Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In a 1 hour period, how many HIGH FIVES from another given person is too many? (verification: This is the same person of which you are vaguely familiar)


If you feel you have exceeded the High Five limit, how do you politely withdraw?


Kristina P. said...

Can there be too many high fives?

Just SO said...

heh. I think two is the maximum for a one hour period. And I'd just say...Um I'm done with the high five'n. Or maybe..."You're last high five was so awesome it hurt my hand so I'm refraining from High fives for the rest of the evening." Is that polite enough?

Just SO said...
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A. said...

More than one I'd say qualifies you to be "the high five guy" on Seinfeld.

big8smiley said...

Ha ha! Did you see the high five stint on Howie Do It? It was so funny! The guy interviewing kept offering up high fives and the interviewees just couldn't pass up a high five. He would ask a dismal question, get a negative answer, offer up a high five, and they would reciprocate! One guy finally told him it was weird and refused to give any more.

JoMamma said...

This post has made me want to conduct an experiment. Tonight I will see how many high fives I can give before Toby gets annoyed. This is going to be fun. HIGH FIVE!

Weight Family said...

Totally depends on the type of activity... if you are playing a rockin game and a team member makes a totally tight move or moves, that may result in multiple high fives within a short period of time. Or if you are two-years old, then multiple high fives withing a short period of time can also be acceptable.

Nikki said...

hehe I have to agree with the last comment. "if you are two-years old, then multiple high fives withing a short period of time can also be acceptable."

I think my kids are the only ones I ever high five- but most especially my youngest two. It's an age thing I think.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I'm gonna say...

At an event where there is a lot of physical activity and excitement, ten an hour is just fine. Ideally, though, spread out between MULTIPLE people.

For something like... oh, say during a lecture? The appropriate answer would be ZERO. The polite way to nip it in the bud? You could hold up a finger indicating "one moment, please," finish writing your sentence, then give the high five. Without the immediate payoff, the high-fiver might just loose interest. Here's hoping. ;)

Kahilau said...

Mike wouldn't play the high five game with me to find out. PS. Love those Xango bottles. It looks like a cool building.

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