Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghetto. Candy.

So originally I was just going to disband this little ghetto blog of mine, and focus on the new shiny improved blog.  But then I realized, why give up my ghetto-soul?  I can have both.  So now I'll post all the weird randomness that comes to mind here, and the cool photos and class info on the blog!

OTHER NEWS:  Today I went to the Walmart.  Yes, I got out of the sweats, and actually left my home.  The thing of it is (thank the Good Lord that I live in PG and picked up that sentence starter.  What would my life be like with out that.  Seriously.) . . . Yeah, so the thing of it is, is I found Peanut Butter and Strawberry M&M's. 
For. Real. 

And, the weird thing is, I LIKE THEM A LOT! 

ASK THE AUDIENCE:  Do You Like Candy?  And if so, please indulge me and tell me what it is?  I'm always looking to expand my Candy tasting portfolio...ha ha...but really.  I LOVE CANDY.   


Kristina P. said...

I love the delicious little mini Cadbury Eggs!

Wendy said...

The thing of it is, I like dried out Peeps! Deliciousness and pure sugar . . . . YUM!

i'm erin. said...

OH my gosh Kristina P. I do too. They make me fat every year!

Wendy, ha ha! I love it. Not the dried out peeps, but your wording. As for the Peeps, well that's, uh, not for me.

Nikki said...

I can't bring myself to try those m&m's. The very title makes me throw up a little.

I love Cadbury mini eggs too! I'm avoiding buying them this year. Once I buy them, I can't stop until the shelves are barren. I average at least a bag a week. I'm trying to tell myself that they changed the recipe and they are barf-worthy now.

I love Skor. Milky Way caramels. YUM!

Melony said...

Cadbury mini eggs YUM! Take 5 candy bar and btw- Erin, sweetie, you don;t have to get out of the sweats to go to Walmart...that's the uniform for Walmart...duh! ;)

Peggy said...

I'm with Nikki on the m&m's.

And for some reason, I find it oddly funny that you are looking to expand your candy portfolio. In some ways, it seems very non-Erinish....

The only candy I usually buy besides the occasional Snickers is Kisses. I love that they come out with new flavors all the time! Makes me all kinds of happy.

Weight Family said...

Seriously. i think those PB&J M&M's taste like crap. Crap, in a hard candy shell. Invented surely by some hormonally imbalanced pregnant psycho. And I was forced, yes forced, by a stranger to give up my traditional and beloved PB M&M's to try those pieces of crap. Sick. Crap. But hey if you like them, awesome. Just don't buy me any. :)

Nick and Emily said...

I'm really into tasting the rainbow. It's oh, so delicious.

Ticklemedana said...

you can't get rid o the ghetto! I Heart the ghetto! and I have a soft spot for kit kats, like monica on friends, and reeses pb cups...and anything gummy. =)

A. said...

Love it! Although, my "candy" loving is mostly about chocolate. dark chocolate (like 70% or o) is my fav. Seeds of Change organic dark chocolate with cocnut has been my new recent fav. However, there are certain times of the year I just NEED that seasonal candy. And right now I've been on the search for the Reese's peanut butter eggs. I've only found thm in multi-packs, which is dangerous, so I'm waiting to find the singles they put out closer to Easter. Yum! Oh, and for some reason, I tend to like the seasonally colored M&M's better than the regular. Maybe something about them looking festive tricks my mind into thinking they must taste more festive too. lol

A list of some of my other favs:
*Dove dark chocolate
*Lindt chocolate balls
*Ritter Sport - Dark hazelnut
*Chocolate covered malt balls (again, the seasonal thing :P )
*sweet tarts, sour patch kids, or other sour candy on the very rare occasion I crave somethign non-chocolate. :)

Stacey said...

I love the ghetto blog! Don't take it away from me!!!

That said, I LOVE Reeses peanutbutter cup shapes. The cups are only okay, but the shapes taste way better to me! Like the eggs, trees, hearts, pumpkins!

I also LOVE anything chocolate practically...especially german chocolate. You can get Ritter Sport bars at Target and they are way yum!

Also Haribo Gummy Bears (also german) and sour patch kids, and swedish fish...and...

Gosh, I like too much candy!

Melissa said...

My favorites are Snickers and the Skittles in the orange wrapper. Whoppers and anything else made of malt and covered in chocolate is always welcome.

Kristen said...

You haven't lived until you've tried Lindt dark chocolate with Chili.

and Green & Black's dark chocolate concoctions.

and dark chocolate and pomegranate, organic.

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