Friday, December 11, 2009

Yet another way in which Walmart controls the world . . .

In the late hours of the evening, Mark drove to Walmart to purchase a Wii.  (Something we have been trying to purchase since Walmart started their weeklong sale--buy a Wii for $200 and recieve a $50 gift certificate). 

With cash in hand, Mark walked to the electronics department and inquired about the Wii consoles.  Of course it was no big surprise that there were none there--as was the same with all the other Walmarts in Utah County. 

Mark then asked if they would check the loading area for any Wii packages that may not have been unloaded. 

Of course it was no big surprise when the Walmart worker 'said' there were none in the back.  After the Walmart worker explained there would be no more to come in before the sale was over, he so politely said,
"I purchased a Wii.  It's new in the box.  I could sell it to you for $175."

Hmmm, I think that means, "Hey sucker, there are Wiis in the back, but I want to make $25 dollars off of you, so you have to buy it from me once I buy it from the store and get my $50 cash card."

And what did we do?

Of course we DID NOT buy it. 


Pop said...

Mark should have told the employee that he was an undercover internal security member of WalMart. that would have put his Christmas cheer in a tizzy. Good luck with finding a Wii.

Honey and Hotstuff said...

We did the Wii thing last Christmas and found ours on KSL. Got a pretty good deal... but the guys who sold it make a $50 profit. But it was the only way to get one.

Ella said...

Oh that's probably not a wal-mart thing but one of their employees! I know a couple of walmart employees that just turned the other cheek and let friends walk out with stuff. Need less to say they got in trouble.

Stacey said...

That's when you go up to customer service and tell them what thier employee just did! Even if he HAD bought it and was selling them, he should not be doing it in the store to turn a profit for himself. Definitely grounds to be fired!

Melissa said...

When I was at Costco, they were selling the Wii for 194.00. Just in case.

A. said...

It's addicting..Don't get it! Ack!

I've restricted ours to only being used on weekends. We call it "Wii-kends". :P

Seriously though, I got mine at Walmart because my brother in law worked there and got me a discount (which wasn't that much), but I found that the Walmart prices for Wii were about the same as any other place. Have you looked online?

Unknown said...

I am not as smart as you. I would have bought it from this kid. Ours gets used in spurts. Sometimes it is loved. Sometimes it is ignored. I need to use it to exercise... said...

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