Monday, December 28, 2009

Shoes, Books, Old People

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and beautiful and filled with moments of joy.  I thought I'd share our Christmas at a Glance. 

1.  This year, the boys woke up at 3:37am filled with the excitement that Santa came.  You ever say things you don't think out too well when your exhausted, like, "He's going come take everything back if you don't get back in bed!"  Well, I did.  From 3:37 am to 6:35 am they flitted in and out of my room asking if it was time yet.  Finally I gave in, got up, whipped out the camera and took this picture on Christmas morning.

2.  Shoes speak to me.  They call me, willing me towards their display to touch them, love them, and slip them on my feet.  So
my jaw dropped to the floor when Mark suprised me with these wonders.  Not only did that man buy me a super cute pair of shoes, but he proved himself to be brilliant by buying them in black and brown.  I can't wait to wear them this year to the writing class.

3.  If I couldn't have shoes in my life, I'd be seriously SAD.  But, the only thing that could pull me from that depression would be BOOKS!  I love a good much so, I'm often late to my aerobics class because I'm chatting with the ladies in the daycare about the hottest book out there.  Sigh.  Mark, the boys, and my Mom went through my 100 books to read list on Good Reads, and picked out these page turners. 

4.  I have two friends who just jumped up the friend ladder to SABFF (super-amazing-best-friends-forever) because DANG, look at what they gave me.  Could you find anything more beautiful, more mouth watering, more seductive, than these beauties?  Since I got them, I haven't taken them off...well today I showered, but that doesn't count. 

5.  And last, Santa brought the 'kids' a Wii.  Can you see who liked it the most? 

What did you get for Christmas?  What did you like the most? 


Kristina P. said...

I long for those days of being so excited for Christmas that you can hardly stand it!

Rach said...

HA, that is an awesome picture of Mom & Dad with the Wii. So funny. Tell me about those books, when you get through them...I need a new book to oogle over.

Merry Christmas

Peggy said...

Hmm. Let me guess the names of the themes for your outfits when you wear those shoes to class...

I'm coming back in black
Brown nosing for a good critique
Writing like a crazed animal.

Peggy said...

Oh, and




Weight Family said...

Um, ask Mark to text Jay and tell him where he got those shoes. My birthday is in like 9 months.

Bobbi said...

My favorite thing about this post is the title. Erin, you crack me up. LOVE the shoes & the slippers. I might love the books if I knew how to read...

tina said...

Santa brought our family a Wii also and nothing else. So, it was kind of nice - we didn't have a whole bunch of wrapping paper and boxes to throw out since we forgot to take our garbage to the curb the week before! :) The kids have played it non-stop - barely stopping for food - we have to make them sit and eat slooooww! I am in love in the New Super Mario Bros game - always been a sucker for Mario and Luigi!

Love the shoes - super cute!

JoMamma said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. I hope to post about mine soon.

Jaime said...

GREAT shot of the tree!!!!

And the shoes are amaaazing. Can't wait to see them at writing group. Or maybe before!!! said...

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