Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pregnancy Changes

Yes, I am Fat and Pregnant...I can't believe my body has changed this much. hahahahah

I thought you would enjoy this picture of this crazy cat (I actually think it is one of my sister Leslie's cats) hahaha

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hunt Pictures

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Hunt

Today Rachel, my sister, and I took our kids to Gunstock Ranch, a large ranch 2-3 miles from where I live. Every year Gunstock ranch holds an Easter Egg hunt that all the surrounding communities are invited to. George and Henry were excited with the prospects of finding eggs loaded with candy, but when we arrived to gunstock ranch our eyes were opened to a whole new style of egg hunting.

THOUSANDS of children were lined up in 1/2 acre sections according to age. Because of the age difference, George and Henry had to be split up. Rachel took the younger kids and I took George. We gathered with hundreds of other 4-6 year olds and their eager parents and waited for the hunt to begin. I couldn't understand why fathers and sons, mothers and daughters kept inching their way closer towards the eggs in the field. After questioning what looked like Egg hunting experts (they had really large garbage bags instead of baskets), I was informed that all the hard boiled eggs were worth money! Each hardboiled egg, depending on it's color was worth anywhere from 25 cents to 5 Dollars!!! Well My Word, after hearing this news I drilled George again and again, "No Fake Candy Eggs, you only want hardboiled eggs!" "Do you Understand"...confused and wide-eyed George quietly shook his head yes.

I could see that he didn't understand, but he would once we got all that money, lots and lots of MONEY!!!
The countdown began, and We took off. Sure there were times that I had to leap over small children in the way and drag George with me, but it was all in the name of fun.

In the end, George didn't heed my warning too well. He decided he liked the plastic eggs better; although, George did manage to pick up a few hardboiled eggs and one SILVER hard boiled eggs. George ended up making about 5 dollars and 6 candy eggs! What a Hunt.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just to Let you Know...

(Please read the following in a cheap Scottish/Irish, American trying to be funny, accent)

There be a baby in my belly
and I don't like eatin' jelly
I am startin to feel niele (Knee-ell-e) (old)
There be a baby in my belly

Like a dog I be sick tonight
I'm feelin' weathered with all me might
So I sit and this poem I write
Like a dog I be sick tonight

The baby best be comin' out a girl (girrrrlllll)
And I won't be namin her pearl
Right now to the toilet I will hurl
The baby best be comin' out a girl (girrllll)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I just finished a great book!

I just finished Eragon and Eldest. If any of you have not read these two books, I suggest that you run as quick as you can to your car, get in your car, start it, drive to the nearest book store, purchase the books, drive home quickly, get snuggled in bed and begin reading. I had my students complete book report projects last term and one of my students completed a project on these two books. They are two books in a trilogy...the third book has not yet come out, but is expected to come out this fall.

The student in my class let me borrow the books and I read both over the weekend. These are the type of books that you just cant put down. REALLY!!! After reading Harry Potter I thought my world was caving in because there were no other books out there that intrigued and delighted me so...but I was wrong. Don't worry, I have not renounced my leadership in the Harry Potter Religion (Just Kidding) but I was enthralled with these books. You must read them and then reply to my blog! READ READ READ READ ERAGON READ READ READ READ!