Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yet another way in which I have offended another...

Tuesday was a busy day for me. I knew it would be busy and prepared ahead by writing out a to-do list for each hour of the day. Tuesday I woke up, ready and prepared to take on the day. After showering, dressing and waking the boys, I fed them, loaded them into the van and dropped them off (only 5 minutes late) at a friend's home to be watched while I ran along to a meeting at the local community center.
I sensed that the meeting was not going to end on time, I nervously shifted side to side as I decided when would be the best time to interrupt the meeting so I could leave. My time to leave quickly came and went and yet I still sat there. I was frozen in my seat, because I had not sensed a nice lull in conversation where I could politely exit. At that point, seeing my kids were late and I was off the schedule, I abruptly stood, mumbled something about my boys having a class at the library and I skidded out of there. I rushed to pick up the boys, literally threw them into the van, and continued on my way to the library (where the boys were only 8 minutes late for their class).
I maneuvered the van right up to the steps of the library just as the faint waftings of fresh (or not so fresh) toddler bum breezed to my attention. Crap I muttered to myself, and in a quick minute decision decided I would have to drop the boys off because I had left the diaper bag at home.
Henry and George jumped out of the van and ran to the library door just under 10 feet away. Tried as they could, the door would not budge. Blast! I thought as I too jumped out of the van, making sure to leave the door open so Teddy (my stink butt toddler) would see where I was, and I ran up to the doors. I yanked the doors open for the boys and in the fastest language speed known to moms, I issued directions to the boys and pointed for their viewing convenience (the whole time, keeping an eye on my corroding kid in the van). They nodded and I turned to return to the car.
"SHAME ON YOU MOM," taunted my ears and disturbed my busied silence. I glanced to see a much older woman staring deathly in my direction. She continued, "Leaving your child in the car. Not a good decision. Shame on you."
I was stunned...and even more so as my eyes traveled from her face to her hand, which was close to her face. Within milliseconds I realized that she had dialed the police and she was beginning to describe my car!
At first I stood stunned just 2 feet from my van. I looked to Teddy, who sat pleasantly in his aroma, and then I looked back to the old woman. The old woman, stopped her conversation on the phone to chastise me again, "Not Good Mom!"
That was it, I broke...well, really I just became infuriated with this old crotchety woman, and as loud as I could, I yelled at her as I jumped into my van,
"Old Lady, you can SCREW IT!"
I put the van in gear and took off, an unfit mother and my disgustingly stinky child. If I had a lighter with me, I can't say that I wouldn't have been tempted to rip the diaper off my child, light it and toss it at the feet of the old meddler. Luckily for her, I don't carry one on me.


The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I could only imagine what that lady would say if she saw me leaving my kid in the car while I return a movie to redbox or video store.

Shayleen Lunt said...

She was obviously too old to have ever dealt with car seats! Either that or she never had children herself! What mom hasn't been torn at whether to leave the kids in the car or not. I think the library is a fairly safe place to leave your child within view to run and open a door. Onery lady!

Robyn said...

MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! Seriously, where are you finding these rude people? I guess the better question would be, why are all these rude people finding YOU? She probably had a gaggle of kids who she threw in the station wagon, sans seatbelts, and let them ride their bike all day long during the summer, only requiring them to be home by dinnertime. However, because her children are now adults that gives her every right to parent again from the sidelines. Don't worry, she probably would have called you a bad mom if you hadn't gone and helped open the door. Some people just turn into ornery cusses when they get old. :-)

Shelby said...

Ok--I had all sorts of appropriate things to say so I clicked on your "thoughts" link.....only to find that Robyn addressed all my concerns! Excellent comment Robyn!! I hope your week has improved Erin. Luv Ya!

gurrbonzo said...

Hahahah! Did you really say that to her??

Kami said...

I can't believe that! You crack me up. I hope that lady gets hers someday when no one will change her stinky diaper at the resthome. :) Be good to the youth, or they won't be good to you. That's my motto.

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness, and I love that you were under 10 feet away and that you could see teddy the whole time and that the door was open. Why was she freaking out? I don't get it...?
It wasn't like you up and left him for ten minutes by himself in the van with all of the windows and doors closed. How insane is that? She must have had some wierd traumatic experience with leaving HER kid in the car, and can't live it down or something.. sheesh. Well kudos to you for telling her she's CRAZY.
Why do old people freak out if you don't have your kid on a leash?????? AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THEM IN YOUR PERIPHERAL VISION AND THERE IS NO BLOOD, then let it be.
Here is another mom I love and her version of "Old People Suck":

Marcie said...

What is with mean old ladies harassing you?! I can't believe her! It seems like many elderly people these days are bitter and rude. People like her need to "shut that hole in their face"- (a line from "Titanic" that always cracks us up!)

Molly Bea said...

Oh my gosh, i love this! Why is it that every person in the world wants to tell (me) us how to raise our children? Do I seriously look that incapable? Honestly, I just have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets this!

Rachel said...

I love the image of a flaming pooper coming at that old woman. It seems some old people'e filters break down and just spew whatever comes in their heads.
Last summer my husband was building sand castles with the kids, and we
had at least 5 old ladies stop and tell us he was digging too deep a hole.They fussed at him and acted like he was trying to kill our kids. He ignored them and they huffed off.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

Whenever I see a long story on someones blog I never read it unless it is yours. I know it will be well written and I am never disappointed. If you dont have a lighter you can say mean things to throw them off like "whatch out! Your boob is dragging on the ground!" or you can just fart in her face. She will be so thrown off by the farts that she will forget about the other stuff she was mad about.

kellieanne said...

Great comments!

This just reinforces the idea that when I am old and see a young mom in need of some help instead of rude comments, I can say this, "Hey, I've been in your shoes. Do you want me to keep an eye on the van so you can quick get the boys settled?" That seems like the right thing to do.

Unknown said...

I wonder if that was the same ornery old lady who started to call the cops on me when I left Belle in the car with the A/C on to keep an eye on my other sleeping kids while I put a video back in the outside video return slot while the van was in view the entire time? Guess we just can't go anywhere with our children anymore unless we are prepared to triple our trip time by waking them all up from deep slumber to unbuckle everyone, walk them ten feet to accomplish something, and then buckle them all back up?

Unknown said...

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