Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here is a little something...

I shot these with my new camera the D700 and I love them! I only edited these from the wedding, and when I finish I will upload more! Isn't she a beautiful bride?


By now you know that I have a hate hate relationship with any computer that I have had to work with. Having said that, my latest beef is with NIKON. Yes, I shoot Nikon and I love it. I think that the camera was made specifically for ease of shooting...I love not having to move the camera away from my eye to adjust pretty much anything. In fact I love NIKON so much I recently upgraded to a NIKON 700!!! This was a surprise to me too when I happened to notice a few major issues with my 80 in the last 2 weeks. Namely the sensor in my camera is not reading correctly and the electronics are bugging out. These major issues don't worry me too much because I was wise to purchase full comprehensive warranty and I am simply able to have the camera fixed or exchanged for a new pristine camera. However, one problem that did worry me was the actual fix/exchange time presented to me by the warranty people...they said it would last 6 weeks! Ugh how can I go without a camera for 6 weeks when in less than a week I have 2 weddings and a family shoot? Needless to say, I opted for the easy out and purchased a newer BETTER...OH SO MUCH BETTER camera!!! Although I am very excited about the new camera, No of course I don't have $3,000 dollars lying around; thus, I had to be very tricky about the financing. But all is said and done now and I have a great camera.
This is where my beef with NIKON comes in. I shot the wedding. I viewed my pictures on the camera. I tried to upload them to my computer. STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I was unsuccessful...so I tried again, and again and again! What the crap load is going on here? I shot them in nearly the same format as I had with my D80, I went over the instruction manual 10 times and then called my dad crying. (I am being quite literal here) Finally, after paying my computer fixing neighbor to tinker with my PC, he figured out that when you upgrade to the 700, you have to change quite a few menial items on your computer. After much Internet surfing and finding all the other PO'd D700 users, it was actually a simple fix. But DUH, NIKON, you could have mentioned this before I hefted out $100 dollars to my neighbor and dropped Niagara falls on my dad.
Moral of the Story: NIKON is a great camera, but HORRIBLE software fixing communicator!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fit Tip Monday

Did you think I forgot about my old dedication to once a week fitness renewal goals?!? Of course not! The following fit tips were inspired by life's ups and downs from the last week.
1. Drink Plenty of Water: When your body is functioning on a lower level of Hydration, your mind and muscles become sluggish. Water is the necessity of life, so drink to a happier, healthier life! This weekend, as I sat at my Mother's yard sale as the ultimate yard sale helper (yes, this was probably my 99th yard sale of the summer...we will discuss this later), I forgot to drink water...all day long! By 4 in the afternoon I felt sluggish, nauseated and tired, not to mention I had an overwhelming case of dry cotton mouth. It has taken me the last 2 days to recoup the amount of water I need and to actually feel better. Take my advice and Drink UP!
2. When your lazy and you know it (don't clap your hands) just get up! Have you had days where you don't care about even getting up, let alone working out? I have...especially lately. I am tired, bloated, and I feel like a beached whale; but, I have found that when I convince myself to get up and get going, by the time I finish that 30 minute or 60 minute workout, I FEEL GREAT! I feel so much better after I do something that I try to hold on to that memory for the next time I feel like a giant pile of crap!
Take those two tips of the week and renew your dedication to fitness!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Computer TRUTH hurts...

