Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I recently ran into this gal's blog and loved it, laughed so hard I nearly peed myself, and then decided all out there need to read her post on SNUGGIES...haven't heard of it? Well read on, follow the link and immerse yourself into the SNUGGIE world. I first saw the Snuggie on a infomercial, when Mark, my funny and sometimes not so funny, hubby commented on how freakish the item looked. I said, "What is it?" and then he said, "it looks like a freakishly large blanket with arm holes." Well, Mr. High and Mighty, that sounds pretty cool to me (at least that is what I thought) and then I responded, "Yah, (cough) that's pretty weird."

But now that they are out in the open and others out there see the wonderful, snuggly bliss a Snuggie can provide, I am back on the band wagon!

The question is, Are YOU?

Check out this Snuggie Blog post and then tell me what you think.


Kayleen said...

Ha ha ha!!! My mom has one of these and thinks it's wonderful!!

Kayleen said...

Now I know what I want for Mother's Day! sweeeeet!! lol

Brooke said...

My kids each think that the Snuggie is the coolest thing ever invented, and every time a commercial for the Snuggie comes on the kids remind me why they need one. I have yet to succumb, I think they're a waste of money when we have 10 blankets in the same room they'd be wearing their snuggies...and my husband would laugh at me hard for buying one, he thinks they are ridiculous!

Kristina P. said...

OK, I kept seeing that all these people were coming in hoards to my blog from yours, so I decided to pop on over, and low and behold, I am the blog of the week?!?! I am so humbled.

And yes, my profile pic is of me wearing my awesome Snuggie. Thanks for sharing the Snuggie love.

Mike and Brianna said...

LOL Ruby got me one of those for my birthday. I love it! Perfect for football never have to hold your blanket while you stand and cheer :)

kellieanne said...

I bought one for Lanette for Christmas. It was the one thing she asked for. I cracked up when I saw the family wearing them around the campfire and at the sporting event. Please! They were all the same color. At least mix it up a bit for the video.

My butt is always cold. I would have to wear it backwards to stay truely warm.

big8smiley said...

That is such a cute post! I saw those on TV and thought - how stupid. I have loads of blankets, why not just use one of those? And part of the joy is getting your arms all tucked in too. I love her picture on the beach!!

Unknown said...

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