Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

My boys celebrated their 5th and 7th birthdays yesterday. The party turned out to be a great success...thanks to the help of many parents. Almost every kid that was invited showed up, plus more! My friend Emily helped me plan out four stations and then I had great parents volunteer to help man each station. In the back yard we set up an obstacle course and a ZIP LINE!!! In the front yard we set up a walking with water while dodging large balls challenge and a water balloon catch. By the end of the party the kids were muddy, wet and exhausted! If you are in town, give me a call because I will have the zip line set up for the next few days.

Here are a few picture highlights from the party...(thanks to my dad, can you believe that I didn't even pull out my camera once the party started?)

I love this last picture...even Teddy enjoyed the zip line!

Highlights of the Party:

6. 26 kids running wild, covered in mud, and not one destroyed the inside of my home!

5. Only 2 kids were reduced to tears during the party...and they weren't mine!

4. After the kids rode the zip line, I heard phrases like, "awesomest and sweetest party ever"

3. Toby (the helping parent who set up the zip line) stood 10 heads above the kids...seriously he is tall.

2. I yelled at all 26 kids, "move it, move it!" and not one parent objected.

1. At one point I heard a boy say to another boy, "If you have to go pee, there are lots of trees."

Hope you have a great weekend!


JoMamma said...

Kai's favorite game was the water game. He loved it, and can't stop taking about it. You did a great job. Good thing I have a few months before Kai's 5th birthday.

Anonymous said...

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Just SO said...

It looks like a blast! And J. LOVED it! She loved the zip line potato drop. What a great party.

Shelby said...

Thanks for the party Erin!! Nick loved it, even though I think he was one of the kids reduced to tears.....

kellieanne said...

Boy that sounds like fun! Can I ride on the zip line?

JayandCassandra said...

Hey.... someone else commenting has a son named Kai. And I thought we were unique... dang! ha ha

Erin that zip line if freakin AWESOME!

Unknown said...

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