Wednesday, May 31, 2006

George Goes Gymnastics

Ok, sorry I haven't blogged in quite some time, but here are some recent pictures. After an incident when George was almost 3, he has had a fear of heights, and he has become very timid when trying new things. A friend of mine recently told me that she was enrolling her daughter in a local gymnastics program. I thought that gymnastics would be the perfect opportunity for George to build his confidence.

In late April, I enrolled George and his interest was sparked right away. He doesn't like the high bar too much, but he has no fear of the balance beam and the floor routines. He has learned a hand stand, a cartwheel and a back bend. IN May, George's gymnastics had a mini-olympics. I thought that George might have stage fright because it was in the CAC (BYU-Hawaii's version of the Marriot Center) and the CAC is large and intimidating to a 5 year old, but he amazed me. George ran right out when it was his turn and he remembered his entire floor routine! We are so proud of George and his new talent!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Kung Fu Fighter

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...da de da de da de dum...
Here is Henry, wearing his favorite 25 cent yard sale find. Since the day we bought that Japanese head piece, Henry is convinced that he is a skilled Kung Fu fighter. I must admit he does have quick, cat like reflexes, but they seem to be sporadic and in no assuming pattern or nature. Either way, Henry is on the war path and all should be ware!

And on a side note, there just happened to be a family in our ward with the last name of "Suhawka". (I dont really think that is how you spell it, but that is how it sounds when said correctly) Either way, Henry attended nursery with the youngest Suhawka boy and Henry became quite fond of his name. The poor Suhawaka last name is now Henry's war cry. When he is in full Kung Fu swing, he will flail his arms and legs about and yell "Eh SUHAKA!!!"