Friday, March 20, 2009


Even though I was utterly gross-i-fied (and I'm sure you were too) by Teddy's display the other day, he has since redeemed himself. Not one accident in the last two days. Hallelujah! And, to top off his run of great kid behavior, he's been playing and occupying himself in an approved manner (nothing being destroyed) while I work on finishing my book. What a cutie. Today I ran out and clicked a few shots of my sweet little boy. And, since I had my camera out, and I was feeling so good, I took some time to organize my crazy office space. I was clueless of what to do with my piles of YA lit. I stacked and organized my books for viewing pleasure. What do you think?

Hope you have a great weekend...and if you want to delight in viewing enjoyment, stop by my house and see my nicely stacked books.


Janette Rallison said...

Wow, your office is way more organized and decorated than mine. I'm impressed!

i'm erin. said...

Wahoo! Janette Rallison you rock my world...I am so so so so so excited you commented on my blog. Your book rocks!

Kristina P. said...

Your office is awsome!

I am a mother! said...

Wow Erin! In the two pictures that I've seen of your house I can tell that you have a real knack for decorating.

Just SO said...

I had no idea that your office was unorganized.

And WOO HOO on the two days of no accidents.

Weight Family said...

Hmmm, your office is WAY organized. I will NEVER dare post a picture of mine on the blog. Maybe soon I will get that organized. Doubt it.

A. said...

Can you come "Design on a Dime" my house too? :) Your office looks like it's straight from a magazine.

Teddy is so cute. You should definitely post more pictures of your kids. :)

Nick and Emily said...

love the stacking. it's the best book stacking i've seen in centuries. it makes me wanna touch your harry potter books. ;)

big8smiley said...

Geez! How did you get those books to stack up so nicely? Every time I try to stack books they jump side to side and make it nearly impossible!! It looks great. :)

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