Thursday, March 06, 2008


1. I was coerced into going on a date with you by your pestering brother and my "oh just be nice and go out with him" Mom. I went, felt shocked that I had so much fun, and felt bad for not wanting to go in the first place.

2. You walked me to the door and said something funny as you walked away. I burst out a giggle, and at the same time (blushing) actually PASSED GAS! I was convinced you heard because you turned back and said, "What did you say?" Then you didn't call the next day. I felt mortified. (By the way, this memory still makes me giggle)

3. On our third "hanging out" I took you to my secret special places, all the places that I think are pretty cool that most people don't even notice. I was surprised when you told me that you had some too, and even more surprised when you took me to all of them that night.

4. Your face turned bright red, as we sat on the side of a mountain having escaped the ward summer party, when you leaned in and I asked, "Are you trying to kiss me?" Shocked that I would ask that, you were indignant and then refused to carry through with the deed.

5. I was so sad, annoyed, confused, bewildered and in a huff that you would get cold feet so many many that we would break up 5 times! But so in love, that I would jump back on board as soon as you came to your senses.

6. When we walked in the park and found a lost and very wet golden Labrador, I knew you loved me when you let me put the dog in the cab of your pristine Red Chevy Truck.

7. You took me to the singles dance even though we had broken up. I staked my claim by hugging and kissing all over you ALL night long. You pretend to be put off, but I know you loved how much I loved you!

8. You said goodnight on the doorstep, and then as I would turn to leave, you would ask if I wanted to take a walk. We walked and talked and you would take me home again, just to ask if I would not go in yet and walk some more.

9. I once drew a dreamy sketch of what I would want my wedding ring to look like, I thought it had been thrown away, but months later you surprised me when you knelt down on one knee and presented me with a small white box. I opened the box to find, not a ring, but the drawing I had crumpled up, and tossed out. In a quiet, trembling voice, you asked me to marry you as you pulled the ring, replicated from the picture, out of your pocket. It was everything that I wanted...just as you still are today. HAPPY 9TH ANNIVERSARY!


Rach said...

Wowzers 9 years!! congrats!! Hope the day was great.

Marcie said...

SO CUTE! I love to read your writing and your story is quite the tale to tell! I remember seeing your ring for the first time and telling you how beautiful and unique it is. I love how Mark kept the drawing and got the exact one that you designed! (I also love what you had engraved in yours and yes, I still remember what it says because it reminded me of myself and Mike!) Happy Anniversary!

All Andersens said...

Happy Anniversary. It must have been a great year. Bryon and my 9th is this year also!!! Congrat's!

Shayleen Lunt said...

That was so cute! And what a precious proposal!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

That was so cute! I loved it!

kellieanne said...

The relationship you described is something I could totally see Stephanie Meyers writing a book about. It's a tale of young love and all the quirks that go with it - minus the vampire issue. What I am trying to say is, it's a story that captures my interest and I would always love to hear more about! Congratulations on 9 years of marriage and a wish on many more years to come!

Unknown said...

That was very romantic. I'll have to send my husband over to Mark for some training. Maybe Mark can start a class or something - not about the vamp issues though. We can handle that on our own. :-)

Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't know some of the fun facts of how it all came to be. Sheesh - no one ever tells me the fun stuff until years later.

Shelby said...

Mark is a singular man who happened to catch the eye of a very unique woman. He never had a chance, and the two of you form a perfect couple. You are both lucky to have each other and look at what has come of it!! I love both of you guys! Happy ninth!

gurrbonzo said...

what beautiful tidbits to share. happy anniversary!!

Carterista said...

Tammy couldn't have said it better. You two are the greatest couple. I love you both, too!

I am a mother! said...

Too sweet! K-this is Ceci's sis-in-law, Faith...I must admit that I LOVE you blog and stalk it often. Feel free to stalk mine too!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

when i met you I immediately wanted to meet your husband. I was curious to see if he had the same energy level as you. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Marc and he wasn't bouncing off the walls (in a good way). He was always really nice to me whenever I came over. I think he's great and I think you are great. Happy anniversary!

Molly Bea said...

Great post Erin...I love the way your wrote it. Look here all those English classes paying off! :)

JoMamma said...

How time flies. Happy Anniversary a few days late.

Unknown said...

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