Friday, March 28, 2008

favorite 5 for FRIDAY

I spend a large unnecessary portion of my day surfing the web, blogging, and checking my email. Sometimes I cant even explain how It is already lunchtime, I am still sitting in my sweats, surfing away on the web. To try and combat my web wanderings, I have limited myself to only checking out MY FAVORITES (a list of websites I check at least once a week, if not daily). Here they are:

1. -- Many of you have wondered how I find out about such amazing deals around town. Well this website is the place. It delivers a daily update on great deals across the web and at local well known stores.

2. Boucher Photography -- I enjoy most styles of contemporary photography. I especially like to see fresh takes on classic celebrations. I love the way they shoot weddings...spectacular!!!

3. Good Reads -- Do you like to read, but hate to start a book to find out that it is less than good? I hate that too, but this website gives you updates on practically any book you can think of. You can also find out what are the most popular reads right now and why. It is very informative for the literary world.

4. Craigs List -- Are you a Craigs Lister? If not, you should be. This is an online market place that doesn't cost a thing to list. And better than that, it is local so you don't have to pay shipping. I have sold and purchased many items off of craigslist. I have a beautiful couch from Crate and Barrel that I purchased off of craigslist for 25% of the C and B price. I love a good deal!

5. PGWC -- This stands for Pleasant Grove Wives Club. This is a local forum a friend of mine started and it is fabulous! It provides an online place to ask questions about raising kids, recipes, the latest shows, and what is going on in the world. Women post daily updates about the community we live in. So if you live in Utah and you want to be part of a great forum, sign up!

Hope you like my Five! High Five to you for having a great Friday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paige -- on becoming 8

I shot this girl yesterday for her 8th birthday. She is about to be baptized (into the LDS church) so she was very excited and happy to be taking pictures in her beautiful white dress. Isn't she so cute?

Nikki = Older, Wiser Sister

I hate to admit it, but while I have always been the flakier spontaneous sister, Nikki has been the older, wiser and more grounded sister. Ugh, when we were growing up, we either got along great, staying up till the wee hours talking and laughing, or we were fighting like cats (seriously that includes scratching).
Today is Nikki's 31st birthday! If you do the math right, that means she is only about 18 months older than me. What was my mom thinking? Either way, we grew up, 1 year apart in school, 1 year apart in church classes, but totally different in everything else. I am glad that she is my sister and because we are so different, I have learned so much from her. So if you have a chance today, go and check out her blog: Nikki's Blog.

5 Things about Nikki:

5. She is UBER MOM -- Have a parenting question? She is the one with the answer, from learning about cloth diapers to 30 meals in a day to feed your family for 30 days, she has it under control.
4. She should be a pediatrician -- with her lot of 4, she has had her share of ER visits and child illnesses. Being uber Mom, she has found out everything under the sun for any child illness you could imagine.
3. If there is a natural disaster, she will be the one neighbor that is prepared -- she recently purchased 64 5 pound bags of flour because the price of gas is going up, thus the price of cooking essentials is going up.
2. She can Towel OFF -- she makes the cutest animal towels for kids and babies...check out her blog.
1. She is a FIGHTER! --No really, when we were growing up, she would always kick my butt and she even pulled out my hair (which is the reason I have thinner hair now).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

animal appetite

Once again, the mysterious treat bandit has dropped something delightful and edible off at my doorstep! These chocolaty creatures appeared the day before Easter! From who? That I do not know, although I have my suspicions. I do love getting treats at my door! So another treat means more spilling of the personal beans:

Truth: I feel so grateful to have a friend that drops off sweet treats at my doorstep when I am struggling just to be positive everyday! I do feel that our little roller coaster situation is soon to be remedied. Mark had 3 promising interviews last week in the county that we live in, so I am hopeful that we wont have to move. I love our home and I love our neighborhood. I love hearing the old man, who lives next door, yell at the teenagers who ride dirt bikes up and down the road. I love my kitchen, and I love most of our almost completed remodeled home. I love having friends and family close by and I love that my boys can ride their scooters to Grandpa's house every Saturday. Having said that, I am very hopeful that Mark will find a job close to our home and we will be able to stay here!

