Saturday, March 15, 2008


They are getting older! Today we sat and planned an AMERICAN GLADIATOR party. (which means: my personal budget is really tight right now, so I am going to let the kids run around chasing each other while I through big balls at them) Last year I had a separate party for each of them, but that was so much work, so this year I decided to do a joint party since their birthdays are 3 days apart. Will sharing a birthday party emotionally scar them? I hope not. Either way, do you have any suggestions on making their own day special?


Marcie said...

You are so creative that I know they had a blast at their party. I think to make their days special that you should make a special treat or their favorite dinner on each of their actual birthdays and have them open their gifts from mom and dad on their days also to not have everything together. You may be doing that already! I am interested to see how many days apart Gavin and Melanie's bdays will be... hopefully more than 3 days since I won't be able to have a combined party for them!

Nikki said...

Your sons birthdays are 4 days apart. not 3. That's far enough apart to warrant separate parties. just kidding!

Sell it to them. This will be the most awesome brothers birthday party ever! You will be able to run and play and see who's strongest with all your friends! We could even make up some pretend American Gladiator names for you two and all your friends!! WAHOO!!

Carterista said...

Party-shmarty! It's all about the presents. They are going to LOVE Logan's presents, even though you may not. Hahahaha!

i'm erin. said...

Marcie, Great ideas. I need to think about what to do, but I will ask each one what they want to eat for their birthday. are making me worried.

Nikki...spitefully, you are right.

Just SO said...

My j and G's birthday's are four days apart as well. Unfortunately for me they are also four years and a boy and a girl so joint parties won't fly. Although we do have a joint "family" one for the grandparents and such.

They do get to choose the menu on their birthday's, every meal. Well for breakfast and dinner they get to choose what I make and then I actually take them out to lunch to their favorite place. If they are in school I go and check them out and we head to McD's (which, unfortunately is the restaurant that they always choose.) I also make them separate cakes.

But I think that the AG party sounds rockin! And they will LOVE it I'm sure.

Robyn said...

Boo hoo, 4 days. Yeah, my kids are like 45 seconds apart--forget your boys, what am I going to do??? Just kidding. I think you can totally get away with a joint party, but like everyone else has said let them own their day. We always got to pick out a birthday dinner and have anything that we wanted. We would also do gifts and such at that time. Honestly, I think that birthdays are becoming way too big anyway. It's a simple birthday, not Christmas all over again. Keep it simple and enjoyable. (If people want to make such huge deals out of birthdays then Mother's Day better get a whole lot bigger also--where do you think all those birthdays came from? Sheesh, nine months and labor and we get what? A card and some token gift in sacrament meeting. The kids are lucky to get anything...) Just kidding, I love kids birthdays--I just don't think they should become some huge thing for the kids that they parents try to live up to/surpass every year. There's my 2 cents.

i'm erin. said...

hahahaha! Robyn, you had me cracking up. Yah, the whole gift in sacrament meeting is so over-rated, and half the time, LAME! Everyone's birthday in my family should be about ME ME ME!!!

Robyn said...

Yeah, I hate church on Mother's Day. There, I said it! (How liberating!) Seriously though, if I wanted a carnation I would buy myself one, if I wanted the newest booklet from Elder/Sister So and So I would buy it. You know what I want--what would make me very happy to be in church on Mother's Day? Chocolate. Preferably chocolate covering delicious strawberries. That would make me smile. Last year they gave all the fathers little RX bottles with M&M's. You know, each color for whatever symptom. Yeah, this year give me the chocolate and them the roses. It's a nice thought, but I want flowers from MY husband--not the bishopric. :-)

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