Sunday, March 16, 2008



My theme for this week is TWO TO TRIUMPH. This week is a pivotal week. Now that we are into the third week of the GET FIT CHALLENGE, it is common to see set backs and even get off track. Well Slammin' Sista's and Blastin' It Bro's we are not going to take a risk falling into the crap shoot. No! We are going to face this challenge head on. I have read through your comments and have been utterly inspired by your dedication despite adversity. After reading each comment I thought, what would I do in that situation? Ideally, I would do the following.

If I were having a tough time with a certain task, I would try to face it head on. I would focus my daily goals around that one particular daily task. Honestly, of the two weeks that have passed, I have only earned a 'No Sugar' point ONCE! (oh, please don't turn away disgusted...I really did try hard, but sugar is my nemesis) So I decided that I just need more incentive, I need something that will really tip my scales towards earning that point. Get ready, here it is:

THIS WEEK ONLY, choose the task that is the biggest challenge for you. (obviously mine is 'No Sugar') For everyday you complete that task you earn 2 POINTS instead of 1! You may only do this for one task, and it must be the same task everyday. You may not choose a different task to earn double on each day. You must choose at the beginning of each week which task you want to earn double for each day, and then each day keep track of your progress like normal. Give yourself 1 point for each of the tasks you have completed, but for the chosen task of the week, give yourself 2 POINTS for each day you SUCCEED!!!

EXAMPLE: This week I choose to earn 2 POINTS everyday that I choose 'No Sugar'.

Today's a new day! CHOOSE 2 TO TRIUMPH!!!


Kristen said...

Erin, that's genius! I think mine will probably be the exercize... or maybe the sugar... hmmm......If I can eat fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding, then maybe I can focus on the exercize! :)

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

ohh, I like the sound of that! now comes the hard part, picking which one is the hardest for me right now.

Ticklemedana said...

all I know is...sugar is DEFINITELY the hard one for me, too! I work at a frozen custard place with the BEST ice cream in the state; I have will power, but not THAT much...mine will be sugar, too!!!

Heather Brown said...

K well I know I said I was gonna start last week, but it was too hard! My husband just left yesterday for a 15 month deployment so of course he wanted to hit all his favorite restaraunts before he left. So I figured I would enjoy it with him... But this week my thing is CHOCOLATE... Man o Man.. Specially with all this Easter Candy out!!! But everyday I don't have chocolate I am addin on 2 points.. Today is my first day and so far so good.. haha. Its only noon!! BUt hey I am halfway through the day!!!

Unknown said...

Banned complain !! Complaining only causes life and mind become more severe. Enjoy the rhythm of the problems faced. No matter ga life, not a problem not learn, so enjoy it :)

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