Friday, February 26, 2010

Props. And Credit Cards. Oh, and Angels singing!

I've been jumping at the gun.  (Is that even a common phrase?  Suddenly as I write it feels awkward and weird.)  Anyway, I've been dying to use my three favorite new toys.  Camera gear, you ask? 
No way baby, not this time.
It's all about the PROPS! 
For quite some time I've been on the lookout for the perfect red couch.  Why?  Um, really I just like red, so I figured so should all my photog clients.  And then when I found this couch I swear I could hear the angels singing in the background...even as I rang up the hefty price on my credit card...sigh.  But look at it.  It's freaking amazing. 
Then, the same day that I saw the couch, I saw a three piece antique luggage set.  I was like, Hold the Phone, I'm buying that too.
So after some serious negotiation, I got the sales lady to reduce the price of the items by 30%.  Not my best deal, but heck, I would have paid full price. 
Then on top of all that buying beauty, I had an epiphany to scan the internet for a brocade chair, and voila, I found what I wanted. 

And there you have it folks, get a good credit card, spend hours searching stores and surfing the internet, and for a hefty price you too can have cool props. 

ha ha . . . but seriously. 

Do you think they were worth buying?

Oh and if you want to see more of the shots from these shoots, I just posted them on my photo blog:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghetto. Candy.

So originally I was just going to disband this little ghetto blog of mine, and focus on the new shiny improved blog.  But then I realized, why give up my ghetto-soul?  I can have both.  So now I'll post all the weird randomness that comes to mind here, and the cool photos and class info on the blog!

OTHER NEWS:  Today I went to the Walmart.  Yes, I got out of the sweats, and actually left my home.  The thing of it is (thank the Good Lord that I live in PG and picked up that sentence starter.  What would my life be like with out that.  Seriously.) . . . Yeah, so the thing of it is, is I found Peanut Butter and Strawberry M&M's. 
For. Real. 

And, the weird thing is, I LIKE THEM A LOT! 

ASK THE AUDIENCE:  Do You Like Candy?  And if so, please indulge me and tell me what it is?  I'm always looking to expand my Candy tasting portfolio...ha ha...but really.  I LOVE CANDY.   

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PHOTOGRAPY AND PHOTOSHOP CLASSES : Utah County photography class

If you've been wanting to learn to master your new camera, or simply launch your photography career, I've updated the new photo blog with the SPRING CLASS SCHEDULE for photography and photoshop classes.  Remember, class spaces are limited and fill fast, so please email if you're interested. 

Follow this link:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Post?

I know what you're thinking.  She doesn't post for like a month and then puts up two in one day...WTfreak?
Well, it's because I just finished editing Karly and Rob's bridal images and I am in love.
They are my favorite, and I want you to check them out.
I mean,

only if you want to.
Uh, this feels all wierd like we're dating . . .
anyway, if you want to check it out, I've posted them on my photography blog:

Does this make me like a total blog addict? 

Cookie, cookie, cookie C-o-o-k-i-e!

I love candy!  But, now and then, I love to sink my teeth into a great cookie too.  These most scrumptious and beautiful cookies were created by a friend of mine, Tammy the awesome, for another friend of mine, Peggy the radical (not meaning super crazy politic talking person, but super cool).  Anyway, I just so happened to be the middle man that got to shoot them in all their frosted glory! 

So, not that there's much to talk about today, but I thought I'd share these beauties with you!

Oh, and on a side note:  I updated my PHOTOBLOG with new pictures of Peggy's beautiful little girl!  Go check it out:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Want to know where I am?

Hey, so I totally fell of the radar!  Yeah I know. 

Besides being sick, I've been busy pimping out my new Photography blog.  I'm so excited about it. 

1.  It's a place where you can ask any photo question and I'll answer it.
2.  Ask any Photoshop question.
3.  Find out about booking a photo session.
4.  TAKE A PHOTO CLASS . . . and get the down low on upcoming classes.
5.  Enter your own photos to be displayed.

AWESOME, right?  Ok, well I'm sure excited about it. 

The new address is:

And if you're feeling like surfing, check out my updated photography site too.  Right now I'm in the mood to shoot some Seniors, so if you know any, send them on over. 

luv, erin

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seriously So Sick.

First off, let me just say that DANG, I'm sicker than I've been in a long time.  To make a long story short, I was really busy at a photography workshop in LA, that I failed to go to the doctor.  So my sinus infection turned into bronchitus, which then left me sick and immune to pick up Strep.  No joke.  I have all three! 
Anyway, it's nothing a good dose of antibiotics won't kick in the butt. 
while I'm parking it at home, I've been working on some
'seriously SICK' (that's a phrase the kids use...I believe it means cool, which means awesome) photos. 

