Saturday, October 28, 2006

Small, Dark and Handsome

Hello ladies, I am a small, dark and handsome young man, that is always looking for a comfortable place to relax. I enjoy long walks with my family and drinking. In fact, I drink a lot, but I am not the partying type, no, I enjoy a quiet night at home. My favorite hobbies include, sleeping, letting loose (bowel movements) and of course, drinking. My favorite places to relax and recline are on the couch, on the floor and on my bed. I am active and take time to stretch and enjoy my day. Some like to say that I have a "big head" but that is just relative baby body size and my relaxed confidence! If you are interested in hanging out with me, give me a call...or my mom, she would love to find me a good babysitter!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

Tonight was our ward party. I was lucky to find a bunch of costumes at a yard sale this past weekend...I was on the hunt for baby items, but I found a lot of great other things. I picked up George and Henry's superhero costumes for 2 dollars each. If you haven't guessed it, I am dressed as "Super" mom, and Theodore is my homemade pumpkin pie. Mark wasn't at the party because he has school in the evening.

Here is Henry showing his super power.

George loves his batman is a picture of him in mid air as he "flies" from the top step to the bottom.

Here are my two superheros standing on the small wall protecting our home.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Just My Luck!!!

On Sunday morning I was laying in my hospital bed when I heard a rumbling noise and the room around me started shaking. I sat straight up and yelled to Mark, "wake up, wake up!!" Mark jumped out of his pull out chair bed and grabbed the baby, we took cover near the hospital bed while items around us shook, moved across the room and fell off the walls. After the quake was over we were suprised by two more! At that time I lost it and started crying. My first thought was of George and Henry. Our home is on the north shore and we happen to live right on the beach. We tried to get a hold of Terra, my friend who stayed the night with George and Henry, but all the circuts were busy. We were worried about the Tsunami effect! For the first hour all the circuts were jammed and the power was out. A generator came on at the hopital but it couldn't sustain the AC so nurses were rushing around bringing fans to patients. We wanted to check out as soon as possible, but telephone lines were down and we couldn't even get out to the north shore (our hospital was an hour away). After waiting for hours, we were about to leave when the nurse said we had to stay in our rooms, A FIRE had broken out on the first floor of the hospital, they had put it out, but they had to do assessments and no one could leave! ugh...finally at noon we were able to leave and come home to a power outage water, no food!!! It was a crazy day, but we are doing ok now!


Here are the shots of our newest bambino! I am sorry that it took so long to get up on our blog, but if you have watched the news lately you might have noticed there was a crazy Earthquake in Hawaii....that is another story.
Any way, Theodore Summerill was born at 2:23 am on Friday the 13th 2006!!! He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. Although he has the dark hair that George has, most of his facial features look like Henry. We are excited to welcome our little baby boy into our family.