Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love My Boys

Boys you are so different from each other. I find myself half crazed one moment and laughing the next by your daily antics. I realized the other day as I browsed back over my picture files, that in the last 6 months I have missed a lot of photo opportunities. I hope I can catch you being you a little bit longer before you keep up that 'growing up' thing. You boys bring me so much joy...and craziness...but mostly joy...well sometimes it doesn't feel like it...but still I love you so much! Here is to you!

Here are a few of my favorite Summerill boys' one liners, that I doubt I will ever forget:


Me: George, go get your homework done.
George: Damn it! I can't find my pencil.
Me: (shocked) What did you say?
George: I said, "Damn it! I cant find my pencil.

(After this short interlude, I cautioned George about naughty words and not copying what the other kids at school say. At this time, George was only 5!)
(Over a nice healthy chicken and broccoli dinner, Henry was only 3 at the time)
Henry: Mom, Broccoli gives you stinky Farts.
Me: How do you know that?
Henry: I know cause Kiss (his version of saying 'Chris') told me.
Me: hmmm...are you sure?
Henry: Kiss is always white (he was saying 'right')
Me: Yes Chris sure is white (hahahaha...laughing inside. Chris and Jackie were Henry and George's daycare/preschool teachers. They taught the coolest and most random tidbits of healthy knowledge to my boys. They were great...and by the way, even to this day, Henry remembers that Kiss 'Chris' taught him about broccoli!)


Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

The most important thing that you failed to mention....we taught them that Asparagus makes your pee stink.

My Daycare was all about teaching real life facts. We dont want kids out on the streets thinking they can eat broccoli and Asparagus and not know all of the wonderful side effects. You never know when you are gonna need some butt ammo to ward off the bully at school! Good thing you ate your broccoli that day! I right or what!

Peggy Eddleman said...

You do have some dang cute and very photogenic boys there! Not to mention funny!! Makes me want to see how cute your little girl will be...

JoMamma said...

I will try to watch my language around the boys. Sorry about that.

I love the pictures!

Maman Pélissié said...

Ohhhh they are so cute.....

kellieanne said...

I LOVE BOYS!!! I am so grateful I had three in a row - they are fun! And now you get to enjoy having the fourth be pink! Yeah! Just like mine! Girls are fun too, but I LOVE BOYS!

A. said...

I noticed a few thigns on your blog that will be changing because of hte mention of "your boys". :) Got to fit in the little princess soon! I hope you share names ahead of time.

By the way...shame on you for blaming a school mate on how George talks. :P

Unknown said...

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