Monday, January 17, 2011

keep your head.

Last time I took a family photo of my kids, I had to swap out three of the four heads to get an image that I could blow up. It was murder getting the kids to look at me, and by the end of the session I wanted to retreat to my room and hide from those kids. 
So today when the kids stayed home from school, I thought it would be an awesome fun time to try to take another picture. Thanks to Intern for assisting, and a lot of gumballs, I finally snapped a picture of all my kids looking in my direction and looking happy. Phew! It only took 123 images to get this one. 
But hey, I got it, right?

I hope you enjoy it because it's worth gold to me. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

how much would you pay.

These shoes retail for $1500.00. Seriously.
And, yes, I have a picture of them because I know someone (who's totally awesomesauce) that bought them.

Recently I purchased a pair of sweater Uggs--something I said I'd never ever buy.
More than $100 on a pair of shoes is ridiculous. Right?
Well, after trying them on (a weakness in my part for stopping at the Nordstroms for too long) I resisted...for all of one week before I found them at another store and plunked down $150 for the Aussie boots.

Why, you ask, would I ever spend so much on shoes? Because they're worth it. They form to your feet in a cozy warmth that can't be matched. Believe me, I know. I'm a connoisseur of shoes, having purchased and tried hundreds of different brands and types. Now that I own the Uggs, I wear them almost daily. They're replaced 90% of what I used to wear. And to be honest, if my sweet hubby wouldn't give me the crazy eye for trying to wear them to church, I'd be wearing them %100 of the time.

So before my Uggs, my limit for shoes stopped somewhere around $80. But now that I've joined the dark side, I can't say I know what my limit is.

How much would you pay for an awesome pair of shoes? 

What is too expensive? 

Monday, January 10, 2011

one week down.

Anyone who has ever worked at changing a habit, knows it's an uphill battle. And I'll tell you this, last week has been like climbing a mountain as we worked on becoming (drum roll please) HEALTHIER (Can you hear the angels rejoicing with our choice for good?). We (as in, my lil' Summerill clan) cut almost all sugar and processed foods out of our diet, we've exercised six out of the last seven days, and we went to bed before my 2010 nighty-night time of 1:30am.

So with one week down in our quest, I wanted to give a little update:

7 days without sugar
3 1/2 weeks without caffeine
4 pounds lost
4 days exhausted this week
3 days feeling good! I think things are turning around and we might actually be able to stick this out.

How are your new year's resolutions going?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

farewell my two friends...

Due to boring and somewhat unpleasant details concerning my bizarre and often perplexing health issues, that aren't quite issues, but simply unpleasantries, I HAVE to make a few changes in my lifestyle.
See, over the last few months and after a handful doctorola visits, I've come to the conclusion (well inspired by a few friends, a doctor, and quite a hairy man and his lovely wife on a wild trip to NYC) that I HAVE to STOP eating sugar.

(GASP) I know, right?

But I figure why not go gangbusters, so I'm pulling out the IV of Diet Coke.

(OUCH) So sad, right? (bye, bye Harts, my long-time friend)

For the good of erinkind, I'm taking this small step for others but a giant leap for me. And I'm making encouraging my resistant understanding hubby to make the same lifestyle. Wish us luck.

So in the next few months if you happen to eat a brownie in front of me, and then I just happen to knock it out of your hand, stomp it into an undistinguishable stain of brown on the ground, and then smack my palm to your forehead...well, here's hoping you'll realize the grave mistake you made in my presence. And then you'll kindly apologize for your ridiculousness. And there will be no hard feelings.
Because I'm cool like that.

I wish you all an awesome 2011!

luv, erin