Monday, January 26, 2009


WEEK 4: If you haven't jumped on board yet, that's ok, whenever you are ready just join in. This party train is for anyone at anytime. Start adding your points up and start finding little successes every day. And when you have an 'off' day (because really, we all do) keep moving on and do better the next day (this applies to when you have an off week too...and I know I have had those too).

PRIZES: If you have found little rewards to help motivate yourself along the way, that is excellent. If you need a little something more in way of an external reward then I met this awesome gal Jenny who teaches a great zumba class at the rec center that I work at (rambling...I know...I'm getting to it), well this awesome lady wrote a cook book. And, she has added it as a prize. So now for your effort, energy, points earned and lifestyle changed you have the chance of winning a family photography package from me (check it out here) or you can win an awesome cook book from Jenny (check it out here).

TIP: (This tip is spurned off of my own horribly disastrous week). A week and 1/2 ago I was so excited that I was already down 5 pounds. So excited that, I BOMBED last week. Really, I am talking all out bombed..probably gained back all that I lost. Have you ever had a freakishly bad, you wanna hide in a hole, type of week like that? UGH...IT SUCKS! So my tip for today is to start fresh. I know that if I berate myself and feel like a giant sludgy poop, that I will never move on and recommit. So drop the guilt, and start fresh. Today can be the first day of your better life, the first day of making healthier will be for me at least.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: How did your week go? Do you have any tips for success or great low cal recipes? Please please share and help me out...I really would like to have a good week.


Kahilau said...

THank you! Thank you! Just what I deserved to hear today. START FRESH!!! I am with you on that one!

I am a mother! said...

Hey Erin! I think you hit it on the head with start fresh! I got 53 points again.

I can't think of any jewels of wisdom except to, "just keep swimming..."

Ashleigh said...

Okay, thanks again Erin for the inspiration. I was feeling sooooo down today with the whole weight loss thing after an indulgent weekend. Now I feel ready, motivated & ready to jump RIGHT back on the bandwagon! xx

Ipo said...

Reading your blog makes me smile.

Carterista said...

You are going to do great this week! I lost 2 pounds last week and am determined to keep it up. Slow, but sure. I am a turtle.

Miranda said...

Starting Fresh! thanks for a fun class tonight!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh I totally bombed out last week to. But I made some great choices yesterday so that is what I will focus on. Thanks for sharing. It helped me feel better.

A. said...

So not doing well. I find I do better if I actually keep track, but 3 days will go by and I will remmeber that I never logged my points. Ugh!
The cookbook is quite motivating, so I'll have to hop on board.

I've also found that if I get into a sugar fix craze I just remind myself, "It will all be there again tomorrow. The chocoalte is not going to disappear form the face of the earth."

Unknown said...

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