Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Dinner Discussion...

Mark walks into the kitchen and sees the three bean and pulled pork crockpot stew I made.

Mark: Mmmmm, smells good!

Erin: (calling out from the other room) Mark can you dish the kids up some, I am not quite done editing pictures.

Mark: Sure

Mark opens the lid and takes a bite, then turns towards Henry.

Mark: Mmmmm, for dinner we are having a yummy pork stew.
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Henry: (With as much Sass a 5 year old can muster) EWWW...IT'S MORE LIKE POOP SOUP!

Erin in the other room is bustin' a gut laughing...seriously, where does he get the witty sass?


Kahilau said...

Are you asking that seriously? You are one of the funniest, sassiest, funniest people I know. And in all serious I love it!

Marcie said...

That is so funny I laughed out loud! :P

kellieanne said...

Where oh where could he have gotten such wit and sarcastic flare?

Carson talk like that and he's 15. I love that my kids will always entertain me - no matter what age.

Just SO said...

Ummmmm I do believe children learn watching and listening. What goes on in that house of yours? :)

Ipo said...

He must get it from his the ears, out the mouth! ha,ha,ha! What a silly guy! Just like the mommy!

JoMamma said...

You eat pieces of crap for dinner?

Can you name that movie I did modify it a little to fit your story.

Happy Gilmore. I love that line.

Carterista said...

You and your potty-mouth family! The only one I've never heard it from is Marc, so I guess we know what side of the family it comes from.

Unknown said...

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