Saturday, March 08, 2008


It has been less than a week into the challenge and I am already amazed with the results. Here are a two comments and one great RECIPE you need to check out today!

Okay, so I just weighed myself for the first time since starting the challenge, and I am THRILLED to report that for the first time since 2006, I have officially hit my pre-pregnancy weight!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks, Erin, for getting me back on track. I was beginning to think those last 2.5 lbs. would never come off!! What a surprise!!! This is so exciting!!! -Blasting it Bobbi

Way to go Bobbi! It is such a feeling of accomplishment when little changes lead to great rewards.

I'm going to be a hard case, Erin, but I'm motivated and ready! I'm 50 (not ready to say 51 later this month), and way, way, way overweight. Embarrassingly so. My husband & I joined the gym (again) last Friday, and started Monday.I started your challenge on, I'm feeling stronger -- emotionally AND physically! How about that! I'm really, really trying to earn all the points possible. I'm having lots of trouble, though, with eating after 7:30 -- also, not quite drinking ALL 64 oz. I've had a sugar (or lack of) headache for a couple of days. Still craving massively! BUT, I've been succeeding on the fruits & veggies, breakfast, etc. Yay! And, my husband is being "good" with me, so that helps like nothing else. So, THANK YOU, Erin, for motivating me to get up, start moving, and eating healthy to make a better and happier me! -- Shaking it up Shelly

Just joining the challenge is the first step. You have done so much already by sharing your drive and enthusiasm with other women in the contest. You will see your efforts paying off as it gets easier each day to earn points. You are on your way!

Ahhh.. Chocolate.... It is my downfall as well, but thanks to this yummy recipe I can have it in a little healthier way. "Mock Frosty"
1c skim milk
2Tbsp Sugar Free, Fat Free Chocolate pudding mix (the powder)
2 heaping Tbsp sugar free, fat free cool whip
8 ice cubes (or so)Blend in your blender
... Thanks to the pudding it gets thick, just like those at Wendy's.

--a recipe from Breaking the mold Brenda!

Wow what a great tip! If any contestants are looking for a sugar free sweet fix, try the Mock Frosty recipe. You Rock Breaking the mold Brenda!!!


Molly Bea said...

Erin, I love that you are inspiring and motivating women to get in shape and feel good about themselves! You're such an inspiration! I have three weeks until my due date so I'm totally bailing on this one, but I can't wait until I'm ready to get rid of my baby bulge and I'm coming to you girl!

kellieanne said...

Erin, I think I am ready to take up your challenge.

This might sound crazy, but I don't own a scale. I don't think I ever will. I gauge my state of health by how I feel. Right now I don't feel like I am healthy. I am pretty sure if I try to earn points in other areas of your challenge I will most likely lose weight. BONUS! However, I am more driven by just feeling good.

Ticklemedana said...

I'm stoked...I earned 27 points this week! Hooray! Huzzah! I'm excited...and that was mainly from getting 7 hours of sleep, drinking water, not drinking soda, etc. I know I can blow that out of the park this week...=D

Leslie said...

I have been loving the challenge! I was so excited that I completed almost every step every day, plus I lost 5 pounds for a total of 72 points! I was kind of surprised how much I lost because I didn't feel like I was eating much less at all. But sticking to the no sugar and eating after 7 (and exercising) really added up for me.

Unknown said...

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