Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nikki = Older, Wiser Sister

I hate to admit it, but while I have always been the flakier spontaneous sister, Nikki has been the older, wiser and more grounded sister. Ugh, when we were growing up, we either got along great, staying up till the wee hours talking and laughing, or we were fighting like cats (seriously that includes scratching).
Today is Nikki's 31st birthday! If you do the math right, that means she is only about 18 months older than me. What was my mom thinking? Either way, we grew up, 1 year apart in school, 1 year apart in church classes, but totally different in everything else. I am glad that she is my sister and because we are so different, I have learned so much from her. So if you have a chance today, go and check out her blog: Nikki's Blog.

5 Things about Nikki:

5. She is UBER MOM -- Have a parenting question? She is the one with the answer, from learning about cloth diapers to 30 meals in a day to feed your family for 30 days, she has it under control.
4. She should be a pediatrician -- with her lot of 4, she has had her share of ER visits and child illnesses. Being uber Mom, she has found out everything under the sun for any child illness you could imagine.
3. If there is a natural disaster, she will be the one neighbor that is prepared -- she recently purchased 64 5 pound bags of flour because the price of gas is going up, thus the price of cooking essentials is going up.
2. She can Towel OFF -- she makes the cutest animal towels for kids and babies...check out her blog.
1. She is a FIGHTER! --No really, when we were growing up, she would always kick my butt and she even pulled out my hair (which is the reason I have thinner hair now).


A. said...

10 Things About Nikki.... where are the other 5??

Just SO said...

Hahahaha!!! That's funny that amy caught that you only have 5 things down and you said 10!! I didn't even catch that!

i'm erin. said...

hahahaha...i didn't even catch that, I will have to fix it.

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