feel of a freshly sewn spread of fabrics that combine to make a piece of homemade art (and I enjoy winning-shameless plug). For years I dreaded the mention of "learning to quilt". My mom tried to tempt me into the sinful practice by waving free fabric in front of my nose...scandlous, I dare say. In the end, I was a goner. I completed my first quilt in 2005 with the help of my mother and good friend. Since then I have completed a quite a few other quilts for myself and friends, minus a few mishaps. I recently put the big ole KABOSH on fabric shopping...I decided if I don't see it, then I don't need least until I use up the stash (mountian) of fabric I have piling up in my closet.
Well, LO AND BEHOLD...I find this awesome Blog that has a slew of crafting ideas for me to use up my stash of fabric on...and I couldn't help but drool over her's (stash that is). This woman is completely unreal...check out all the quilts she made over the last year and you too will have quilt envy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, Sweet Baby

Renae and Dane, Thanks so much for the fun shooting time. Dane, you were a perfect angel baby and you look darling in all your shots...Luv, erin

You Wanna Put that WHERE?

Disclaimer: If you are of the faint of heart, against controlled family planning, or simply (to the one guy reader) don't want to talk about 'girly' issues...then this post is not for you.

I took a little trip to my Doc (I see one doc. for everything, no matter what...I am not the type of person who likes flaunting my junk all over the county for each and every doc. to, I am a one doc. shop!)
Because I've felt strongly that we've been so graciously blessed to have Ruby, a darling beautiful baby girl, as our hm...(I mean, I hope to be our last) baby, I've decided one of us (me or my hubby) needed to put a stop on the ole' baby making factory. Since Mark is utterly convinced altering anything in his neck of the woods would deplete manhood, the ball was rolled to my court.

Ladies, (and one faithful guy reader) I went for it today and got the IUD! (I know, totally gross right? or are you thinking TOO MUCH INFO?) Either way, I just wanted a little feedback. I've never had one, so I am feeling a little leery about my choice.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: 1. Do you feel secure enough in your 'girly'-ness to share if you have an IUD or not? 2. If you have one, don't have one, heard of them, or haven't heard of them, can you please share what you know?

I would greatly appreciate your info tips. Luv, erin

Monday, January 26, 2009


WEEK 4: If you haven't jumped on board yet, that's ok, whenever you are ready just join in. This party train is for anyone at anytime. Start adding your points up and start finding little successes every day. And when you have an 'off' day (because really, we all do) keep moving on and do better the next day (this applies to when you have an off week too...and I know I have had those too).

PRIZES: If you have found little rewards to help motivate yourself along the way, that is excellent. If you need a little something more in way of an external reward then I met this awesome gal Jenny who teaches a great zumba class at the rec center that I work at (rambling...I know...I'm getting to it), well this awesome lady wrote a cook book. And, she has added it as a prize. So now for your effort, energy, points earned and lifestyle changed you have the chance of winning a family photography package from me (check it out here) or you can win an awesome cook book from Jenny (check it out here).

TIP: (This tip is spurned off of my own horribly disastrous week). A week and 1/2 ago I was so excited that I was already down 5 pounds. So excited that, I BOMBED last week. Really, I am talking all out bombed..probably gained back all that I lost. Have you ever had a freakishly bad, you wanna hide in a hole, type of week like that? UGH...IT SUCKS! So my tip for today is to start fresh. I know that if I berate myself and feel like a giant sludgy poop, that I will never move on and recommit. So drop the guilt, and start fresh. Today can be the first day of your better life, the first day of making healthier will be for me at least.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: How did your week go? Do you have any tips for success or great low cal recipes? Please please share and help me out...I really would like to have a good week.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Style is of the utmost importance...well at least a couple days a month when I actually get dressed, wash my hair, and get out of the house. Ruby, my life-time, who I will live through vicariously, darling baby, will demonstrate the tips for today.

