Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cookie, cookie, cookie C-o-o-k-i-e!

I love candy!  But, now and then, I love to sink my teeth into a great cookie too.  These most scrumptious and beautiful cookies were created by a friend of mine, Tammy the awesome, for another friend of mine, Peggy the radical (not meaning super crazy politic talking person, but super cool).  Anyway, I just so happened to be the middle man that got to shoot them in all their frosted glory! 

So, not that there's much to talk about today, but I thought I'd share these beauties with you!

Oh, and on a side note:  I updated my PHOTOBLOG with new pictures of Peggy's beautiful little girl!  Go check it out:


Kristina P. said...

They look too pretty to eat!

Leslie said...

Those look far too scrumptious! yuuuuuuumy! Why don't I have friends that nice. Why?

p.s. I will get to posting your button thingy soon. When I can figure it all out.

tammy said...

Yum. I think I will go ask Peggy if I can lick them.

Stacey said...

Oh those look YUMMY! I may need to make some sugar cookies now!

Kayleen said...

can i have the recipe? so pretty!

Peggy said...

Not to make your mouth water or anything, but they taste every bit as heavenly as they look!

Rach said...

why do thou tempest us all with such yummy looking cookies on a fabulous dish. And why you not share?

JoMamma said...

I agree they are to pretty to eat. I only see fancy cookies like that in the store.

Shari said...

Mmmmm. Yummy. You have made them look too delicious.

Jan said...

Those are the most delicious-looking cookies I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

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