Monday, March 24, 2008

GET FIT CHALLENGE: The Final Countdown

(4th quarter pep talk) Are you still in the game? This is the final quarter. Can you go the distance? We have had some ups and downs, but this game is still within reach. We can take and we must! So get out there, play hard, and don't let them (the bad temptation team) score all those points against you. Remember Zac Effron's coined phrase, "Keep your head in the game!" (coach slaps you on the but) Now get out there and play it like you mean it. BRING IT HOME!

FACTS: This is the last week of Month 1's challenge. One week from today, there will be a call for points post on this blog. Within 1 week, you will need to submit your points for each week of the challenge, your total points for the month, and one success story of how you beat the odds or played the best GET FIT CHALLENGE you could.

FEELINGS: You might be feeling discouraged or down because you 'downed' handfuls of Easter candy in one sitting, or you might be feeling overwhelmed with the options of points everyday. Remember, the intention of this Get Fit Challenge, is it make 'goal achieving' bite size and manageable. Each day you have the chance to take control of your actions and be rewarded! Remember, "We are all in this Together" (another High School Musical moment).
Even if you have felt defeat for the last 3 weeks, Take charge this week and find your success!

FUN: Have fun and set your sights high this week. This is the final week of month 1's challenge. See how high you can score and make a game out of it! Then, in the thoughts below, share your success and the way you achieved it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

what did the bunny bring you?

At our home the bunny dropped off Easter necessities:

plastic eggs filled with:

-- starbust jelly beans

-- robin eggs

-- smarties

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Caramel Eggs

Snicker Eggs

Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Eggs

Grow-a-Pets (plastic capsules stuffed with spongy animal shapes that expand in water)

Rabbit Poppers (Plastic rabbits that jump across the floor when you push their rear down)

I awoke to the sounds of scampering feet across the kitchen making a beeline to the living room. (Insert Evil Laugh) Unfortunately for my candy crazed kids, I hid, I mean, the bunny hid the baskets so well, there would be no hopes of finding them with out the help of a parent. I called out to them, "Go back to bed boys, and stay down there until the sun comes up." The boys obeyed and came back up around 7:30. Mark rolled out of bed, helped the boys find their baskets. I am pretty sure the boys inhaled as much candy as humanly possible before I could get to them and talk sense!

my latest project

another secret indulgence of mine...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

My boys celebrated their 5th and 7th birthdays yesterday. The party turned out to be a great success...thanks to the help of many parents. Almost every kid that was invited showed up, plus more! My friend Emily helped me plan out four stations and then I had great parents volunteer to help man each station. In the back yard we set up an obstacle course and a ZIP LINE!!! In the front yard we set up a walking with water while dodging large balls challenge and a water balloon catch. By the end of the party the kids were muddy, wet and exhausted! If you are in town, give me a call because I will have the zip line set up for the next few days.

Here are a few picture highlights from the party...(thanks to my dad, can you believe that I didn't even pull out my camera once the party started?)

I love this last picture...even Teddy enjoyed the zip line!

Highlights of the Party:

6. 26 kids running wild, covered in mud, and not one destroyed the inside of my home!

5. Only 2 kids were reduced to tears during the party...and they weren't mine!

4. After the kids rode the zip line, I heard phrases like, "awesomest and sweetest party ever"

3. Toby (the helping parent who set up the zip line) stood 10 heads above the kids...seriously he is tall.

2. I yelled at all 26 kids, "move it, move it!" and not one parent objected.

1. At one point I heard a boy say to another boy, "If you have to go pee, there are lots of trees."

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tip of the day:
Be 'PICKY' (do you get my photo pun?!?)
This Challenge is designed to help you feel successful and to encourage you to choose the most points daily. So, be very picky when it comes to what you do with your day. Don't squander your points on a meaningless piece of candy or one can of soda. BE PICKY, and pick the best possible choice.
My 6 year old son learned this statement last year from his kindergarten teacher. He likes it so much, he says it right before he walks out the door to school everyday:
To be the best that I can be the Choice will always be up to me! (say it, and then BE PICKY about the choices you choose everyday!)
Have a FIT TIP that has worked for you? Share it in the comments
Have a trial that has gotten you down? Share it in the comments
Anything random to share? Share it in the comments

top 5: bubba

top 5 statements heard in the Summerill house about Bubba, or said to Bubba...

