Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet River

My wonderful cousin, Amy, recently gave birth to a baby boy...her first boy. Sadly there were many birth complications and he is struggling right now. If you have faith at all, I ask you to pray for Amy and her sweet new addition. If you would like to find out more about Amy and River, follow this LINK. Thanks, Luv Erin.


Shelby said...

Oh Erin, I read it all and I am so sad! I cannot imagine the pain your cousin is feeling. To anticipate for so long a new, exciting birth, and then to have it take such a is heart wrenching! I can see though, that their faith and the faith & love of their family & friends will pull them through. What we would ever do without the knowledge of being families forever, I can't imagine!

I am a mother! said...

I've thought about your cousin and have been praying for her too. What a sad thing. My heart truly goes out to their family.

Unknown said...

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