1. THEME IT: Ruby's eye-catching theme of the day is 'VIVID VALENTINE'. (Try really hard not to roll your eyes, I am totally serious) Search your closet for matching items that could coordinate to your theme. Try to steer clear of anything that screams 1990's...for that matter, throw it out. oh, wait, even better: Yard Sale It!2. Start at the Top, and add a Bang at the Bottom: Pick a pair of shoes that knock your outfit out of the blah blah's ball park. Since she is still a pretty small baby, Ruby's most important accessory (shoes) are made of sock like material...however, scoff not because notice the pink heart? Yep, that's right, all in the theme. 3. Look in the Mirror: As experienced in a previous post that was utterly embarrassing to Mark, my sometimes style-challenged hubby, forgoing a look in the mirror can be disastrous. Make sure you check yourself out before you leave the house.4. Let them Love all over your outfit. Once you perfected your theme of the day, let the boys...or girl (for my faithful one guy reader) drool all over your fancy schmacy self.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

"What exactly does 'card declined' mean?"
The bleach blonde, jeans too tight, trendy black gap sweater, girl at the GAP store stared down on me like a tigress ready to pounce on my fresh meat. "Your card has been declined."
"AGGHHHHHHH..." (umm, can someone insert crazy Psycho theme music here as the hidden candid camera snaps a close up of the horror on my face?)

Seriously Ladies...and guy (because maybe, if I'm lucky, I have one guy reader), I was MORTIFIED. In my stupor, I actually asked the register chick to swipe my card again. For pete's sake, it was my debit card, and I knew...I mean, I thought, I had enough money in the account to afford the purchase.

Swiped the second time, BLAM, NO ACCEPTANCE! I was ousted like a mutt in a dog show. The fakey blonde register chick was all over my business asking what I wanted her to do.
"Do you want me to put these items back for you?"
Are you kidding me? 2 problems with your question register chick.
1. Are you suggesting that I run around the store putting things back in their place?
2. Those are my great finds...if you put them back then someone else will snake them!
Well of course I wanted her to not be so snooty rude, and make my debit card work, but since that was a long gone thought, I simply put the error back on her.

"I know it isn't my card, there must be something wrong with your machine." (Word to the wise, replacing the blame makes you look STOOOOOPID! As I just portrayed to the register chick)

So, standing there, in what I thought would be my bargain of the week, shopping glory, I just stood almost speechless...(I say almost because I did leak out those embarrassing comebacks).

After calling around and getting down to the nitty gritty of the problem, it turns out some WHACK-JOB hacked into VISA security systems and made off with thousands credit/debit card numbers and personal information. My wonderfully non-communicating credit union decided to 'help' me out and put a freeze on my debit card. Thank you very much credit union, next time maybe you could send a letter or call me before I head to the mall.

Moral of the Story: Steer clear of the bleach blonde crack pot that wears her jeans too tight at the GAP.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I recently ran into this gal's blog and loved it, laughed so hard I nearly peed myself, and then decided all out there need to read her post on SNUGGIES...haven't heard of it? Well read on, follow the link and immerse yourself into the SNUGGIE world. I first saw the Snuggie on a infomercial, when Mark, my funny and sometimes not so funny, hubby commented on how freakish the item looked. I said, "What is it?" and then he said, "it looks like a freakishly large blanket with arm holes." Well, Mr. High and Mighty, that sounds pretty cool to me (at least that is what I thought) and then I responded, "Yah, (cough) that's pretty weird."

But now that they are out in the open and others out there see the wonderful, snuggly bliss a Snuggie can provide, I am back on the band wagon!

The question is, Are YOU?

Check out this Snuggie Blog post and then tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I say it all the time. I say it and I don't even realize I am saying it. Sometimes I mean it...and then those times I admit I am just rude, but considering the majority of the time, I am not saying it to be rude, I am simply using it to express my joy/surprise/satisfaction/disbelief/trepidation type of emotions. Really, the phrase could be used for any occasion at any given time.
Say, your teacher says, "Erin you have 2000 words of your novel due Monday by midnight." In all fairness, I would definitely say an appropriate response would be, "shut up..." (in a surprised, I'll meet your challenge and show you a thing or two - tone)

Perhaps a friend calls to tell you she has to cancel her planned photo shoot because her scumbag hoe lovin' brother in law is a cheater and his wife simply doesn't want to take family photos with him. Response: "Shut up!" (in a shocked, I totally agree with the woman, and give that guy a kick in the you know what - tone)

Or, your potty training 2 1/2 year old just pooped for the 4th time on your living room floor, just after he pooped on the dining room stool. Perfect opposed to killing him, "Shut UP! You did not just poop it out again." (in a I am on the verge of killing you but will try to control myself - tone)