5. Didn't I just pet you?

4. Bubba, COME HOME...Is he at Grampa's house again?

3. Bubba, Get OFF the couch!

2. Bubba, STOP wacking me with your tail!

1. Mom! Bubba is licking his privates again!

Teddy played with a balloon and sat quitely while I got ready for my photo class! BLESSING!!!

emily: petite and pregnant

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I opened my door today to find a simple brown box dropped off by the mailman. The box, was addressed to me, sent by a close friend from my town. I love getting surprises, but I love getting surprises by mail even more. Don't you feel all special and cuddly warm when someone thoughtful sends a card or a package?

Truth: I haven't been feeling very warm and cuddly at all lately. In fact I have been feeling very much the opposite. Mark (my hubby) had a huge, major, life-altering set-back at work. (This is the 'crap-hitting-the-fan' I spoke about towards the end of the week) Because of this, he is looking for a new job. I feel confident that he will find one, but we have been discussing the possibility of relocation and selling our newly remodeled home. Sometimes I feel like I am at the amusement park on an old white rickety roller coaster, and every time it is my turn to get off, the darn attendant passes me by and starts the ride again.

Warm and Fuzzy: So when I opened my door today, my heart lifted and I felt (sorry for the cliche') warm and fuzzy. I hope you feel warm and fuzzy too today or this week. Life seems in control when you are feeling up and not so down.
Tip of the Day: Ignore the GET FIT CHALLENGE for one day while you make yourself feel warm and fuzzy and prepared to take on Life's Challenges. Then, GET BACK ON IT tomorrow!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

a great dad story...

Today Mark and I woke up late, very late. Like a perfect domino effect, waking up late led to George being rushed out the door by Mark who then had to drive George to school in a race against the tardy bell. When Mark returned, he came right up to me and said, "Do you want to know how much I love our boys?"
Intrigued, I said, "Yes, tell me."
He shook his head as if not to say anything and slowly unzipped his coat (brrr it was cold today). My facial expression must have turned to utter confusion, because I was utterly confused. Mark had NO SHIRT ON! I clearly remember him leaving the home with his shirt on, but oddly, there he stood with no shirt on underneath his unzipped coat.
"Where is your shirt?" I demanded. Matter-O-Factly he responded, "Today is St. Patrick's day and George was not wearing GREEN!"
"What?!? So you gave him your grown man's size shirt to wear on his 6 year old little body."
"Yes I did." He said resolutely, "I couldn't let him get pinched!"

Mark, now that I have gotten over the official shock and weirdness, I commend you and award you the Father of St. Patrick's Day Award. You love your kids so much, you would give them the shirt off your back.

Sunday, March 16, 2008



My theme for this week is TWO TO TRIUMPH. This week is a pivotal week. Now that we are into the third week of the GET FIT CHALLENGE, it is common to see set backs and even get off track. Well Slammin' Sista's and Blastin' It Bro's we are not going to take a risk falling into the crap shoot. No! We are going to face this challenge head on. I have read through your comments and have been utterly inspired by your dedication despite adversity. After reading each comment I thought, what would I do in that situation? Ideally, I would do the following.

If I were having a tough time with a certain task, I would try to face it head on. I would focus my daily goals around that one particular daily task. Honestly, of the two weeks that have passed, I have only earned a 'No Sugar' point ONCE! (oh, please don't turn away disgusted...I really did try hard, but sugar is my nemesis) So I decided that I just need more incentive, I need something that will really tip my scales towards earning that point. Get ready, here it is:

THIS WEEK ONLY, choose the task that is the biggest challenge for you. (obviously mine is 'No Sugar') For everyday you complete that task you earn 2 POINTS instead of 1! You may only do this for one task, and it must be the same task everyday. You may not choose a different task to earn double on each day. You must choose at the beginning of each week which task you want to earn double for each day, and then each day keep track of your progress like normal. Give yourself 1 point for each of the tasks you have completed, but for the chosen task of the week, give yourself 2 POINTS for each day you SUCCEED!!!

EXAMPLE: This week I choose to earn 2 POINTS everyday that I choose 'No Sugar'.

Today's a new day! CHOOSE 2 TO TRIUMPH!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Anyone else out there have issues with the lack of sun during the winter? OHHHH I need some scorching amounts of sun right now.