Here are some of my 'Senior' shots:

Here is one of my favorites from the studio lighting workshop!  Such a gorgeous girl. 

As always, to book a photography session check out the booking detials on my site:

Monday, February 08, 2010

I've been in Cali, shooting . . .

Two words:  Brianna Graham
I spent the weekend with this awesome-amazing-crazy-photog, Brianna Graham.  It rocked my world, and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what I was up to!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Random thoughts before I go.

1.  Tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane . . . (I know you have the tune in your head now.)  I'm off to California with Sanae, Mrs. Uber-cooler-than-I-could-ever-hope-to-be friend and photog, and together we are going to the greatest photography workshop ever.  ever.  ever.  Did I say how cool it's going to be yet? 
ok, you get my point.  I'll be back next week, so if you're in the neighborhood, say hi to Mark and my crazy kiddos.

2.  Some freak-a-zoid totally hit our van tonight.  Seriously.  Mark took the boys down to the Smiths and while inside shopping for ice cream and goldfish, some whack-O hit our van.  URG.  So, hey, if you're the wierdo that hit my van, you owe me big time.  And when I find out who you are, I'm going to (the following comment has been removed from this blog post because of it's inappropriate material)

3. Henry, my cutie patootie boy, entered a conceptual math competition. Three lower-grade finalists were chosen out of the entire state. My Henry was one of them! Gosh darn smarty-pants kids . . . gotta love 'em.

4. LTUE is next weekend. Say what? (I know that's what you're thinking). Well, if you live in the Utah County area and your a closet writer or out in the open about your dream of one day becoming an author, or if you just want to find out how to get started, the LTUE conference is for you. First off, its FREE! Secondly, there will be quite a few NY Times best-selling authors there to ask questions to. Third, it's a freaking blast!!! If you want more info go to:

5. If you're still reading, and believe me, I totally think you're the greatest thing ever now, could you please tell me your most embarrassing moment from high school? I need some material for the book I'm writing right now, and I would love to extort your teenage nightmares that you probably never wanted to relive.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Books, I have something to say about.

I've used this post title before.  It just popped up when I typed in the word books so I figured, what the hey, might as well re-use.  It's like Recycling, right? 

Here's the thing.  I like to read. 

Yes, yes, I know.  Surprising, right? 

Well, I read quite a bit, and I love it, and I'll keep doing it.  So when my friend who writes MY PILE OF BOOKS asked me to review books for her, I thought HECK YES!  Since I'm already reading a book a day, I might as well espouse my thoughts and likes and frustrations and dislikes on someone other than my poor husband and super nice, book loving friend. 

So, please go over to MY PILE OF BOOKS and check out all the book reviews. 

And on a side note, of those books pictured above, they all are worth the reading time!  I loved them!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ally Condie is Giving it Away.

Now, one might think the title of this post may or may not draw the attention of unwanted, older, possibly hairy, but pretty much grody guys, I, however, think it imperative to be up front.  So grody-guy attention or not, I want everyone out there to head over to ALLY CONDIE'S site, because the girl is giving away a book.  Her newest book, Being Sixteen, just came out in stores and is A-MAY-ZING. 
Ok, to be honest, I have not yet read it . . . but only because I haven't picked it up from the library, or won my own copy (hint, hint, Ally.) 

So head on over, post a comment, follow her blog, and WIN!

(This here, is a picture of Ally)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday's Fit Tip Mania: Sporadic Much?

Yeah, I know this Monday fit tip comes and goes, but such is life, eh?  (That's the deep thought for the day, don't expect much more or you may be disappointed).

Fit Tip:  "Is it better than . . .?"

Explanation:  Today I'm going to ask myself this question over and over again.  When I look at the dang jar of M&Ms that have somehow made their way into my office, I'm going to ask myself, "Is an M&M better than fitting in my super svelte and sexy Seven jeans?"  Sigh.  No, of course not.  And then I'm going to put that M&M down and walk away from it.

Reasoning:  If you keep your health and body image as your prime motivator, then everything else will fall into place behind it.  Sometimes in mid fitness quest we forget why we started down the road we're on.  We feel deprived and even angry that we can't have whatever it is we want.  But really, do we really want it?  Today, ask yourself that question.  "Is (insert the demonic thing that's talking to you from your cupboards) better than (insert your goal)?" 

Good luck on that!