Monday, January 19, 2009

THE GREAT SLIM DOWN: house order

It is week 3 of THE GREAT SLIM DOWN, and time to really pack on the points. I am totally pumped up about stay on track, and getting more rewards. I have had a few crazy days, but I am not giving up. If anything, I am starting off stronger today, and you can too!
For this week we are adding another point option.
Clean your Home for 30 minutes - This can include anything from dejunking a room (and placing those articles aside so you can throw a raging yardsale in April), or vacuuming, dishes, and dusting. You decide what needs the most attention in your home and work on it. You will be burning the extra calories and getting your home in order. This week every time you clean, organize, or dejunk for 30 minutes you earn 1 more point. That's 1 more point towards success.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Overall, how was your week last week? What is your goal for this week?

MY GOAL: Be healthy on Friday and Saturday! (I tend to get stir crazy on those days and head straight for the junk food isle)

TIP TO REACH GOALS: Buy the 5 pound bag of baby carrots at Costco, and when you feel a munchy monster coming on, snack on them.


I am a mother! said...

Hey Erin. I did pretty good. I got 53 points. What really gets me is the sweets so I am going to be working on that this week.

I like the points for cleaning thing. One great by product of that will be that I will be less stressed b/c my house is cleaner and I know that I reach for the sweets when I am feeling stressed.

I'm still at a weight loss plateau but I'll plug through it.

Unknown said...

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