And lastly, you go to DI and find the dang cutest RED wooden bench that will fit perfectly by the back door under the coat rack for 5$...and your friend just bought the same bench for over $100.00! "SHUT UP!" (in a there is no freakin' way I just got that great of a deal - tone)

You know you say it too, or you have your own substitute! Shout it out here...luv erin

Shot of the Day: Mindy and Ryker

Dear Mindy, Thanks for letting me into your home to shoot such a beautiful boy. He is so sweet and you are a beautiful mommy...luv, erin

Monday, January 19, 2009

THE GREAT SLIM DOWN: house order

It is week 3 of THE GREAT SLIM DOWN, and time to really pack on the points. I am totally pumped up about stay on track, and getting more rewards. I have had a few crazy days, but I am not giving up. If anything, I am starting off stronger today, and you can too!
For this week we are adding another point option.
Clean your Home for 30 minutes - This can include anything from dejunking a room (and placing those articles aside so you can throw a raging yardsale in April), or vacuuming, dishes, and dusting. You decide what needs the most attention in your home and work on it. You will be burning the extra calories and getting your home in order. This week every time you clean, organize, or dejunk for 30 minutes you earn 1 more point. That's 1 more point towards success.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Overall, how was your week last week? What is your goal for this week?

MY GOAL: Be healthy on Friday and Saturday! (I tend to get stir crazy on those days and head straight for the junk food isle)

TIP TO REACH GOALS: Buy the 5 pound bag of baby carrots at Costco, and when you feel a munchy monster coming on, snack on them.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I love a good Friday don't you? Sometimes I am dying for Friday to come when it is still only Tuesday. Luckily for me, this week flew by. I had a rockin' week so I thought I would share.

1. Stepped on the scale, and I have lost 5.5 pounds! woot, woot for YEAR OF THE GREAT SLIM DOWN!

2. Found one of our favorite babysitting girls on Facebook. Another woot for Facebook and reconnecting with fun people from the past.

3. Attended my 318 writing and publishing class...with my 5000 word outline and 1000 words into my first chapter. I think I am on a roll.

4. Refinanced my house, and dropped my interested rate from 6.5 to 4.75. My payment dropped 300.00 a month!

5. Ruby is sleeping 7 hours a night, so I was able to earn 8-9 points a day for THE YEAR OF THE GREAT SLIM DOWN!

Now that the week was so great, I am ready to enjoy the weekend and get back to you on Monday. Have a great one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey pregnant ladies, first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! And, a special shout out to Nikki who is expecting number 5...hooray for you and your belly.

Here are my pregnancy tips:

1. Eat whatever you want. Really, how many times in your life are you going to be pregnant? I say live it up. You are bound to gain weight anyway, so if there is something yummy out there calling your name, go for it.

2. EXERCISE. I honestly believe that my deliveries went so smoothly because I worked out the entire time...I am not saying that you need to be sprinting and squatting 150s, but try to walk around each day. You will feel better, I promise.

3. Take pictures. This is the one thing I regret. I hated being pregnant because I felt like someone hijacked my body and turned it into the good year blimp; thus, no pictures (except Tammy M., a great photog, took an awesome one of me, but really I only have one).

4. DANCE in front of a mirror. One time when I was fully round, I tried dancing like I used to dance when I was all single and lovin' the party scene. It was hysterical, I looked like a giant slug having a seizure...but still very funny. I kind of liked watching it, like when there is a weird smell on your body and you have to keep sniffing it.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Ruby!

This past weekend I spent some time taking studio shots with my friend Kayleen. Here are some that I loved of Ruby. And thanks Kayleen for taking the shot of me and Ruby. I actually have only a handful of pictures of us together. I love it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

WEEK 2: The Great Slim Down

So I am dying to know, HOW DID YOU DO?
Are you avoiding me and this question, or have you been checking my blog every hour waiting patiently for this post so you can share how you rocked it?
Either way, I want to hear how you did.

Monday - good, Tuesday - good, Wednesday - good, Thursday - ok, Friday - VERY VERY BAD, Saturday - bad, Sunday - who cares anymore.

There you have it, I admit it, I totally bit the dust on Friday. If it was there to eat, then I ate it. But I am going to tell you right now, I don't feel bad at all. Why? Well because the whole point of THE GREAT SLIM DOWN is to make a lifestyle change. I am not interested in dropping a few pounds, just to gain them back when I am no longer starving myself. This is not about unhealthy choices. THE GREAT SLIM DOWN is about being a better version of myself. It is about being healthier and happier.

