Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yo Check it'

Even as I write this, I know I should be busy doing other things...but alas, I'm drawn to the computer like my dog is to other dogs' rear ends.  I have to keep sniffing around to see what's there.  (OK, fine, that was totally crass, but you get my point.)  Anyway, here are a few of my favorite sites to sniff around at...ha ha snort.

1.  Sophistimom - This site is so witty and fresh about it all.  I love her motto: well read, well fed, well bred.

2.  Jessica Claire - Awhile back I was all giddy-excited over my new shoot sac.  Well, this is the gal who thought it up, designed it and made it.  Besides being a savvy business woman, she's one heck of a photographer.  Sigh.  I love her stuff.

3.  Ally Condie - This little lady (say that like John Wayne) is quite the little lady...for real.  She's like a mini or something.  But whats so cool about her is she writes books.  If you haven't heard of her, go read Freshman for President.  And then when you love it, go to Deseret Book tomorrow night in Orem and have her sign it. 

4.  Just So - Shanna, the author of this thought inspiring blog is one of my favorite people in the neighborhood.  I can't get by her without laughing that I consider purchasing depends for our next meeting. 

Go check them out!


Anonymous said...

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