Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday's Fit Tip Mania: Sporadic Much?

Yeah, I know this Monday fit tip comes and goes, but such is life, eh?  (That's the deep thought for the day, don't expect much more or you may be disappointed).

Fit Tip:  "Is it better than . . .?"

Explanation:  Today I'm going to ask myself this question over and over again.  When I look at the dang jar of M&Ms that have somehow made their way into my office, I'm going to ask myself, "Is an M&M better than fitting in my super svelte and sexy Seven jeans?"  Sigh.  No, of course not.  And then I'm going to put that M&M down and walk away from it.

Reasoning:  If you keep your health and body image as your prime motivator, then everything else will fall into place behind it.  Sometimes in mid fitness quest we forget why we started down the road we're on.  We feel deprived and even angry that we can't have whatever it is we want.  But really, do we really want it?  Today, ask yourself that question.  "Is (insert the demonic thing that's talking to you from your cupboards) better than (insert your goal)?" 

Good luck on that!


Just SO said...

This a good idea in theory ... I can never seem to put it into practice, as my 18W jeans testify.

i'm erin. said...

shanna, you crack me up. Yeah, I know. As in, that's the reason for the post. I figure if I put it out there, maybe it will help me. Dadgum those M&Ms.

Carolyn V. said...

Sweet! A fit tip Monday! Just when I need it. I did my aerobics this morning (whoop) and just picked up a doughnut...which...I just put down. Thanks Erin!

the fowlers said...

That doesn't quite work for me right now.

I look at the pallet of leftover baby shower cake on my counter and think that, even if I don't eat it, I'll still just get bigger. :)

If I don't eat seven more pieces I could avoid a sugar headache, though!

Kayleen said...

you can have your M&M's and fit into your jeans too! Just moderate your intake. Now I just need to follow my own advice! ;)

JoMamma said...

I love it. I typically get so far then start thinking I deserve it I've worked hard. Darn M&Ms why do they have to tempt us so.

renae said...

you are exactly right, erin! when i am happily on the right track, i think "that doesn't taste as good as skinny feels." and after i've accomplished quite a bit, i believe it. but in the beginning, it's hard.

i have a box of chewie choco choco chip cookies downstairs that i bought for the family FHE treat tonight. not for me. but i freaking want a bite. just one. which would turn into a whole cookie. but i'm 1/2 way through my no-sugar challenge, so i must refrain.

and do you like how i'm putting all this down on your blog? yeah, that's because this is a serious pep talk to me right now. i'm wishing you could be a fly on my wall tonight. a very observant and LOUD fly that could yell at me if i so much as smell the cookies tonight. could ya please?

Ashley said...

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. :)

tina said...

Yeah . . . the dozen Little Debbie oatmeal creme cookies were so worth something - overcoming bad day??!! maybe not worth seeing the muffin top another morning, but they were so tasty. I didn't eat them all at one sitting, so that's good! :)

Ashley said...

Question: Is a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie (or 13) better than making your Yoga class worth while?

Answer: Yes it is.


I think I failed the test... :P

Unknown said...

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