They are getting older! Today we sat and planned an AMERICAN GLADIATOR party. (which means: my personal budget is really tight right now, so I am going to let the kids run around chasing each other while I through big balls at them) Last year I had a separate party for each of them, but that was so much work, so this year I decided to do a joint party since their birthdays are 3 days apart. Will sharing a birthday party emotionally scar them? I hope not. Either way, do you have any suggestions on making their own day special?

Friday, March 14, 2008


I know, I shouldn't be saying WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I should be saying, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? To make a long story short, I had one of those crap hitting the fans type of weeks and on top of that, my computer has not been connecting to the Internet! Blast my devil computer in my time of need. It is only this week that I realize that I use the blogging cycle (i.e. you read my blog, I stalk yours 3-4 times a day...everyday) as free daily therapy. Needless to say, without my trusting blogging community a fingertips length away, this week was a crap shoot. Which made me realize today, how FREAKING AWESOME you guys are. I read my last post about "Teddy the Destroyer" and loved, laughed and cried about your posts. What great advice you have to share. Thanks so much. I truly feel at my wits end with my little BEAR! So thanks to your advice, I am trying to laugh more, take destruction in stride and see it as him expressing his creativity. Teddy the Destroyer is now Teddy the Tenacious!

I cannot lie, my own challenge quest was about as successful as my crap shoot week. But, that is the glory of the contest. You can have a bomb of a day and just start over the next day. Everyday you are free to earn as many points as you can. So, shrug off the feelings of defeat or guilt and realize today is a new day! Everyday is a new day. You are today who you want to be and not the defeat you felt yesterday. I believe in you, so share your stories with me. How did you do this week? Success or Trial? Post a comment and share your story with all the other contestants. Remember: Instead of Crap Shoots, Shoot for the Stars!

project finished...

Pretty in PINK

Start your Gardening Starts

I recently attended a gardening class on 'starts.' That is, starting plants from seed in your own home. If this is a hobby that interests you, the costs are minimal but the rewards are great. For under $20 you can start enough plants to fill a 10 X 20 foot garden plot. Thus, for under $20 you will have more than enough vegetables to feast on all summer long.

Not all seeds need to be started in planters, some seeds like carrots, squash, pumpkin and corn can be started in the ground. Depending on where you live, the best time to plant starts or seeds is after the last frost. If you leave in Utah, that is around May 15th. Since some seeds can be started in the ground, you will want to wait to plant those till the last frost. If you want fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and herbs, to delight your summer recipes, you can start those seeds now in your home.

You will Need:

--Seeds (Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs, Annual Flowers, Perennial Flowers, or what ever else strikes your fancy.)

--Pony Pack Draining Planter (small planters that have 4 to a group)

--Holder for your pony packs to catch run off water

--Good Potting Soil (Miracle Grow is always a good pick)


--Warm place in your home

--Good light source

Getting started is simple, you just need to pack your dirt firmly into your pony pack and give it a good watering. After the excess water drains off, read the back of each of your seed packs. The seed packs will tell you how far to plant your seeds and how long each seed takes to germinate (this is the time from when you plant it till it pops through the dirt and needs direct light). If you are planting Big Boy Tomatoes, you will most likely have to plant each seed 1/4 inch deep and the seeds will germinate from 10 to 14 days. Be sure to write down what you planted, the day you planted it and how long it takes to germinate. This will help you keep track of when you should expect to see plants popping through the soil. After you see the starts pop through the soil, you want to place the planters under a direct light source for 13-18 hours a day. You can use a window, but it is best to put the plants 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches under a florescent light. As the plants grow taller, keep your light always that distance from the plant. You will be adjusting the lamp or light height regularly. Keep the dirt moist and your plants will be perfectly happy. Come May, you will have a variety of perfect plants to transplant in your outdoor garden for a fraction of the price of buying plants.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

advice please?

I have a 2 foot high, home destroying problem. Now that we have remolded the guts out of our home, it pains me greatly to see scratches in the newly refinished wood floor, and broken pieces of furniture. Recently my baby (1 1/2 years old) actually broke the wood door off my solid wood t.v. hutch, gouged the finish on my wood floors, broke the swing on the screen door, pooped out of his diaper and all over my newly laid carpet, and re-arranged all the dishes in my kitchen cupboard.