My one goal for this week is to do better than last week. Even if I bomb out 2 days this week, at least it is better than last week. Each week I simply want to make better choices than the week before. That is my quest for this week!

ASK THE AUDIENCE: How did you do last week, and what is your goal for this week?

Friday, January 09, 2009


All in one Day:

1. After working out, I took my bag out to my van and pulled the van up to the front of the rec center. I left it running as I ran back in to grab Teddy and Ruby. Ruby was crying when I picked her up from the daycare, so I sat down to feed her. 25 minutes later I realized my car was in front of the rec, still running, and unlocked with my purse in it!

2. I went to Costco because they have a new set of coupons out. After I spent an hour shopping for everything I needed, I took my items to the register. When it was time to pay and hand over the coupons I couldn't find them anywhere. I pleaded with the cashier, "I just had them. I walked all over the Costco finding the sale items and now I have lost my coupons!" He gave me a sideways glance, gestured towards my hand and said, "You mean the coupons you are holding?"

3. In the frying pan, I grilled up a crunchy bean and cheese burrito. I took it into the office and ate it as I blogged yesterday. 20 minutes later I noticed the house seemed really smoky. I walked back into the kitchen and found that I had left the burner on under the pan!

4. Because I had a class last night, I pulled a lasagna out of the freezer at 2 and popped it in the oven. I needed to take it out of the oven just before 4 because it would be done then and I could run the boys over to their chess class. At 4:35 I realized it was still in the oven.

5. At 7:30 at night as I drove home from my class I also realized that I forgot to take the boys to chess class at 4:00!

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Ever have a day like that? Or have you forgotten about it? hahahaha

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Dinner Discussion...

Mark walks into the kitchen and sees the three bean and pulled pork crockpot stew I made.

Mark: Mmmmm, smells good!

Erin: (calling out from the other room) Mark can you dish the kids up some, I am not quite done editing pictures.

Mark: Sure

Mark opens the lid and takes a bite, then turns towards Henry.

Mark: Mmmmm, for dinner we are having a yummy pork stew.
Check Spelling
Henry: (With as much Sass a 5 year old can muster) EWWW...IT'S MORE LIKE POOP SOUP!

