Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Scrapbooking and the Sickies

Well, I have been bogged down with school lately. Everytime January hits, kids loose their motivation for school, not that many of them even had it, but as a teacher I have to work extra hard to get kids motivated and interested in what I am teaching. So lately I have been grumpy a lot because of some of the stinkers I have to deal with at school and I have been wanting to play a little hookie myself.
Remember the old phrase, be careful what you ask for. On Sunday night I sat in my grumpy, I have to go back to school tomorrow, mood when Henry, who just ate a whole bowl of chili with cheese and tortilla chips, suddenly announced, "momma, I don't feel good." I unwisely told him to just go get changed for bed. Within seconds Henry was in his bedroom puking all over his cream colored carpet. Mark ran in first (hahaha) and sent Henry towards the bathroom. I ushered Henry over to the bathtub and tried to soothe him as he threw up 4 more times! After his episode was over, I cleaned him up and gave him some water (Bad Mistake).
After drinking the water, Henry didn't make it to the bathroom, he lost all the water and the few chunks that were left in his stomach, all over the hallway. Mark and I spent the rest of Sunday evening cleaning puke from the bedroom, bathroom and hallway.

We put the boys to bed and laid down for the evening, when we heard crying again. Henry had thrown up all over his bed! So everyone was up again and we were back to cleaning.
The next day, Henry was in better spirits, but because of the late night, he took a really long nap. So long, that he didn't even notice that he had wet his bed. So for the second time, I removed his sheets and took them down to the laundry. While Henry was peeing the bed, George had suddenly took a turn for the worse and puked all over the hall (in the exact same spot Henry had thrown up). George then went to the tub and finished off there.
Needless to say, I had to take Monday and Tuesday off of work to do endless amounts of puke cleaning, pee cleaning and laundry! (but in the end, I did have time to scrapbook a page of George)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back Home Again!!!

ok...sorry, long time no blog. We got back from vacation in Utah and we have been bogged down with getting back to life. School started again for me (erin) and the semester ended for the students. The students had finals, which means a lot of grading for me. Then a new semester began, which means a lot more lesson planning for me. Other than getting back to teaching I have been scrapping like a mad scrapper because there are a few contests coming up that I would like to enter.

George and Henry have started preschool at Sunshine Preschool. They enjoy their time there. Henry likes the great treats and George loves writing letters...EVERYWHERE!!! We had a talk about writing on the furniture...hopefully his writing love will be expressed on paper only.

You are probably wondering why the boys are attending Preschool now. Well, Mark accepted a job a few days after Christmas at T.M. Hogan (a benefits firm in Honolulu). In order to get to work on time (Honolulu is 33 miles from where we live) Mark leaves at 6:15. Work starts at 8:00 am. Eventhough the drive is long and bogged down with traffic, Mark enjoys the beautiful view of the mountians and the ocean. Mark also started his MBA program. He attends school from 6-9 Monday through Thursday. Needless to say, we only see Mark on the weekends (between his studying for school).

The rainy season has started and between the sudden downpours and sheets of rain, we enjoy the sticky sunshine. Life is good!

Thank You!!!

Our family really enjoyed our time in Utah. We were able to see a lot of friends and family. We stayed with my parents and we visited with Mark's family. The holidays were filled with great food and lots of visiting with others. I was able to hangout with, scrap with and have fun with the Pleasant Grove Wives Club (a crazy group of ladies that love to eat junk and scrapbook).

I also spent my birthday in Utah and I was so excited to get The Chronicles of Narnia from some really CRAZY friends. I recieved such thoughtful gifts like, wonderful scrapbooking items (Pughla), a microwave, a Michael Jackson CD and a beautiful memory quilt; and as tradition held, I went to breakfast with aubrie dawn ivie at good old Jim's restaurant. I cant believe I have finally turned 25 (hahaha) I am getting so old.

I really enjoyed the holidays and my birthday. Thank You to all of you who made it such a wonderful time!