In addition to all this, while I was at my mother's house making a family dinner, he carefully watched me as I threw garbage in their swing lid trash can. I noticed he was following me with his eyes, and felt grateful that he wasn't climbing in their dishwasher (another of his favorite past times). After watching me, he opened the cupboard, grabbed a dish, walked to the trash can, pushed the lid open, and dropped the dish in. "What are you doing? No! We don't throw away grandma's dishes," I scolded him and put him in the other room so I could finish dinner.

The next day, my dad informed me that when he was taking out the very gooey yucky garbage, he found TUPPERWARE LIDS in the garbage! Ugh...Teddy the destroyer is out to destroy my life! (Yes that is melodramatic, but sometimes I do feel like my son is an absolutely DESTROYER). What should I do?

Monday, March 10, 2008


So, If I haven't lured you in to my GET FIT CHALLENGE with my nearly daily posts and oh, so, tempting prizes, than it is possible, you may just not want to join. I am fine with that, but you will still have to endure my endless 'fit' tips and ideas to enhance or just amuse yourself.

TIP OF THE DAY: Get a Good Laugh

They always say laughter is the best medicine (When I say, 'they' I am alluding to an omnipresent thought that has circulated through media or just my brain recently). I have to agree, LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. I was thinking today about all the bizarre things that have happened to me in my life, and by far, THIS INCIDENT is one of the most bizarre...and funny. So, relax today, enjoy being you, and get a good laugh. Life is always a little more enjoyable when you can laugh!

Click Here

Need a Reason to GET FIT?

In addition to the already fabulous prizes, I am adding a few more prizes, thanks to a wonderful reader of this blog!

3 day hotel package: you choose from a variety of destinations

5 day hotel package: choose from even more destinations

When you are taking a vacation, finding somewhere to stay is half the trouble. Now, with these great incentives, you won't have to search for somewhere to stay. These hotel packages are 4-5 star ideal locations throughout the United States (ex. Honolulu and Anaheim).

These free prizes are another reason to GET FIT! So if you haven't joined yet, now is the time. Click here to join the GET FIT CHALLENGE. And remember to check back regularly for updates and inspiration....or just for a good laugh.


Are you a part of the GET FIT CHALLENGE? If not, click HERE.

If you are, check back this evening. Later this afternoon, sometime before 5pm MST, there will be a great announcement on this blog concerning prizes and giveaways! Check back for exciting details.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


It has been less than a week into the challenge and I am already amazed with the results. Here are a two comments and one great RECIPE you need to check out today!

Okay, so I just weighed myself for the first time since starting the challenge, and I am THRILLED to report that for the first time since 2006, I have officially hit my pre-pregnancy weight!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks, Erin, for getting me back on track. I was beginning to think those last 2.5 lbs. would never come off!! What a surprise!!! This is so exciting!!! -Blasting it Bobbi

Way to go Bobbi! It is such a feeling of accomplishment when little changes lead to great rewards.

I'm going to be a hard case, Erin, but I'm motivated and ready! I'm 50 (not ready to say 51 later this month), and way, way, way overweight. Embarrassingly so. My husband & I joined the gym (again) last Friday, and started Monday.I started your challenge on, I'm feeling stronger -- emotionally AND physically! How about that! I'm really, really trying to earn all the points possible. I'm having lots of trouble, though, with eating after 7:30 -- also, not quite drinking ALL 64 oz. I've had a sugar (or lack of) headache for a couple of days. Still craving massively! BUT, I've been succeeding on the fruits & veggies, breakfast, etc. Yay! And, my husband is being "good" with me, so that helps like nothing else. So, THANK YOU, Erin, for motivating me to get up, start moving, and eating healthy to make a better and happier me! -- Shaking it up Shelly

Just joining the challenge is the first step. You have done so much already by sharing your drive and enthusiasm with other women in the contest. You will see your efforts paying off as it gets easier each day to earn points. You are on your way!

Ahhh.. Chocolate.... It is my downfall as well, but thanks to this yummy recipe I can have it in a little healthier way. "Mock Frosty"
1c skim milk
2Tbsp Sugar Free, Fat Free Chocolate pudding mix (the powder)
2 heaping Tbsp sugar free, fat free cool whip
8 ice cubes (or so)Blend in your blender
... Thanks to the pudding it gets thick, just like those at Wendy's.