Erin in the other room is bustin' a gut laughing...seriously, where does he get the witty sass?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I love our neighborhood because there are so many BOYS for my boys to play with. It seems like every other family on the street has 2 or more boys right around the age of my boys. Yesterday when Henry came home he asked if he could play at a boy's house that is up the street. I agreed and let him walk up the street. Later when George came home he wanted to play and he asked where Henry was. I said that Henry was at that particular boy's house. George didn't know that boy so he decided he just wanted to play with a boy down the road. I agreed to that with the condition he finish his homework first. He doddled and toyed around with his homework for over an hour. When the realization washed over him that he was wasting his sweet playing time, he wrapped up his work and bolted towards the door.
As always, I checked with him about where he was going. We discussed which friend and he left.
I finished dinner I looked at the clock. Shoot, it took me longer than I had expected. Henry had just returned home so I asked him to run to the friend's house and tell George to come home. Henry left and returned with just a few minutes. He said, "Mom, George is not there."
"What do you mean?" I asked Henry.
"George isn't at (so and so's) house."
How odd, I remember George telling me he was going to so and so's house. Because Ruby was sleeping in her crib and Teddy was sitting on the potty chair, I asked Henry to go next door and see if George was there. He returned a short while later with another 'No.' I picked up the phone and started calling around. I called every friend that lived in walking distance. All answered 'No.' George was no where to be found. I started to panic. I went outside and started calling his name. The neighbor's across the street were out playing in the falling snow.
"Does George happen to be over there?" I called out.
"No, I don't think so." The older son called back, and returned to his snow shoveling.
The snow was coming down in fat heavy flakes and building up all around. I scanned the street and asked a neighbor to help me look. A pitying neighbor drove up and down the neighborhood searching...and while he was searching, asked two snow shovelers to help search too. I called even more friends and grandparents...all said 'no.' Where could he be? It was nearly freezing outside and no one had seen him! Flustered and upset with thoughts of absolute horror running through my mind, I decided I needed to call the police. I held back tears as I turned to go inside.
I walked back toward my house and said a quiet prayer for help. The sudden simple thought came to me. Check the neighbor's house again. I shook it off and continued towards the door. Check the neighbor's house again. So quiet and peaceful the simple thought washed over me again. Feeling silly and embarrassed to bother them I tried to shake the feeling; however, the thought persisted. With a sigh, I walked over to the neighbor's house and knocked on the door. The younger son, George's age, answered the door. As he opened the door, he yelled over his shoulder, "George, your mom is here!"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here's the answer to your deepest questions:
Question: What do you mean by 'no sugar'?
Answer: This one is for you to decide. I personally spent 3 months a couple years ago totally off of sugar. I made all my own bread, and ate oatmeal for breakfast. I only ate fruit with natural sugars in them. Personally, I don't intend on being that extreme for the great slim down; however, if that floats your boat, GO FOR IT. Either way, you can interpret it to mean: NO CANDY, COOKIES, CAKES OR JUNK!
Question: What is the prize? What do I get out of this?
Answer: This is up to you! I want you to choose your first goal mark and then reward yourself when you make it. I am going to be totally candid and honest here. I am 5' 6" and I currently weigh 151. I normally weigh about 135. I feel good anywhere between 135 and 140. I have set my first month goal to drop 7 pounds. By the end of January, my goal is to be 144. When I reach that first goal I am going to buy myself a sweet awesome new pair of SHOES! (I love shoes more than any other thing I could put on my body)
So, not only will you get a rockin' awesome body, you will also get your own reward...
However, for those of you who need more of a substantial reward, I am offering a grand prize reward of FREE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION (a $225 value). The overall winner at the end of 12 weeks gets the prize.
Question: How will you pick the overall winner?
Answer: Easy, you will post comments along the way and track your success! The person with the greatest success in points earned and weight lost will be my winner! If it is a close call, I have a back up team of fitness professionals who will decide.
Question: What do I get if I live out of state?
Answer: If you pay for the travel, you will get the great photography session for you and all your family. Or you can simply use the offer for whenever you have the time to come to Utah.
Question: Do you have an easy Excel Spreadsheet I can use to track my points?
Answer: OF COURSE! A great wonderful reader, Faith, created one and sent it to me. If you would like your own personal copy, please email me and I will send it to you. My email is erinsummerill(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Question: Does shoveling snow count for 30 minutes of cardio?
Answer: If you worked up a sweat, exerted yourself and kept a consistent pace for 30 minutes, SURE!
If you have any questions that I left unanswered, please email me and I will get them answered.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: How did you do yesterday? Was it easier than you thought it would be or harder...or are you just not participating, but want to comment on the blog?

Monday, January 05, 2009


I'm 30, it's a new year, I am no longer pregnant, I have 16 pounds to drop. Do you know what I am getting at? This is it. This is the YEAR OF THE GREAT SLIM DOWN. Are you in or are you out? Here me out first before you make your final decision. If you jump on this band wagon, join my party, ride this train (are you getting my point yet?) IF YOU ARE IN IT TO WIN IT, then not only will you look great for the new year, but you will feel better too. Did you know that just 10 extra pounds on your frame will have you feeling more tired quicker, and less energy all around. That only goes to say that if you have more than 10 extra pounds to dismiss, then think of the benefits you will gain when you have dropped the weight.
Here is the Challenge: Earn as many points a day as you can by following the simple rules to earn points. Total up your points each week and report it to me, a friend, a spouse or just anyone...accountability is a MUST! Then check back here every week for GET FIT TIPS and stories sent in from others on how they were successful...and you can send in your advice and story too!

1. There are a set of 12 given tasks that earn points. If you complete one, then you get a point for that day for that task. You can earn as many points a day as you want, or as little as you want, providing you complete the tasks that earn points.
2. You cannot earn double points for the same item in one day.
3. You cannot make up points for an item if you miss it one day and double it the next, doubling up on one item does not get you double points (*this excludes weight loss points).
4. Go at the challenge with friends or alone, either way, I will be your number one supporter! So feel free to email me questions or your daily epiphanies at erinsummerill{at}hotmail{dot}com.
5. You can wait to calculate your weight loss points till the end of the week, or the end of the month. Weight Loss is the only points that you can earn as many points as possible. If you lose 6 pounds in a month, you earn 12 points for that month for weight loss. I would caution you to NOT weigh yourself everyday as you might have emotional ups and downs that might affect your fitness goals.

