Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's GROSSER than GROSS?

Do you remember playing "What's Grosser than Gross" when you were in grade school? No? Well, here's your chance today.

ME: What's Grosser Than Gross?

You: um...I don't know, what?

ME: Coming home and finding two giant piles of Dog Diarrhea on your carpet.

You: ewwwww

ME: What's Grosser than That?

You: um...I don't know.

ME: Dry heaving while cleaning up the two giant piles of Dog Diarrhea, only to kneel (and when I say 'kneel' I really mean fall over into because you are dry heaving so much) a huge, gallon size puddle of DOG PEE!


JoMamma said...

Today I was honestly feeling bad that my dog is an outside dog. Now that I read your post I am grateful to have an outside pet. YUCK!

the fowlers said...

hey erin! bradie here.
i saw your blog at the top of shanna's list today and i couldn't help myself.
i know your pain. dog diarrhea on the carpet, three different blankets and a dog bed. my sick doggie spent the rest of that night in the bathtub.
yuck yuck yuck.
it's a good thing dogs are cute.

hope that everything else about your day is much cleaner and nicer. :)

Ipo said...

You win....that IS grosser that GROSS!

Ella said...

nothing is grosser than that erin you WIN!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I literally just sat down to eat my lunch. Thanks for that./

Ella said...

thats funny ipo and i said pretty much the same thing at the same time. lol

Just SO said...

Can I come over and play on your carpet now? Eww. Was this why I saw Bubba out on the street heading down to your moms today? Did he get kicked out of the house?

i'm erin. said...

hahaha...yes shanna!

Maman Pélissié said...

Oh no! Is he sick?

i'm erin. said...

Hey Ang, I am wondering if he ate something bad...I don't know. on one had I totally feel bad for him, but on the other I am pretty sad about my carpet.

Rachel Plunkett said...

Our rotten dog had had runny nasty poop all over our brand new carpet (one week old) the carpet is still stained.

i'm erin. said...

oh no rachel, that is terrible! I would be so mad/sad/grossed out.

Shelby said...

And Sidney wonders why I refuse to get a dog......

big8smiley said...

I would FREAK! I should have Jeremy read that and then see if he asks why I'm not ready to have a dog yet. LOL! You are right, that IS grosser than gross! And yes, we played that game often. I don't think anyone ever described your situation.

Mariko said...

You totally win, Erin. And I wasn't even playing.
WAIT a second. Kristina P reads your blog? DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER?
I'm totally jealous if you do.

missionary mama said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeew! super EEEWWW!!! how long did it take you to clean all that up? I thought potty training two tots at the same time was gross. YOu have it all! you da winnah!

Leslie said...

We are part Filipino. I think dog stew is in order.

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