Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Have Moved!!!

This is a picture of the extra bedroom...or the baby's bedroom. (My Mom made the quilt and gave it to me for my birthday).

This is a picture of the beach access from our dining room.
Here is a picture of the master bedroom. Around the corner to the right is the bathroom.
Here is a picture of the boy's room. My mom also made the quilt that you see hanging on the wall.

We finally found an place to rent that isn't tooooo (relatively speaking) outrageous for rent or too ghetto! I will be sending out our new address through e-mail. If you don't get it, I might not have your e-mail address correct, so just e-mail me to let me know if you got it or not.

The following are pictures of our new apartment. Our apartment is actually a duplex down on Kam. Hwy. We are right on the ocean and we have a great view of Temple beach from our dining room. Our new place has 3 1/2 bedrooms (the 1/2 is a loft space that is the size of a bedroom, but has no door) and 2 bathrooms. Although this townhouse is quite a bit bigger than our last apartment, it lacks storage space, so we are creatively trying to figure that one out. I have been recently informed that some of the airlines are having great deals on tickets to Hawaii, so if you want to come and stay the invitation is open, just let us know you are coming...and pack your bug spray (there seems to be a slight cockaroach and ant problem in this place. Last night Mark and I killed 5 2 1/2 inch to 3 inch cockaroaches and a million ants. Part of the home isn't sealed very well, so the bugs and other "friends" are finding their way in...but we are working on it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Curious George Goes to School!!!

The night before George's first day at kindergarten, he could hardly sleep! He had talked about what kindergarten would be like, a day full of games, playing and making new friends. I was pretty confident that George would walk into his kindergarten classroom and find immediate friends without even saying goodbye to me. Unfortunately things didnt happen that way.
George walked right up to Mrs. Siazon's kindergarten classroom and then stopped dead in his tracks. He froze like a little otter pop. The fear of a new situation gripped him and Mark and I had to coax him into the room. (Henry had no problem walking right in and looking around at all the colorful toys and pictures) George's shy side emerged as the teacher talked to him and tried to introduce him to other kids.
Mark decided to leave to make the transition go smoother, but that only caused a waterfall of tears...first from George then from me. (I couldn't believe that I started to cry, I was so embarassed that I had to hide it...its all those pregnancy hormones). It took about 30 minutes until George felt comfortable enough that I could leave. He was partnered up with another little 5 year old that wasn't having quite as hard of a time.
AT the end of the day, George decided that he did like Kindergarten. He got to eat in the lunch room and he made some new friends.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am just getting Bigger and Biggger and Bigger! Well I only have 8 weeks left! Here are a few pictures I finally downloaded from this summers trip to Washington state. Since coming back to Hawaii, we have been so busy looking for another apartment that we haven't taken many pictures. Here are my two Pregnancy pictures, these will have to do. By the way, wouldn't it be great if every store had an Expectant Mother's Parking and not just the walmart in Ephrata Washington...because really, how often do you think that Ephrata spot is used?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

While I was in Utah, I did have a chance to go to my 10 year high school reunion. While I was there I ran into some good friends from high school. Tiffany (Tessem) Benedict and her husband Jason, Alecia (fielding) Bales, Rebecca Miller, Jana BulkleyWent, Aubrie Gerun Ivie, and Nichole Herndon Teemant. It was really fun to catch up with everyone and see what they are doing now. I also saw Kami Chesnut and Nikky Christofferson, but they snuck away before I could get a picture with them. And I was really sad that Carolyn Walker Kunic decided not to come to the renion. At the reunion we watched a silly picture slide show, listened to music from our era and ate a great dinner. I was suprised to recieve the expecting mother award...I guessed they were suprised that a pregnant person would come. What a blast to the is a good thing I am nothing like I was in high school...wink wink. hahahaha

Monday, August 07, 2006

Long time no Write!!!

Mark's photo talented brother, took this picture of me and the boys just before we returned from Utah.

Ok, I know that I haven't written for a long time, and really I don't have a good excuse. But since my last blog our little family has done quite a bit.

1. Mark continued taking classes through spring and summer term for his MBA.
2. Erin found out she was having her third boy. OH WHAT JOY!!!
3. Erin, George and Henry nearly died at the Pheonix Airport when Henry and Erin tumbled down a two flight escalator. George stayed at the top and cried from fright.
4. Erin, George and Henry traveled to Utah and spent 5 weeks with Grandma and Grandpa Calabio.
5. Erin walked two miles every day in the Utah Heat Wave to take the boys to swimming lessons.
6. Mark took up knocking on doors to find another place for our family to live in Hawaii...our contract ended in July and our landlord did not renew because his sister is going to be moving in.
7. Erin, George and Henry traveled with Grandma and Pokey Joe (Grandpa Calabio) to Washington to see the Pughs...Leslie and family.
8. Erin, George and Henry returned to Hawaii...with 2 weeks left to find a new place to live.
9. George started up at Laie Elementary as a kindergarten student.
10. Erin has spent the last couple weeks occupying space in the Tueller's Home (a family that used to live in Utah by the Calabios, but now lives in Laie) because they have air conditioning.

That is my top ten list of the exciting things that have happened since I have last blogged. If you have noticed that sometimes I don't answer my phone, or I dont call back, please dont feel bad, remember..."It's not you, its me." I will try to post pictures of our trip to Utah and my expanding body. I will keep you updated on our quest to not be homeless, George and Henry's discoveries, and Mark's rollercoaster ride through graduate school, the changing work field and on to PHD school.
Sorry for the long hiatus....luv Erin