Friday, January 23, 2009


Style is of the utmost importance...well at least a couple days a month when I actually get dressed, wash my hair, and get out of the house. Ruby, my life-time, who I will live through vicariously, darling baby, will demonstrate the tips for today.

1. THEME IT: Ruby's eye-catching theme of the day is 'VIVID VALENTINE'. (Try really hard not to roll your eyes, I am totally serious) Search your closet for matching items that could coordinate to your theme. Try to steer clear of anything that screams 1990's...for that matter, throw it out. oh, wait, even better: Yard Sale It!2. Start at the Top, and add a Bang at the Bottom: Pick a pair of shoes that knock your outfit out of the blah blah's ball park. Since she is still a pretty small baby, Ruby's most important accessory (shoes) are made of sock like material...however, scoff not because notice the pink heart? Yep, that's right, all in the theme. 3. Look in the Mirror: As experienced in a previous post that was utterly embarrassing to Mark, my sometimes style-challenged hubby, forgoing a look in the mirror can be disastrous. Make sure you check yourself out before you leave the house.4. Let them Love all over your outfit. Once you perfected your theme of the day, let the boys...or girl (for my faithful one guy reader) drool all over your fancy schmacy self.


The Price Family said...

I think it is totally funny that you said "throw out anything that screams 1990's" because just 3 days ago Jesse went in our closet and threw out all my 90's clothing. Ha guess I need to go shopping because it was half of my closet.

Carterista said...

Your pictures are a little different from what I imagined from your description on the phone. I wasn't as excited as you then, but, girl, she looks fabulous!!! Now if you'd just bring her over I could droo..I mean cuddle her for a while.

Nick and Emily said...

what a punkin. she's such a cutie.

Ella said...

That is very cute and the back ground looks fabulous as well!

jodi said...

She is such a beautiful baby!

big8smiley said...

I love dressing up my little baby girls! They can wear stuff that I could never get away with - like fancy socks WITHOUT shoes. She looks cute. :)

Just SO said...

Sweet!! Your Ruby is so taking after her mama. I love trying to guess what your outfit theme is each Sunday. My themes are pretty much the same.

The Gubler Family Blog! said...

She is way too adorable for words. You did good. haha.

Nikki said...

I happen to KNOW for a FACT that baby Ruby has pink beaded socks. Put them on her now!

Unknown said...

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