I guess by now it is time to admit that I am truly computer illiterate. Although I can preform a few menial functions on my less than a year old laptop; it seems I spend most of my time cursing at the devil invention for messing with my files, moving my pictures and destroying my life! Well, not that I want to admit this or not, I have recently caused utter chaos in my computer again. While trying to open a file in Photoshop, I accidentally clicked and dragged my entire picture file into another obscure file named "Saved Games". Then seeing what I had done, I promptly tried to rectify the problem by highlighting all the pictures in my enormous picture file and copying and pasting them back into the original Picture file. This action caused my computer to create a second picture file within the original picture file. This wasn't what I wanted, so I opted to delete the additional picture file. WARNING! IF YOU TOO ARE COMPUTER ILLITERATE, TAKE MY ADVICE AND NEVER, NEVER, NEVER DELETE ANYTHING...unless your helpful computer wise husband is sitting nearby helping you.
In the end of moving files, deleting files, and copying and pasting files, I managed to lose almost all of my Picture files somewhere into the deep space 9 of my computer's black hole. I have found that the files are somewhere still there by searching the computer, but they are almost impossible to access...and I have been just informed by my patient computer fixing husband that the files have been changed to view only files! Ugh. So as I wait patiently for my dear helpful and never impatient husband to adjust the injustice of the situation, I apologize to any sweet friends who are also patiently waiting for pictures.

Thus, the moral of the story is: If your computer is awry, don't try to rectify!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Erynn's Bridals

I love this girl! She is so beautiful and don't you love her sassy cowgirl boots? Here are a few of my favorite pics from a recent shoot.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I recently went on a shopping spree at Albertsons and picked up:

12 bags of Malt-o-Meal Cereal (frosted shredded wheat, fruit loops, and honey puffs)

15 Cans of Muir Fire Roasted Tomatoes Diced
5 Cans of Muir Organic Tomato Sauce
10 Cans of Garlic and Herb Organic Tomatoes
10 Cans of Muir Organic Italian Herb Tomatoes

10 Cans of low sodium fat free Swanson's Chicken Broth
10 Cans of reduced Fat Swanson's Chicken Broth

20 Cans of Campbells Cream of Mushroom
8 Cans of Campbells Select Chunky Soups
4 Cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup

1 Bottle of Tree Top Apple Juice

6 packages of Oreos

3 Pounds of Fresh Grapes

....And do you want to know how much I spent???

Just over $35.00!

I know, it is a modern day Grocery miracle! I couldn't even believe it myself, but I have to say I am not the genius behind the fabulous savings. No, I cannot take the glorious credit; the credit goes solely to Jen Fugal (who has proven to be very FRUGAL...hehehehehe). She told me about a website that lists all the local grocery stores in your state, and the adds they post for each week, and coordinating coupons that can be printed off the Internet. By following this site, many of the items I purchased were absolutely FREE! And most were seriously discounted. If you are in the mood for feeling like a freakin' rockstar, taking center stage at the local ALBERTSONS, then check out:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spicing it Up

Last night as I sat pricing yard sale items for the 4th yard sale this summer (not mine, but a friend's...because obviously I am the Yardsale GURU and other lesser, non Yardsalers do not have the expertise I do), I found myself occupied with a large black Sharpie Marker. As I leaned over to make large eye-catching yard sale signs, it became uncomfortably apparent that my tummy is far too large to be bending over. I leaned back, releasing the crunch on my belly protrusion and rested against the chair behind me. The marker was still in my hand and I couldn't help pondering what I could do with a massive Sharpie marker.
For the fiftieth time I noticed my shirt riding up above my belly. Ugh! I feel as if I am constantly at war, tugging my shirt down. And then as I sat there struggling with my too tight shirt, I had one of those AHA moments. I was knocked over with the greatest Sharpie epiphany ever!!!

I took the sharpie and decorated my bulging baby bump. Two eyes and a giant smile later, my belly looked like the back of Winnie the Pooh's Rump.

Then to my greatest satisfaction, I hid my joy and large smiley face until I could pounce my surprise on Mark. When he least expected it, I told him I wanted to show him something in private. Then I slowly lifted my shirt and exposed my BELLY FACE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA......lets just say that I thought it was funny.

This is just another 'hey I am bored being pregnant' story.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Original I cant believe what a terrible mother I am, and CRAP I just got caught by Jack Johnson STORY

Mother of the Year Award Goes To...

