Friday, December 04, 2009

The Sedgwick Family : Utah Family Photography

So, I met the Sedgwicks through Brianna, through Michael...through the awesome Fieldings (I've found that a lot of good things that happen to me are originated from the home away from home).  Anyway, I shot this family a couple weeks ago and the were so great. 

Now it's no exaggeration when I say the shoot was a total crap shoot.  Seriously.  Everywhere you walked there was dog doo.  It was so gross.  So even though they look utterly comfortable, they are probably straddling a pile of yuck.  I have to admit though, it made for a great time.  We had a blast.
Dear Sedgwicks, I hope you that the special thing in your life goes through (that was code in case you didn't want me to blurt it across the internet.) 

Love, erin

RED!!! LOve IT!

HOly Canoli, can you say RED?  I love this little doll.


R.D.S said...

Thanks Erin, of course we love them and are looking forward to seeing the rest tonight. You are the BEST!!!

Brittney said...

Thanks so much Erin, they turned out great!! I love the ones you took of us and I cannot wait to see the rest!

Mike and Brianna said...

Erin you did such a good job!!! And yes good things come from knowing the Fieldings especially since I am part of the family now ;)

A. said...

Ok - I'm SO loving the little red doll also. She's a cutie!!!

Now, if only I could ask these families how they coordinate their outfits so well. I can never find anything near as cute as what these kids are wearing. Did you see the hat? love it! said...

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