Email me for a great EXCEL spread sheet to track your points! I have an awesome friend who created it and it will work perfect for tracking points! erinsummerill(at)hotmail(dot)com

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar
Weight loss (2pt)TOTAL MONDAY POINTS:

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar
Weight loss (2pt)TOTAL TUESDAY POINTS:

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar
Weight loss (2pt)TOTAL FRIDAY POINTS:

30 min cardio
20 min toning
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
Stop eating at 7:00
No sugar


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fugal Kids!

With the holidays, life has been so hectic...I just finally finished some pictures for the cute Fugal family. Here are your adorable kids! Thanks for letting me shoot them.


Two months have gone by Ruby. Can you even believe it? You have grown so fast, I love it, and I am a little sad to see it too...maybe you will understand that too one day.

I love you...mommy.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Hammerstad Family...and Sister Jamie

Thanks Nick, Emily, Isaiah, and Jaime for the great shots. You were so much fun to work with. Luv, erin
The first two shots were of Nick and his wife Emily and the darling son Isaiah! The last few pictures are brother and sister shots. I love them.


Why not start the new year out with a bang. I have been saying I am going to potty train Teddy, so why not start today. And while I am at it, I am going to start the day out right with a kick butt workout.

I really did have good intentions on starting the new year out on track, as in, workout, come home, potty train Teddy, clean up from Christmas, la di da...continue on with a perfect new year. OHHHHHH I was wrong, SO WRONG!
Mark kissed me goodbye and left for work. I snuggled into bed a little deeper, closed my eyes, and was jarred out of my comfort zone by George's wailings from downstairs. "MOMMMMMM!" he moaned in between sounds of erupting VOMIT! I jumped out of bed, pulled my sweats on and rushed downstairs. I ushered him into the bathroom, and directed him to puke in the toilet. His sounds woke Teddy, and Teddy started crying from across the hall. I opened Teddy's door, pull him out of his crib and pulled off his diaper. (Mistake #1) I paused after I took off his diaper as I struggled on whether I should potty train him today or push it off till tomorrow. Teddy took my pause as his free reign and took of butt naked down the hall. I chased after him, pinned him down and tried to plaster a diaper to his this he refused. FINE, I will potty train today.
George moaned from the bathroom and I heard a knock at the door. Dangit! I forgot Tonja was coming over to finish going over the photography school curriculum (details to come). I let Tonja in, took naked butt Teddy to sit on the potty chair, and raced down stairs to clean up the remaining puke. All Clear, I sat down with Tonja and started our meeting (Mistake #2). Teddy seemed fine, so I let him watch a show.
"Mommmmm," Henry called, "Teddy just peed".
I jumped up from my meeting, grabbed naked peed butt Teddy and took him back to the potty chair. (Mistake #3) I had a bright I idea, I would give him something to drink! I ran into the kitchen, made a gallon of orange juice and took a sippy cup back to naked butt Teddy who sat on the potty chair. I ran back into the meeting with Tonja. DRIP, DRIP, DRIP. Awww, could it be potty in the potty chair? NO, Teddy managed to chew off the lid of the sippy cup and spill OJ all over the potty chair and bathroom floor. I pulled Teddy of the chair and cleaned up the bathroom, then (prompted from george's screams) ran downstairs to see what George's deal was, urged him again to puke in the toilet, and then ran upstairs again. I sat down, and jumped up within seconds to hear a gush of water. What in the world?!?! (BIGGEST MISTAKE #4) I had left Teddy alone.
I ran into the kitchen to see where the gushing waterfall was coming from and found the entire gallon of OJ on my kitchen floor, dining room floor, and counter tops. Teddy sat in the middle of it all grinning from ear to ear...oh, and right under him was a puddle of non-OJ colored liquid. I raced to the hall closet pulled out paper towels, and unloaded them on the OJ. I soaked it up, mopped it up, dried it up and cleaned it up, and the put Teddy back on the potty chair. At this point I heard baby Ruby screaming in the next room over. I picked her up to find gooey ooey baby poop all over her and my bed. I peeled off her saturated diaper, changed her and sat down to feed her as Henry calls from the other room,
"MOMMMMMM! Teddy peed again."
In case you were wondering, I didn't make it to the gym today to work out...for that matter, I haven't brushed my teeth, combed my hair, or changed for the day yet.