Friday, February 26, 2010

Props. And Credit Cards. Oh, and Angels singing!

I've been jumping at the gun.  (Is that even a common phrase?  Suddenly as I write it feels awkward and weird.)  Anyway, I've been dying to use my three favorite new toys.  Camera gear, you ask? 
No way baby, not this time.
It's all about the PROPS! 
For quite some time I've been on the lookout for the perfect red couch.  Why?  Um, really I just like red, so I figured so should all my photog clients.  And then when I found this couch I swear I could hear the angels singing in the background...even as I rang up the hefty price on my credit card...sigh.  But look at it.  It's freaking amazing. 
Then, the same day that I saw the couch, I saw a three piece antique luggage set.  I was like, Hold the Phone, I'm buying that too.
So after some serious negotiation, I got the sales lady to reduce the price of the items by 30%.  Not my best deal, but heck, I would have paid full price. 
Then on top of all that buying beauty, I had an epiphany to scan the internet for a brocade chair, and voila, I found what I wanted. 

And there you have it folks, get a good credit card, spend hours searching stores and surfing the internet, and for a hefty price you too can have cool props. 

ha ha . . . but seriously. 

Do you think they were worth buying?

Oh and if you want to see more of the shots from these shoots, I just posted them on my photo blog:


Weight Family said...

Those props are hot. Seriously. Where did you find them?

i'm erin. said...

Kira, I got them at the finer consigner!

Leslie said...

That is some incredible furniture! You know you want to deliver that red couch to my ghetto rental, right?

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

oh Erin, I LOVE the couch & the chair! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

JoMamma said...

the proops are very however I want the shoes in the last pictures.

Jenny said...

I love that chair!! and who can go wrong when the color is red? totally agree with you on that. and I have a red chair I "had" to have too :)

Allyson Condie said...

Um, YES! Definitely worth it! They all look great. But it's also the case that you are outrageously good at what you do, so you could make any prop look good.

Peggy said...

I love the new chair! So very cute. And I'm with JoMamma on the shoes! Those are some niiiice shoes.

Sara said...

I love all the new pieces! They look awesome. Plus I agree with Ally, you're so talented, you make cement look good in pictures, so... ya know. ;-) Great work!

The Dixon Family said...

The photos are awesome and I love the furniture. Good for you for negotiating a discount.

Kami said...

That chair is just like the one I went to photographer for! I wanted picture of my little girl in a chair like that in her hot pink dress. So, it will definately be worth it for you.

And the red couch is just perfect...not even for props, just for having in a house. :) I LOVE red furniture and it is hard to come by.

Great finds!

Bobbi said...

The props are nice...I especially like the luggage...but really I think that last photo is all about the SHOES!!!

.kai. said...

erin, i am in LOVE with your photography! u are amazing, and of course gma tells us that all the time:) do u remember jesse n isaiah frost? u photoed their wedding in utah 1 1/2 years ago(?). they're our neighbors n isiah's good friends with john. small world!

Allyson Condie said...

I also want to know if sitting on those suitcases will make me look as beautiful as that girl.


Why not?

Jo said...

The expression is supposed to be "jump to the gun" which means you drew a fast conclusion about something that might or might not be accurate.

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