--a recipe from Breaking the mold Brenda!

Wow what a great tip! If any contestants are looking for a sugar free sweet fix, try the Mock Frosty recipe. You Rock Breaking the mold Brenda!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


Do you love giveaways as much as I do? Design Mom is having a random kitchen giveaway. All you have to do is go to her blog and enter a comment, any comment will do. You could liven up your kitchen with some bright cheery spring Freebies! Click here to check it out.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


1. I was coerced into going on a date with you by your pestering brother and my "oh just be nice and go out with him" Mom. I went, felt shocked that I had so much fun, and felt bad for not wanting to go in the first place.

2. You walked me to the door and said something funny as you walked away. I burst out a giggle, and at the same time (blushing) actually PASSED GAS! I was convinced you heard because you turned back and said, "What did you say?" Then you didn't call the next day. I felt mortified. (By the way, this memory still makes me giggle)

3. On our third "hanging out" I took you to my secret special places, all the places that I think are pretty cool that most people don't even notice. I was surprised when you told me that you had some too, and even more surprised when you took me to all of them that night.

4. Your face turned bright red, as we sat on the side of a mountain having escaped the ward summer party, when you leaned in and I asked, "Are you trying to kiss me?" Shocked that I would ask that, you were indignant and then refused to carry through with the deed.

5. I was so sad, annoyed, confused, bewildered and in a huff that you would get cold feet so many many that we would break up 5 times! But so in love, that I would jump back on board as soon as you came to your senses.

6. When we walked in the park and found a lost and very wet golden Labrador, I knew you loved me when you let me put the dog in the cab of your pristine Red Chevy Truck.

7. You took me to the singles dance even though we had broken up. I staked my claim by hugging and kissing all over you ALL night long. You pretend to be put off, but I know you loved how much I loved you!

8. You said goodnight on the doorstep, and then as I would turn to leave, you would ask if I wanted to take a walk. We walked and talked and you would take me home again, just to ask if I would not go in yet and walk some more.

9. I once drew a dreamy sketch of what I would want my wedding ring to look like, I thought it had been thrown away, but months later you surprised me when you knelt down on one knee and presented me with a small white box. I opened the box to find, not a ring, but the drawing I had crumpled up, and tossed out. In a quiet, trembling voice, you asked me to marry you as you pulled the ring, replicated from the picture, out of your pocket. It was everything that I wanted...just as you still are today. HAPPY 9TH ANNIVERSARY!

sweet baby shots

I found these cute kids at the Recreation Center and I couldn't resist, I am sure their mommies thought I was some kind of wierdo following their kids around snapping shots, but come on, if you have cute kids....ok, that sounds wierd...not that you should expect wierdos to follow your kids taking pictures, but...oh nevermind! I am just a photography wierdo.

Love the Drool!


If you are just starting today, or you are going to start soon, I congratulate you! I look forward to your posts and your daily inspirations.

TRUTH: I love sugar. I was surprised that the first day we started the challenge, Monday, was actually the hardest for me. It was 7pm and I realized that I had only earned 5 points for the day. How could I wimp out on my own challenge. After an inner struggle for 20 minutes, I kicked my butt away from the computer and I popped in my insane DVD copy of P90x (the craziest home workout video you can find). After an hour of cardio and toning, I felt relieved that I could mark off two points! Yeah Victory. I felt so good about those two points. I jumped my first obstacle.

On the other hand, in the same day, I ate an orange with breakfast, a banana for a snack, and salad with lunch and dinner, knocking off my veggie/fruit point. Alas, as I closed the fridge the little brown mouthed daemon in my cupboard called to me, eat me erin, eat me! And I did. No, I am not sad about it because I earned other points that make me happy, but I will have to try to not let Mr. Chocolate get the best of me next time.


How have you done so far? Share your story in the 'thoughts' link below.

Shanelle and Asher

My sweet friend just had her fourth boy! I took her pictures in my dining room and threw up some material to add some flair to the background. I love how these shots turned out.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Here They Are: Robert and Amanda!

Who doesn't love making out on a harley?

This shot is my favorite! I love the lens flare, isn't it romantic?

These last two are my just for laughs shots. I love the country farmer couple look of the next two!