Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Turkey Hat

Ever been to Leavenworth, Washington? 

It's a small tourist trap town, about two hours east of Seattle.  Besides it's charming european architecture and breathtaking scenic views, the town is filled with tourist shops galore!  If there's something you want to find, guaranteed, it's there.  In fact, Mark was overjoyed when he found a tiny Australian Outback shop where he could purchase his beloved Tim Tams...(so yummy, if you ever get a chance to try one....ah, chocolatey goodness.)

DAng, now what was I saying? 

Oh yeah, so there, in the lovely town of Leavenworth is the craziest hat shop I've ever been to.  I don't think I've ever been to a shop that had so many hats.  There were hats for every holiday and occasion.  From food to animals, we found stuffed creations built to fit any size of head.  (And that's a pretty lofty goal considering the head sizes in my family...holy canoli do we got big heads.) 

When I first laid eyes on THE TURKEY HAT, I knew it was a must have.  I promptly purchased it and gave it to my Dad as a birthday gift many years ago.  Since that time, it has made it's yearly debut at the family Thanksgiving party.  And, keeping true to form . . . with out further ado . . . here are the beloved turkey hat pictures. 

12 SPLURTS: said...

Very cute hat! I'm glad it is still around for your little one's to enjoy!

Kristine said...

ERIN! I saw TimTams for sale at Smiths near the deli area. Emily went to Australia on her Mission and brought me back some - They are good!

Stacey said...

Your boys are SO FREAKING ADORABLE! ;)

Kristina P. said...

I must have that hat! So cute!

JoMamma said...

Very fun hat. Where was Ruby's picture in it?

laninaki said...

Erin...we've never met (I found your blog on a friend's)....but my husband and I LOVE Tim Tams and they have them at the Smith's here in Utah!! It made my entire month when we found them w/the other Pepperidge items.

I love your make me want to take a photography course. :)


Allyson Condie said...

Awesome! My husband's from Seattle and so we've been to Leavenworth many a time. And yet, somehow, we've never obtained a turkey hat.

Clearly we are not as fun as you. ;)

i'm erin. said...

Leilani! YOu just made my day. YOu are awesome and I cant wait for the day to meet so I can hug you big time!

Rach said...

ok that last picture, the turkey looks like it pooped out a Teddy...hahhahahhahahahha!! Ok I've been meaning to call you, but am super tired. & you know why. YES #5!!!

Weight Family said...

Love the picture of your boys!

Kayleen Feil Photography said...

Gobble Gobble! So dang cute!! said...

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