I recently enrolled George and Henry into swimming lessons on the north shore because their swimming skills were seriously lacking considering we live on the beach and the vast ocean is 25 feet from my back door. Consequently, Henry is enrolled into the same swim class as a somewhat famous local singer's son (Jack Johnson) so I often have the chance to talk with him or his wife while our sons learn to swim. Since we are at the pool for about an hour each time, it is nice to sit and small talk with the other parents. And since Mark has been working from home in the afternoons, I have been relieved to leave Theodore at home to take a nap while I whisk the boys off to swimming lessons.
Unfortunately on Thursday, Theodore was a bear (hahaha...Teddy bear) and he wouldn't take his afternoon nap. At the last minute, Mark put him out in the van for me while I loaded up the boys for swim lessons. We were running a few minutes late so when we got to swim lessons I told the boys to hurry in. Henry jumped out of the van and tried to slam the van door closed. His attempt was unsuccessful and the door bounded back. He tried three more times, each attempt being as unsuccessful as the first. Frustrated, I snapped at him to just run into swim lessons and I would shut the van door.
I walked over and slammed it closed, mumbling about the piece of c#%* van that I drove, and I quickly followed the boys into swim lessons. I walked into the pool area and checked to see if Henry and George were settled in. I picked up their scattered slippers and towels and scanned for a seat. Frustrated and overwhelmed with the list of things I had to do that night I huffed as I plopped down next to my friend Donnette. Donnette gazed up and smiled warmly. Feeling a little release of tense stress, I half-smiled back and asked as cheerfully as I could, "Hey Donnete. How are you today?" She mentioned that she was busy as normal and then asked, "Where is your baby today?"
A fog muddled my brain as I stumbled on saying that he was at home with Mark again...and then the fog cleared and my worst mommy reality shot straight to the forefront of my mind. "AAAAGGGhhhhhh!!!" I screamed, "I left Theodore in the van!!!" As bewildered thoughts of how I could leave my baby coursed their way through my mind, I raced out of swim lessons and to my car. On my frantic dash to reach Theodore, I noticed that another van was parked unreasonably close to mine and that parent was on the side by my van unloading his kids. His all too familiar face glanced up at me as I came bounding wildly towards the vans. "Hey how's it going?" Jack asked. In a high pitch, almost hysterical voice I replied, "Not so good, Can you please mooooove cause I left my BABY in the van and I have to get him NOW." He laughed as I felt utterly mortified at the embarrassment of having left my baby in the van and then it being made known to another parent, namely Jack Johnson. He leaned over and squished himself into his van as I plucked my sweaty Theodore out of his car seat. At least to make me feel a little bit better Jack mentioned that it happens to everyone and he had done the same thing just a few days before.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Remember that horribly embarrassing story I told you about accidentally leaving my 6 month old baby in a hot van...and being caught in the act by a friendly pool lesson goer (namely Jack Johnson)? Well, not that leaving your kid in the car ever pays off, but I did finally get to check out one of his concerts. Since I had met him at our local swimming lessons, he seemed so laid back and normal, often seen with dirty feet in old slippers. It seemed surreal to see him in concert with 30,000 fans screaming like crazed, and yes, perhaps high, lunatics; but, thanks to one of my dearest friends, Auntie Carol, Mark and I were able to check out his concert earlier this month. The concert Rocked...and if you are wondering how I got that great shot of him playing guitar, YES, I was standing on stage behind him! And then when he remembered me as he walked off stage and said "hi", I thought, that's neat he remembered who I am, and then I re-thought my thought and thought to myself...crap, I wonder if he is always going to remember me as that crazy lady at swim lessons who left her 6 month old baby in the stifling hot van...

Picture Update!!! The Upstill Family

I love this little baby, not only is she named Stella (such a darling name) she was great for the camera! Awesome shoot! P.S. check out her eyes in the 3rd picture, aren't they awesome?!?

Picture Updates!!! Leah and Justin

This is the second couple that I shot this year named Leah and Justin. I love weddings because people are generally happy and pictures just turn out with the greatest of ease. But this wedding in particular was one of my favorites because I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink! I just died when I saw the cake, and I think this bride ended up with almost a dozen cake pictures. Here are a few random favorites of mine from the wedding.